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Game Month 2000

Wow. Two thousand days.

Do you know how long 2,000 days is? If you had a baby the day E-R v4 started, they'd be about finished with kindergarten. If you had a racehorse born the day E-R v4 started it would be grown and broke and probably already retired from the racetrack and bred by now! 2,000 days is about half the lifespan of an average medium to large dog.

It's over half a decade. DECADE. lol Gosh that's a long time.
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congrats on the long run, may there be many 2000 days more!
nikki ward please find the post equine ranch emergency i really need to talk to you my name is ashlynn schrader i added you as a friend.
Who me? Little old Branik Wolfe? I don't think so.
there has been a mistake you are falsely accusing me of being my sister and it hardly fair if i get banned for my sisters mistake.
The only one making mistakes is you with all your lies. Your suspension is permanent. My decision is final. I am not going to change my mind. Enough of your misbehaving. Go somewhere else.
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