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Resolve Contract Disputes with Online Arbitration and Avoid the Time and Cost of Litigation or Traditional In-Person Arbitration.
Our Mission
To provide corporations with a simple, private and inexpensive way to resolve contract disputes and receive a legally binding decision that is enforceable in court.

Company Overview
Disputing parties pay a reasonable fee for an arbitration attorney or a retired judge to arbitrate their case online and issue a decision that is enforceable in courts of law in the US, Canada, Australia, the Uk, Indian, China and other countries that are signatories to the New York Convention.

There is an opportunity cost to corporations when disputes with 'partners' are not resolved relatively quickly in a fair and unbiased manner. A good business relationship can become caustic and irreparable after protracted negotiations. Often, the resolution of a dispute where both parties believe they are in the right, is best left to a neutral third-party arbitrator to decide how it should be resolved.

eQuibbly will work with the parties' chosen arbitrator. Or eQuibbly can provide an arbitration attorney with expertise in a particular industry, or a retired judge, to arbitrate a dispute. 


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