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ePuffer - Begin your Smoke-Free Life!
ePuffer - Begin your Smoke-Free Life!


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You’ve probably heard about the electronic cigarette, but you might be hesitant to try one. Could it really taste as good as your regular smokes? How can it feel as satisfying? Wouldn’t you miss smoking an actual cigarette? As people who’ve made the switch to a smokeless cigarette are finding out, an electronic cigarette isn’t just as satisfying as a regular cigarette – it’s actually bringing them more pleasure. 

Think about it: tobacco-based cigarettes have a lot of drawbacks: they’re smelly, smoky and not welcome in most public places. They yellow your teeth and your fingernails and create toxic second-hand smoke that’s not safe other people in the room. A smokeless cigarette delivers the pleasurable rush of nicotine, without all the nasty drawbacks. With an electronic cigarette, there are no clouds of smoke, no gross odors to cling to your skin, breath and hair – or settle in your home or auto. There’s no toxic second-hand smoke, so you can enjoy a smokeless cigarette just about anywhere, without worrying about what people will think or how your smoking habit will affect others. 
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PHANTOM HD Starter Kit Content
2 x PHANTOM HD Atomizers
5 x Replaceable Atomizer heating elements
2 x 750mAh Lithium Rechargeable Batteries with Smart LCD Function
5 x 1.2ml Tank Cartridges + Bonus Eliquid ( Equals 9-10 Packs of Cigarette )
Universal AC/USB Adapter 110/240V
USB Battery Charger
Travel Pouch
Instruction Manual
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