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Compressed Diced Cartilage Grafting in Rhinoplasty
  Cartilage grafting in rhinoplasty is an essential part of aesthetic nasal augmentation. It is traditionally used as an onlay method, using single layer or stacked grafts. While effective for some cases, it requires straight grafts that can be shaped with smooth edging.  This does not always fit, however, every defect and straight grafts can […]

Case Study – Custom Chest Wall Implant as a Breast Implant Platform
  Background: Precuts excavatum or funnel chest is a well known congenital chest wall deformity. It affects the midline sternum and the adjoining ribs which is expressed in a sunken appearance to the chest most commonly seen down the middle. Various expressions of pectus excavatum exist where one side is more affected than the other […]

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The Doctor has a very professional manner and attitude that helps when you're very anxious about going under the knife.
Having had surgery with other Plastic surgeons.......I can say that he is top notch in his profession and would be my first choice in any surgical cosmetic procedure.

Case Study- Hump Reduction Rhinoplasty
  Background: The surgical reduction of a nasal hump is one of the oldest techniques in rhinoplasty. It has been done since the nasal reshaping procedure was introduced and, historically, defines what a rhinoplasty was. It has long been recognized that a raised or convex profile to the dorsum of the nose is not an […]

Case Study – Male Elbow Lifts
  Background: Loose skin develops over time around joints due to their repetitive motion. The skin around knees and elbows must be flexible to allow the range of motion needed for all forms of physical activity. But this tissue flexibility and repetitive motion adds up over time to create rolls of skin above the joints. […]

Case Study – Transgender Vermilion Advancements of the Lips
  Background: The lips frame the mouth and are an important facial feature. What is seen on the lips is the dry vermilion with a little wet vermilion, known as the red part of the lips. The amount of vermilion seen determines the size of the lips. The junction of the vermilion and the skin, […]

Case Study – Subcostal Protrusion Correction by Rib Shaving
  Background: The ribcage is formed by a collection of twelve (12) ribs of various lengths, locations and compositions. The first seven (7) ribs are called the true ribs because they run between the spine to the sternum through a direct curvilinear connection. Ribs #s 8, 9 and 10 are called the false ribs because […]

Case Report – Correction of Pixie Ear Deformity by Secondary Facelift
Background: The surgical origin of a facelift is what transpires around the ears. Making skin incisions around and in (retrotrgal) the ear creates the access needed to both mobilize and reposition loose skin but also to treat the deeper tissue layers. Closing a facelift is about bringing the shape of the ear back out through […]

The Geniohyoid Muscle in Vertical Chin Reduction
  There are many types of dimensional changes that can be done to the bony chin. From an osteotomy standpoint, the most common bony movement is horizontal of the down fractured segment with the well known sliding genioplasty procedure. This is effective at not only moving the bone but also has the benefit of moving […]

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Such a wonderful experience, absolutely love my results. After shopping around to different surgeons, I had decided to go with Dr. Eppley and I am very glad I did! I am quite young which was not a problem at all. They made sure I was informed with every little detail.
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