2016 Needs an #Epimas Miracle

This year, we're going to have an earnest, no-bullshit Epimas.

For those not in the know, Epimas was created by +Nathan Paoletta and myself way back when PDFs were still just kind of a new thing--before the iPad and other reading devices, so folks were still a bit leary of them. Following in the grand tradition of . . . well, just about all of capitalism, we were trying to create a new normal. We wanted to make it okay to give the gift of a PDF for the holidays. Particularly because small-time game publishers with shoestring budgets like ourselves had none of the resources to stock and delivery a holiday load of physical games.

So we created Epimas, a holiday set on my birthday (Dec. 24th) during which you give the gift of games (in PDF format) and enjoy them with your friends, family and assorted loved ones.

How we did the Epimas promotion changed quite a bit over the years, but this basic structure held true throughout:

For the Customer
❅ You buy some game PDFs as gifts to be delivered to your friend, family member or assorted loved one on Dec. 24th.
❅ You immediately receive copies of the game PDFs for free so you can read them over and be prepared to play them with your friend, family member or assorted loved one on Dec. 24th.

For Participating Designers
❅ We all contribute some game PDFs to the cause.
❅ Everyone gets an equal share of the profits,* regardless of the number or size of the games they contributed or of how well they sold.

Each year, I make on open call to game designers who wish to participate. This is that open call. If you wish to participate, comment below. All are welcome under the banner of Epimas. I will be starting the promotion on Dec. 12th. Between now and Dec. 9th, I will contacting those of you wishing to participate and collecting your games. Once I got them, I'll wrap them into bundles and throw them up online.

Overall, each Epimas is fairly successful, but we also always have a lot of designers involved, which means we cut that pie into rather thin slices. I usually expect about $200 a share. It ain't Kickstarter money.

2016 hit its bullshit quota real early on, so this is a no nonsense, all love Epimas. No gimmicks or weird narratives about chaos elves. Just straight up, earnest holiday cheer. We're sticking to the simplest form: People buy PDF bundles as gifts to be delivered on Dec. 24th, and they get those same bundles for free immediately so they can go to their traditional Epimas gathering ready to play them.

Thank you and happy holidays my assorted loved ones!

And now, some tidings of comfort and joy from Iommi and the late, great Ronnie James Dio.

* I pocket the remainder which can be anywhere from 0 to n-1 cents, where n is the number of participating game publishers. It helps offset the hosting costs.

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