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Epidiah Ravachol
"Pretty much the most important game designer in the world." -Epidiah Ravachol
"Pretty much the most important game designer in the world." -Epidiah Ravachol

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+Kat Jones, +Evan Torner, and me were interviewed about JaLL for our local twin cities community radio station, on the nation's longest running queer radio show, Fresh Fruit.

We didn't say "um" too much! Our segment starts at 33 minutes into the broadcast.

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Not only do we have wall to wall gaming, but if you'd like to take a break and watch one of our 8 panels with our many special guests, we have topics to interest everyone!

Click here to get more details and add them to your schedule!

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It's not too late to get the perfect Valentine's Day gift for those certain someones in your life. Just sayin'.

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A math video for all the happy little dungeon-crawlers out there!

The first part of the video describes a neat way to randomly generate a series of connected rooms. Especially if you want to present the adventurers with a wall of doors to choose from--some of which will lead you on a meandering path right back to where you began, but at least one door is guaranteed to lead you to a dead-end. Perhaps filled with treasure. Perhaps filled with doom.

The second part, the part about deciding how to split the rent, could easily be adapted to methods of splitting mixed treasure without having to appraise each item at the current market value.

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A Valentine's Day special treat from Black and Green Games!
Wishing us all some deep abiding love, this February.

This month, folks who pick up a copy of the Romance Trilogy book receive a greeting card for a friend or sweetheart. One comes free with the book, and they can by bought separately as well.

Valentines Day is a time that is about sharing love, but it can also make people feel isolated and alone. So these cards are not just for lovers, but for beloved friends who also make the world go round.

And many people's love gets left out of the popular conception of romance--so I've included polyamorous options, and welcome suggestions of custom greetings to add.

I chatted with Dr Tom the Frog about this recently ( And thanks to my sweetheart +Epidiah Ravachol for the idea for this special. <3

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Proof of the Squad Card play aid for carry. a game about war. Revised Edition. Already made some visual tweaks and ordered a new proof - primary change is that I figured out a better use for the Burden area.

A deck of these (15 cards) is included gratis in each preorder of the new revised edition in print, and will be a $5 extra after the preorder closes. Also, 20% of preorder sales will go to the National Immigration Law Center!


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A new +Dr Tom the Frog show is out on the Gauntlet YouTube channel! This interview with +Emily Care Boss is really exciting because she talks about a new offer for Valentine's Day for Romance Trilogy purchases and also a new LARP she's designing (it's really cool!)

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If you need me for the next 50+ hours, I will be playing in the 52nd annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest.

Skull Squadron SKULL SQUADRON!!!

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Hey friends! As we refine our list of Rockford Files episodes to watch for Two Hundred A Day, +Epidiah Ravachol and I have a question for you - how should we handle two-parters? There are some great two-part eps and we don't have a compelling reason on the production end to go with a particular strategy, so we'd like some listener input.

Vote on the poll here:

(you don't need to be a Patreon backer to vote, though if you like the podcast I encourage you to consider helping us cover those pesky expenses!)

If this project is news to you, well go check out the website at to discover our monthly podcast dedicated to reviewing and celebrating The Rockford Files, and then discussing which narrative elements of this tightly-written show we can apply to making our own narratives in our writing and gaming.

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Happy anniversary, barbarians!

If you don't have By Crom! yet, there is no day but this day!
Friends, it's By Crom!'s anniversary! Party time! Excellent!

So: this weekend only, get 20% off everything By Crom! with promo code CROM at checkout! This includes originals - and there's only 5 original comics left! Shop here:
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