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Recipe of the Day: Grilled Steak Salad with Tomato Vinaigrette | Click for the recipe!
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i don't know what it is but i'will it it
looking yummy
I would like to learn to use so i can get better looking photos; i am a frustrated novice with digital picture. I love taking pictures but i am not good at it. I have a Canon D20 camara that I bought several years back. Hopefully if I win I can start getting out the artist in me :) LOL
Try Indonesian food, they call Gado-gado. good for vegetarian and delicious to....heeemm....yummy.
You got tocook that meat,until golden brown!Not have it as raw as that!
i think too much greens make it can i say,tropical?a bit less attractive..
Why use "kosher" salt? So Jews can eat it? How do you make salt "kosher" anyway?
looks good....does it taste good?
looks goo....does it taste good!!??
It needsto be cooked a bit more...
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