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Well, Air Transat, a Canadian charter airline is no longer providing Gluten-Free meals...

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As the new technology is coming in and closing doors, the crooks are rushing to try to beat the clock.... So the slower you transition, the more criminals will notice and target you.

We are coming up to the biggest weekend of the year for hotels and B&Bs around here. So I've been getting quite a few emails begging me to release rooms (which I don't have, since I sold out MONTHS ago). But I just want some of you to see what it is like:

Be Competitive

Do you have the right rates? Find below the average rates displayed for the weekend: Average Price: 385$
Average Price – 3 Stars : 344$
Average Price – 4 Stars : 556$

If you are above these averages, we encourage you review your rate strategy. Customers are very price sensitive on those dates. (In other words, make less money, so we can sell them for you, rather than wait for someone who will book in desperation and pay your price.)

Remove Restrictions

Currently, the majority of searches for the upcoming weekend are for 1-night stay. Minimum Nights Restrictions and Close to Arrival/Departure make it impossible to capture those bookings. (In other words, make less money, so we can sell them for you, rather than wait for someone to realize you want to sell two nights rather than sell only one and then be stuck with a second night empty... and therefore make only half as much.)

Isn't it fun to translate? :)

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New Booking tool in the admin section with a little perspective...

Of course they want you to make more availability for those dates... but what you should really be doing... INCREASE YOUR RATES. Supply and demand, baby, supply and demand! (So check the dates it gives you, people!)


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The next step.... if you are already doing stuff illegally...

Happy Victoria day to all in Canada.

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I realize that this is in French, but it's a very important decision around here. In essence a landlord tried to hike the rent by $1000 because his tenant was illegally renting his apartment on AirBnB. The decision of the rental board (all apartments in Quebec are rent controlled by this tribunal) basically says that the tenant must get written approval of each sublet and has a right of refusal (which is limited). But further, that the amount the tenant charges is legally limited to the daily share of the rent... he cannot profit from it. So if he is paying $1770 a month, he is limited to charging $60 a day.

This doesn't release him from any of the other legal limitations. So on rentals of 31 days ore more, he can do it, but with the landlord's approval. For rentals below 31 days he will still need to register, have licences, have permits, inspections, etc and not be able to pass on any of those costs because of the limit of the lease. In other words... if you are a tenant, AirBnB cannot be used to make a profit! (And under 31 days, you are still subject to the law and that lovely $2500 a day fine for not being legally registered.)

And the final lesson of all this, since the proceedings of this tribunal are open to the public, the name and address of all parties are listed and the government can now proceed against him for violations of the laws for rentals under 31 days and tax evasion.



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I'm addicted to frittatas as a way of reusing what's left over. Heck, I will cut up a quiche to put it into a frittata. So if you aren't familiar enough with them, here is the basics of how to turn leftovers into something delicious to serve (for dinner? lunch? dare I say even... breakfast?)
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