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SciAm has a special on digital subscriptions through September 2: One year for $2. PDF format, and you get access to their digital archive containing all issues since 1993.
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I wonder if you can point me to the original source of this as the underlying domain is not one assosciated with SCIAM.COM - so I'd rather not post my credit card information to is until I can determine its pedigree - thanks
It is not the easiest publication in the world to read.
+Richard Pitt Naturally. I thought the same thing. I got this from their Facebook page at I don't see this special on their regular website, but I can verify that if you go to SciAm and click on "subscribe," it sends you to the same domain as this offer. I did give them my two bucks, and now do indeed have access to everything at
trio u
English follows ->
EO Esperanto:
Hej! Mi ankaŭ havis dubojn (dankon al +Richard Pitt ) pro sia demando. Sed, nun, post forirado de US$2, mi ja havas aliron al multaj jaroj de Scientific American kaj metodo serĉi en tiuj. Vere bonega! Dankon al Eph (kiu ajn nomo vi uzas nun :).
EN English:
Hey! I also had questions (thank you
+Richard Pitt ) for asking the same question i had. But, now, $2 later, i have access to years of Scientific American and a way to search them. Extremely cool! Thank you Eph (whatever name you're using now :).
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