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Achieving a quality design for a new website can be a bit tricky at times. Finding the right mix of style, content placement, and functionality often takes the assistance of a web design professional with experience in UI/UX as well as the graphic arts. Working with a design partner can be tricky, too, since the need for communication and understanding between the two of you is critical to the end result.

Ultimately, though, it is up to you to set the premise for the design and it’s up to your web designer to mold and temper that premise into a design that caters not only to your taste, but to that of your visitors.

Knowing this, ePageCity’s, Mari Osten, has put together a list of four things you should consider when starting a new website design. #webdesign   #webdesigner  
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Recently, I was having a discussion with some web design students about the variety of skills a successful web professional must have — skills that go far beyond HTML, CSS, JavaScript and the other technical demands of the profession. During this conversation, one of the students asked me where I learned these skills. My response was not one the class expected.

“By playing in a band,” was my answer.

Now, I am not suggesting that all web designers should run out and join a rock and roll band (although there is a glaring shortage of songs about the CSS box model). I do know, however, that many of the skills I honed while playing in a band have contributed to my success as a web designer — as much as, if not more than, my ability to write clean code or design an attractive web page. In this article, I’ll describe how being in a band taught me to be a better web designer.
Jeremy Girard describes how the skilles he learned being in a band has taught him to be a better web designer and contributed to his success.
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"The designer is not always right. The researcher is not always wrong. Profit is not always the motive; market research, whatever its outcome, should never be used as a good excuse for bad design – in the same sense that good design should never be used to promote a bad product."

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After investing so much time and money in your new website, how do you measure the ROI (Return on Investment)? How do you capture more leads?

The best way to manage your website’s progress is to add Google Analytics to your website. This powerful data-analysis program is installed on over 10 million websites around the world. (

According to Google, Google Analytics “provides powerful digital analytics for anyone with a web presence, large or small.” On Mashable, Google Analytics is described as a system that “makes it easy for anyone managing a site to track and analyze this data. It’s a powerful, free tool that can answer a variety of questions for a wide range of users.”
Google Analytics will help show you how your customers find you, what they like on your website, how they behave on your website and so much more.
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Google has launched dynamic structured snippets for AdWords.The automated extensions display industry-specific, structured information about products and services on advertisers’ sites.

Google says this extension will show automatically on eligible ads when the landing page has a matching category for a search. The snippets can display additional details about the content found on the landing page for the ad, like specific brands or subcategories.

They can display with other extensions, though if Google finds that other extensions perform better than structured snippets, they’ll be more likely to appear with your ad instead.

Some dynamic structured snippets performance data will be available from the automated extensions report from the Ad extensions tab.

Advertisers can fill out a form to opt out of dynamic structured snippets, but Google emphasizes that automated extensions are a factor in Ad Rank.
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Content marketing has become a buzz phrase, not unlike “inbound,” “SEO,” and other words thrown around by digital marketers.

All real and worthwhile concepts, these words – perhaps because of their relative newness – tend to be used as blanket terms that describe a laundry list of things. For example, “content marketing” is often used interchangeably with “social media.”

In passing conversation, this might not be a big deal, but if you make generalization mistakes when creating a content marketing strategy, it can negatively impact your success.

#ContentStrategy #ContentMarketing
Some marketers make “content marketing” interchangeable with content-marketing activities like social media. Learn 9 misperceptions that devalue content marketing and its potential for success, and find out how to avoid making them again.
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"It is important not to let the perfect become the enemy of the good, even when you can agree on what perfect is. Doubly so when you can’t. As unpleasant as it is to be trapped by past mistakes, you can’t make any progress by being afraid of your own shadow during design."

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If you haven’t heard the word “content marketing” around the office lately, you’ve most likely been on vacation.

In the world of online business, content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most overused terms in the industry. Now there is no refuting that it is crucial, and I don’t want to take any power away from all that content marketing can do for a business, but there is another term just as important (if not more) that I don’t hear nearly as much. The term of which I am referring to is “Content Strategy.”

But aren’t content marketing strategy and content strategy the same thing, you might ask? The simple answer is… no! Content strategy is all-inclusive while content marketing refers to a single part of an overall content strategy.

In fact, understanding the differences between content marketing and content strategy, as well as planning how they can both work together, is one of the most important things you can do fundamentally for your business to succeed online and beyond.

With that said, let’s delve a little deeper into how these two terms differ as well as how they complement each other.

#ContentStrategy #ContentMarketing
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"Design is not about innovation. Design is about communication. Innovation in design is usually a wonderful byproduct or direct result of a particular need. Design that seeks to foremost be innovative will commonly fall apart under its own stylistic girth."

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Today, a website is the first place potential customers and partners come to when they want to know more about your business. It’s your primary interface with the online world and perhaps your best salesman. Just like with any other business asset, you need to do the due-diligence and make sure your website provides a worthwhile return on your investment.

Before you go looking for a web studio or developer to create your site, it helps to understand what goes into actually creating a website. This infographic gives an overview of the web development process so that you can make a more informed decision about the web studio or developer to choose, and later on, engage better with them.
Richa Jain condenses her knowledge of how websites are built into a simple infographic, designed to be shared with clients.
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We have talked frequently about the importance of using responsive design. However, there is also another technique that is used to create a mobile friendly website called adaptive design.

#ResponsiveDesign #AdaptiveDesign #WebDesign #UX
Whether it’s adaptive or responsive, mobile friendly web design solution you opt for will impact your website’s ability to attract and convert users.
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Mobile email design is not only a content choreography issue, but involves many design elements.

We should never consider the design for mobile devices a simple matter of catering to "screen size". Instead we need to have a comprehensive approach that takes into account the very different ways that people use the web — and email in particular — on small devices.

We’re going to identify some of the key considerations in mobile email composition. These rules are not meant to necessarily answer all the requirements of email design for mobile devices, but they are certainly a very good starting point.
Mobile design presents challenges and email design is crazy hard. Massimo shows you how to tackle the beast that combines both - mobile email design.
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