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Would 20% of Republicans Really Vote For Obama?

Not sure how much faith to put in these particular numbers but if they're even close to right then this obsession with pushing ever further to the right is likely to leave the Republicans crucified in an election.

Maybe it's time to start moving back to the center?
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It has nothing to do with centrism. It has to do with the sorry crop of possible nominees.
There are some people registered as republicans who are liberal or who are really Democrats but register as Republicans so they can vote in Republican primaries.
I'd say it's another election year of voting against the worst candidate instead of voting for a good one.
Actually I am better off now than I was four years ago. But that's not really my criteria for picking who to vote for.
The criteria I look: Are the nations worst off any better? Has our standard of living been raised or gone down?
(collectively, I've personally done very well but I know that is definitely not the case for many)
Even that criteria is too simplistic for my tastes. I'm more interested in the trend over the course of 4 years that a static comparison of two times 4 years apart.

It doesn't make sense to me to blame all good or bad events purely on the current President because that's just not how the system works.

I'm also interested in whose ideas I think have the best possibility to improve things in the future.
No, 20% of republicans would not vote for him. I look at the source of this whole piece—a completely liberal site. This is probably some small group saying they're conservatives trying to make a point that's just not true or accurate.

I definitely agree with you about moving towards the center, but Obama is not centrist at all. Nor do I think that any of the republican candidates fighting it out right now are centrists.

Not sure who fits that bill at the moment.
I noticed that the article even states that they don't dismiss the wingnut theory of this group being liberals disguising themselves as republicans.
You also have to compare what Obama tried to do. He tried and is still going to make our energy prices skyrocket. This will hurt the poor the most.
How is Obama not a centrist? He holds positions to the right of Reagan. I realise the overton window effect and all but how can you look at his policies and not see that? The right in the country have catered so hard to the evangelical and special interest groups that they arent even the same party they were 15 years ago. The democratic party has follow in their footsteps, picking up the crumbs of the republicans, in the process moving further right.
I would certainly classify Obama's performance while President as centrist. Even by the comparatively right wing standards of the US.
I don't see how you can look at his policies and say he IS centrist. He's the most liberal president since Jimmy Carter, maybe even more so. He wants government in every corner of our lives, mandating our lives.

The last time the democratic party was any good was back in JFK's day. Obviously we won't agree on this.
+Kevin Mudd, I'm dying to hear how President Obama tried and is still going to make our energy prices skyrocket
I love the youtube video...similar videos are titled "Obama Admits He Is A Muslim" and "Michelle Malkin slaps down ignorant leftist".

I like how you whined about electricity rates skyrocketing and neatly left out the part about curbing pollution.

Enjoy the clean air.
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