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The Da Vinci Dalek

This is a great piece of 3D modeling. How would a Dalek look if Leonardo da Vinci had designed it? Something like this perhaps?
A Dalek built using early 16th century technology, after Leonardo da Vinci. The dome lights are gas filled glass canisters illuminated by oil lamps inside the dome. The Dalek’s voice is focused...
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We were just talking about building a steampunk dalek at the hackspace the other night. daVinci Dalek? That sounds like fun too!
You know.. now that I know it irritates someone... I'm probably going to do it more often. :D
I found myself wondering if you can annoy Tesla fans by calling it a Nikolai Coil.
A steampunk Dalek - love it. But we had that WWII dalek... Why not have the Doctor go back and meet da Vinci and that Dalek!
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