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Sandy Status Update

So theoretically we're about at the worst that we're going to see locally.

Which turns out to be some gale force winds (nothing we don't see several times a year) and rain.

School has now been cancelled for tomorrow (no reason given) even though it really didn't need to be cancelled today. We barely got any wind until 4pm.

Rivers are flooded, but nothing beyond that. Oh and nope, no snow.

Nasty business on the coast, but this far inland it's exactly what I said it was going to be. No big deal.

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No way to have known when the winds would start. There's a need to make sure the school is safe and do any repairs. Also good to keep kids safe at home not travelling in areas there may be damage/hazards.
Except there was no damage. There were no hazzards and the time the wind would pick up has been predicted accurately for the last 2 days...
You can't be sure of damage & hazards without proper investigation. And the estimates may have been correct, but they were still only estimates.
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