All Absolutism Is Bad

Heh. Do you see what I did there?

But absolutism is a real problem. Not least because it seems to drive modern conversation. We write in absolutist terms (like I'm doing right now). We take absolute positions.

Why is that a problem? Because the world isn't absolute. It's not binary. It's analog, which means there are infinite fractions things can and are divided into.

For any real world subject there are a crazy number of intersecting variables that make it essentially impossible for any single answer to be right more than once.

And yet, it's what we do. We take firm moral and political stances and announce that this is how it is. How it will always be. We even denounce politicians for changing their minds as though that is actually a bad thing.

Discusions on religion, politics and many other issues are blocked again and again by a refusal to look at compromise and pragmatism. Instead always pushing for all of what we want and none of what the others want.
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