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Picasa / G+ / GDrive Integration Is A Mess

Google really needs to sort out its Picasaweb / GDrive / G+ Integration. Let me see if I can correctly describe the current arrangement:

From G+ you can upload a photo (which will then be placed in a folder in Picasaweb). Or you can use a photo from Google Drive. Or you can use a photo that's in your Instant Uploads folder (came from your phone). The Instant Uploads folder is also on Picasa Web.

However, if you want to use a photo that's already on Picasa, you have to go their first and share. Why?

And if you store photos on G Drive... it's not on Picasa. Why?

Google Drive should be the method to integrate all the Google properties and centralize storage.  

G+ should have access to stuff stored on all the Google services.
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Photos that are already on Picasa web do appear in the photo tab on G+ but you do have to go to the photo to share it which adds another annoying step to the process.  I was just contemplating complaining about the same thing.
You can also share from Picasa to G+ if you have Picasa on your desktop. Yes, I do wish that Picasa wasn't separate from Google Plus Photos. I wish Google Plus Photos and Picasa could merge as one application. +Brian Rose 
But why haven't they? I was expecting this stuff to be addressed by GDrive. I mean they spent about 5 years working on that project. :D
+Eoghann Irving - next time Brian Rose has a hangout, jump in and tell him about it. Send Feedback to Google. Maybe they don't have it all worked out because they haven't had time or they have other things that are a priority first. 
I do understand that you are saying why the heck is Picasa not an option in the drop down menu for photos when you create a G+ post and you are trying to attach a photo. Yes, it's silly that you have to go to Picasaweb or use Picasa desktop to get that photo to share to G+. I also agree that it is a ridiculous thing that your GDrive  photos are not stored on Picasaweb also. I'm just commenting so you know that I totally understand your pain. I've had the same problems myself +Eoghann Irving 
Agreed, its shambolic really. Google need to create one simple method of storing and syncing your photos across all platforms. 
It's almost September and this post is still relevant. Photo organization on Google is a hot mess. Facebook image resolution sucks but at least I (usually) know where the photos are. Google Plus photos are as beautiful as they should be but most of the time I can't count on things being where I thought they would be. I don't upload to G+ ONLY because I'm not sure where it will be when I need to retrieve it or share it.
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