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Ice Tree

On the way back down the mountain I grabbed this shot. We had some freezing rain following the snow the other day and the angle of the light displayed the ice encased branches nicely.
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Awesome shot!
I remember such a night many years back, when me and my son went to see Holiday On Ice in Oslo.  Imagine our surprise when leaving after the show, and we find that the entire world has been glazed over with a 5mm ice cover.  I read later that there were some 4000 registered car accidents in Oslo that single night. Fortunately, we took the subway :)
We get freezing rain a few times each winter here. Generally I stay off the roads while that is going on.

But it does look pretty.
not as cool as freezing fog a phenomenon I experienced in chicago
We get that here too. I don't find that cool. I find that one scary. :D
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