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Writing Goals 4/26/15 - 5/2/14

So I didn't post any writing goals last week and I achieved... nothing.  Time for some new writing goals.

Dragon Hoard Part 14
Upload final edit of ZombieMart
Edit back matter for The Wolves of West Virginia 
TV Review: Daredevil Episodes 9 - 13 
Book Review: Cursed by Benedict Jacka 
Book Review: City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett

Old Quarter by John Petersen is an illustration of the City of Bulikov from the book City of Stairs  -
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Eoghann Irving

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I love a good base under siege story.
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I think this might be my favorite Capaldi episode yet.  The cards!
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Eoghann Irving

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Gotham season 2. Should I watch it?

I made it to the end of season 1 but despite a couple of strong performances there was just something lacking about the show.

I now have two unwatched episodes for season 2, should I bother?
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It's been better than season 1, but Jim Gordon is still the dumbest detective ever. He is never able to solve or resolve anything himself. He manages to luck through every situation.

Bruce's story is slow and so far not that interesting. Penguin is about on par with last season. Catwoman (girl) has just been hanging out in scenes. A few characters that got an episode or two last year have focus this year. And, there's not nearly enough Harvey Bullock.

Gotham is the show I want to like, continue watching, and it's meh. Maybe it'll get better, but all signs point to it being the same lackluster writing that focuses on winks and nods to characters in the canon instead of actually telling an interesting story.
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Eoghann Irving

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James Bond: SPECTRE Trailer

There are some nice nods to previous Bond films in there I think and Daniel Craig may well be one of my favorite Bonds. After Connery, no one beats Connery.
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Not too bad.
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Eoghann Irving

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Point of Clarification

My intense dislike of grammar and spelling nazi's is in no way limited to when they attempt to critique my words.

I detest it even more when they try to do it to people commenting on my posts.

I don't care how clever or superior you think it makes you. Stop it or get blocked.
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Eoghann Irving

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So you know how people complained that Agents of SHIELD didn't feature enough super powered characters?

Not really an issue any more is it?
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I think the problem with 'AoS' is that the dialogues and writing was not really good. I only watched the first season, but it was so boring. I didn't know anything about these characters, because they didn't write anything for them (you know, little character info, to understand their motivation, etc.). Also the actors are weak, and the season finale was laughable. It tried to be Marvel (with the usual Joss Whedon-like humor) on the small screen, but for me it failed. And I liked the pilot, which most people I think disliked. Arrow was much more a hero show for me, that first 5 episode was much more eventful, than the entire first season of AoS. :(
I had high hopes for AoS because I knew what the writers can do. 

About superpowers, Arrow went a little bit downhill for me, when they introduced the serum (Deathstroke was cool though), and whatnot (season 1 is still the best for me). Flash is ok, I like it.
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Eoghann Irving

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X-Files Trailer Says Truth Is Still Out There

Which makes me wonder just how bad these two FBI agents are at doing their job that they haven't found it yet...

The trailer gives little flashes of what it knows the fans want to see and hear but I remain very dubious that this will really be worth bringing the show back.
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At least it's only a mini-series and will likely not get picked up as a continuing series.
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Eoghann Irving

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Doctor Who Review: S09E03 - Under the Lake

I love a good base under siege story in Doctor Who and that's exactly what Toby Whithouse gave us this week. Or at least he gave us the first half of one, but I have high hopes for part 2. Whithouse has a pretty good track record when it comes to Doctor Who. He has given us The Vampires of Venice, The God Complex and A Town Called Mercy,  all of which should a solid grip on how to tell a Doctor Who story and in this case I think he's come up with something that should appeal to all Who fans.

What's So Great About a Base Under Siege

This particular story-telling trope isn't unique to Doctor Who but it is something that the show has leaned on heavily over the years. The Patrick Troughton era for example is famous for it as the technique was used to compensate for small budgets and tiny sets. In the modern era where the show is shot more like a movie it has been less common but The Waters of Mars is an excellent example of the format.

One of the reasons it works so well in Doctor Who is that it is such an efficient use of limited time. You only have a handful of characters to focus on which allows you to give them at least the appearance of depth and you have limited locations which lets you focus your world building. On top of that the siege immediately puts tension into the situation and cliffhangers spring naturally from it.

Which is exactly what we got with Under the Lake.

There's No Such Thing As Ghosts

The Doctor has never been a believer in the supernatural so no matter how many times ghosts and demons turn up in the show, you know there will eventually be a scientific(ish) explanation for them. I did like the way he instantly dismissed the notion of ghosts only to, having eliminated the probable, return to it later on and completely embrace it.

I really liked the Doctor's portrayal  throughout this episode. It was a great blend of elements we have seen previously. Yes there's some of the "manic pixie" from earlier incarnations, but we also get the thoughtlessness (the cards were a lovely touch) and the obsession with solving a problem. Having recently been watching Tomb of the Cybermen (a great base under siege story) I thought it was interesting to compare Troughton's manipulation of people into exploring the Tombs with the way Capaldi here blatantly manipulated people to stay and solve the mystery.

I am actually contractually obliged to praise Peter Capaldi's performance in every episode of Doctor Who, but he gives me plenty to work with here. There's an energy to it that is captivating, but also a subtlety to his facial expressions. There's a lot going on under the surface and it's so fun to watch.

First Amongst Equals

In Doctor Who the supporting cast for any particular story is basically just there to provide information and get killed. That's still the case in this episode as well, but Whithouse has done a great job giving the characters enough depth that they aren't blatant information spouts and we do actually hope for them to live at least a bit longer.

The weakest of the characters would be Pritchard who is absolutely the one note greedy corporate stooge that is so common in Doctor Who but Whithouse cleverly sidesteps that criticism by having the Doctor dismiss him as an idiot. The other characters however seem pleasantly competent in their jobs  and capable of functioning without the Doctor's input.

What this leads to, unusually for recent Who, is a situation where Clara does not stand out.  She doesn't have the technical skills that the other characters have nor any particularly useful knowledge. She's there and she's eager to help, plus smooth things over when the Doctor ruffles feathers, but she's not better than anyone else. That's rather different to how she's been portrayed of late but it works well in this story.

Obviously He's Not Dead

I've seen a little criticism online for the obvious fake out that is the Doctor's ghost. Clearly the title character of the show is not dead and therefore it's not much of a cliffhanger! Except that the purpose of a cliffhanger is not specifically to make you think someone is dead but to give you a reason to tune in the following week.

Yes, we know the Doctor will survive. But how? What happened to him? The cliffhanger has us asking questions and wanting answers. It works.

What weakens it, however, is the fact that it is the second time in only 3 episodes that this style of cliffhanger has been used because it's almost exactly what happened with Clara and Missy. Repetition will always weaken a concept no matter how good it is. They definitely need to vary their cliffhangers a bit more.

Tension, Tension, Mood and Tension!

A base under siege story stands or falls on the mood it creates. We as a viewer should feel the siege tightening and our protagonists getting increasingly frantic as their options are removed. Under the Lake achieves this quite effectively first by setting up the threat of the ghosts then by gradually revealing how sophisticated and dangerous they actually are.

It's a classic situation where every time one of the good guys falls they join the ranks of the enemies making each loss doubly bad. Their ability to walk through walls; the reveal that they can control the base; their attempt to bring others to the base; the odds just kept stacking up against the Doctor and his friends.

And then that clever "victory" in the middle of the episode gave the audience a chance to breath and dwell on the questions that have been building about what is actually going on. Which also gave the opportunity to really squeeze us again near the end and bring the panic right back.

Next Week on Doctor Who - Before the Flood

It looks like we break out of the confines of the base somewhat next week. I hope that doesn't weaken the tension, but there are plenty of questions that need answering.
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Nice review. I shall share it with my friend/family member/pet.
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Eoghann Irving

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So should I give Sleepy Hollow another chance?

Gave up on season 2 less than half way through but the producers have said they were going to retool the show.

Episode 1 of Season 3 sits in my Hulu queue.
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It's a bit shaky, but don't pull the plug yet.
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Eoghann Irving

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Jessica Jones Trailer - Nightcap Only

There's a definite theme to these teasers for Netflix' Jessica Jones series. No plot here, but I think you can easily see the sort of person the show is about.
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If this is any sign of how the show will be, it'll be right there with Daredevil for me!
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Eoghann Irving

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New Doctor Who Spin Off Series Announced

So far Doctor Who spin off series have been a mixed bag, but this new one Class sounds interesting if nothing else:

BBC Three today announces Class - a new 8 x 45 minute Doctor Who spin off from the acclaimed YA author, Patrick Ness. Class is a YA series set in contemporary London. Incredible dangers are breaking through the walls of time and space, and with darkness coming, London is unprotected. With all the action, heart and adrenalin of the best YA fiction (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Hunger Games), this is Coal Hill School and Doctor Who like you’ve never seen them before.
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Well IK one of the spin offs but not sure about the others, I guess we'll have to wait and see. That is some thin that Jenna always says.... Too sad that she is going :-(
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Eoghann Irving

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So I lasted 4 hours before I had to take a break and sit down. I'm pretty pleased with that on a first go.

I should have my anti-fatigue mat on Wednesday which may help further.
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Nice start, but be cautious. As a bartender for 12 years, I found that standing still, even with a great mat, is the enemy of knees, ankles, feet, back. Pace. Rock. Bend. Take walking breaks. It will pay off in the long run.
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Having twins makes for challenging birthdays. So this year we decided to take advantage of one of the birthday packages that Pump It Up offers and the experience was great. For those who aren't familiar they're an indoor kids activity playground (bouncy slides, bouncy obstacle courses, bouncy bouncers!). We got a 90 minute package for 15 kids and pretty much the only thing we had to do was bring the cake (or cupcakes in our case). The friendly staff helped us bring the cupcakes in from the car and helped keep the boys occupied since we arrived a good 20 minutes early. When our timeslot came, not all of the guests had arrived, but we were able to go in and spend the time with the boys while the staff again handled the later arrivals, right down to making sure the presents were taken care of. We chose a Superhero theme package so the boys got to pick their superhero names and engage in some other games. Of course all the equipment was popular. One of my sons has aspergers and when the excitement got to much and he had a melt down, the staff handled it wonderfully. They stayed calm, checked with us to see if we needed any help and made sure that we felt no pressure. Basically he was able to expend his tantrum in the safety of one of the pieces of equipment and once he was back in control, out he came to join the rest of the group. The last half hour of the party was in one of their party rooms where two blow-up "thrones" had been set up for the birthday boys to sit in (wearing capes, masks and blow up crowns no less). This was popular of course. And once again we didn't have to do anything. The staff set out the food, made sure the kids had what they need and tidied up afterwards. All in all a great party for the boys and their friends and no stress for us.
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No frills service and food. Good value and large portions.
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I've always liked this park for its size and variety. But since the county took it over there's been a significant improvement in the play areas for children with all new equipment installed.
Appeal: Very GoodFacilities: GoodService: Good
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Great theater. Comfortable seats, lots of leg room, easy to see over the other customers. Food is decent. Ticket prices are surprisingly low.
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