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Okay then, I've written a very brief outline for Vilde and the Sword of Ice (probably just a working title that one) that hopefully will get the idea out of my brain and let me finish up Greed is Good at which point I can revisit this.

The basic concept is pure Sword & Sorcery with an old school pulp feel. Imagine Indiana Jones crossed with the Gray Mouser in a cosmopolitan fantasy setting. Vilde isn't really interested in saving the world, mainly in enriching herself by way of collecting lost treasures, but she can't quite shake a nagging urge to see justice served.
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I've decided there is something worse than editing my fiction. Thinking up names for fantasy characters.

Currently trying to decide what the name of the female protagonist for the unnamed swords and sorcery short story will be.
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Go for Vilde then, I like it. 
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Eoghann Irving

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Dungeon Twister Card Game 50% Off

If you're a fan of card games this may be one to look at. It's an adaptation of the Dungeon Twister board game to cards and it's a two player quick play game.

The idea is to build a team of characters and objects and use them to navigate through a maze of rooms picking up items and fighting your opponents along the way.

And right now you can pick the game up (128 cards) for less than $15
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Greed is Good Part 3: News from the Old World (1st Draft)

You can find previous installments here:

I fought the sudden urge to hang up the phone and leave the house before The Ceannard got on the phone. It's a bit like being summoned before the school Principal, you know it's not going to be good, you know you can't avoid it, but oh boy do you want to.

'Mr. Brodie." An elderly voice said. Too late!

"Ceannard." I responded, "You're up late." Actually given the time difference, it was probably more a case that he was up early.

"Yes, well, some of us have a work ethic Mr. Brodie."

"And some of us are trying to go to work." I couldn't keep the irritation out of my voice. Living this far away from the Ceannard and the rest of the dinosaurs had left me used to a certain freedom of action.

"Well, I certainly wouldn't want to get in the way of your career as a stock boy." The Ceannard's voice bit off his response with equal testiness and I belatedly remembered that his temper had been legendary. Didn't seem like he'd mellowed with age.

"Security guard." I muttered, knowing as I said it just how defiantly juvenile it must sound.

"Reports of your activities have come to our attention." The Ceannard continued. "Disturbing reports." I braced myself for the inevitable censure. "We have seen similar activity in various locations around the world."

Okay, that I wasn't expecting. I had arrogantly assumed that this activity was all centered on me. Apparently I was not so important after all.

"These activities represent an alarming increase in hostile magical events across all continents."

"What's causing it?"

"We don't know. We're investigating of course, but naturally no one wants to talk. I've always said secrets will bring us all down in the end." I could picture the Ceannard shaking his head as he spoke.

"But, it's coordinated?" I pressed. The Ceannard laughed bitterly.

"You're not a fool boy, despite that unfortunate business. Hostile magical activity on multiple continents, this is entirely deliberate. We are reaching out to all our contacts and asking them to report anything unusual as well as warning them to be careful. You are isolated and vulnerable."

"I appreciate the concern sir, but I seem to have done okay so far."

"You can't blow up a building every time you get  in a bit of trouble boy." The Ceannard snapped. "For god's sake learn some subtlety. There's more to wizardry than explosions."

"Yes sir."  I said as the line went dead. Damn but he was a grumpy old man. He didn't have to reach out to me personally though, particularly not given how I had left Edinburgh. That was more than a mere courtesy call.  Whatever was stirring out in the world, the Parliament was worried about it, and here I sat on my own with no one to cover my back and a bloody great geas dragging mystical attention from miles around. I had a feeling my status as unwanted and unacknowledged black sheep was about to come to an end.

Business was booming at the Blue Ridge Casino, which was just as well for me considering my job at Supermart 13 was on perpetual hold. There isn't a lot of call for people to stock the shelves in a pile of smoldering rubble after all.

The casino wasn't dependent on locals for revenue, though it would happily take, but pulled the suckers in for a hundred miles in all directions. It had been expanding year on year for most of a decade and now looked every bit the gaudy, tawdry, temple to greed that it aspired to be.

Every evening when I walked into the place I was met by a wave of stale air and smoke. The casino was probably one of the few public places left in Charles Town where smoking occurred in open areas. In theory those areas were separated from the rest of the casino, in practice it turns out that smoke travels.

The other thing that greeted me every evening was noise. Ringing, beeping, clanging all accompanied by the background roar of a thousand people talking. It's all rather overwhelming the first five or ten times you experience it. But I'd built up a resistance. I enter an almost zen like state of calm as I walk into the building. The noises and smells just wash over me without penetrating. Most of the time.

I'm not sure how many slot machines exactly the casino had, but I figure it must be enough to seat the entire population of Charles Town. The slots you see are the bread and butter of the casino. Yes, it has horse racing and table games and those attract the higher end clientele, but all those slots just soak up quarters and dollars. In fact these days they happily give you a special card so you don't have to get up to refill, just let your bank account drain directly into the machines.

Lee Anne was exactly the sort of gambler that the casino loved. She was in here every weekend sitting in front of the machine with a cigarette in one hand and the other pressing the buttons. She sat there for hours barely moving her hand just stabbing at the buttons again and again.

I waved to Lee Anne as I walked past and she waved back without letting her concentration slip. I made a mental note to stop back later and see how she was doing, she always had some gossip to share. Right now though I need to get to my spot and relieve Jim.

Jim wasn't where he was supposed to be though. For a moment I was left wondering how to locate him in this sprawling building without alerting management, but then my geas solved the problem for me.

I heard a yell, followed by a thump and then a bellow of rage that could only have come from a man the size of Jim. Following that noise I jogged along a row of slots and made a sharp right. Sure enough, there he was engaged in a bizarre wrestling match with a woman who couldn't have been less than 80 years old.

#SaturdayScenes   #TheCaseFilesOfDouglasBrodie   #GreedIsGood   #amwritingfantasy  
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Well done. Learned a few things about him. Not sure how the geas helped or forced him to hear what Jim was doing though. 

And this sentence "The casino wasn't dependent on locals for revenue, though it would happily take, but pulled the suckers in for a hundred miles in all directions" is missing a word or two. 

Good senses there too. 
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I don't care what color the dress is... I just want people to stop posting about it.
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I have just discovered that I both missed something and am glad I did.

I love being efficient.
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Eoghann Irving

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Watching the first episode of Animaniacs it holds up very well. they really did capture that Looney Toons feeling.
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You haven't watched Animaniacs.
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Coming soon my #GreatIndieReviewProject review of Kill School by +Gregory Lynn.

The review is mostly written but I'm tired so I probably won't finish it up and post it until tomorrow.
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I have big plans for that spork.

And I am, uh, anxiously awaiting the review.
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So I didn't quite achieve all my goals for last week (I have Part 4 half written, not fully written) because... life.

But I need to push forward, so let's set some new goals:

* Finish Part 4 of Greed is Good
* Write Part 5 of Greed is Good
* Outline Parts 8,9 & 10 of Greed is Good
* Edit Part 2 of ZombieMart
* Outline new Swords & Sorcery short story that's clogging up my head right now.
I Need To Write

Okay so my downtime means I just lost the padding I for my weekly posts of Greed is Good. I have next week's installment ready to go but Part 4 is only in outline form.

On top of that pretty much every other step of my plans now revolves around having completed stories to publish. Basically I need to get writing.

So, time to set some short term goals:

This Week:

* Finish Part 4 of Greed is Good
* Outline Parts 5, 6 & 7  
* Redraft Part 1 of ZombieMart 
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Eoghann Irving

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I actually have Inquisitor but it hasn't reached the top of my reading pile yet.  However, I've liked the other stories I've read by +R.J. Blain 

And since it's only free for the week, you should probably go and grab it now before you forget:
Hey, book lovers! Happy last day of February. Inquisitor is available for free if you want to give the first book of my urban fantasy series a go. Book 2 will be discounted starting tomorrow, too.

The cover even has fire to counter the evil cold we're suffering through.

Please share this with your friends! <3

When Allison is asked to play Cinderella-turned-Fianceé at a Halloween ball, the last thing she expected was to be accused of murder. She has to find the killer or she'll be put to death for the crimes she didn't commit. To make matters worse, the victims are all werewolves. 

On the short list of potential victims, Allison has to act fast, or the killer will have one more body to add to his little black book of corpses. 

There's only one problem: One of the deaths has struck too close to home, and Allison's desire for self-preservation may transform into a quest for vengeance...
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I went to go get it, and apparently my husband already did! LOL I too have a long list of reads.
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Okay my stream is now over-run with Leonard Nimoy and Spock related posts. I have reached the same point of irritation I did when Steve Jobs died.
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It was much worse when Jobs died. I seem to remember someone comparing Jobs to Leonardo Da Vinci. I nearly got angry (I am very slow to anger). 
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And The Next #GreatIndieReviewProject  Story is...
Red - Guarding the Vila Book One by +J.B. Wise.

So what's it all about then? Well if you read the description you may find some of the characters a little familiar, that's because it's a rather different take on characters from fairy tales:

The Hooded Girl

Red has done well, given the cards she's been dealt. She has been dead for hundreds of years, stuck in the Halfway as a Mountain Vila-a creature that can turn into a wolf on a whim. She's kept herself a secret from the outside world, staying safe and abiding by the curse's rules. She's done everything that she has been asked to do, but destiny has decided it isn't enough.

The Vicious Wolf

Felan is tired of his duties and of the games the Vila play. Being second in command of the Guard, he has earned a vacation. Still, he is required to take his leave deep in the hills of Washington, where his only heir resides. The coincidences come together just as everything else falls apart. Now Felan must remember who he is, if he plans to protect the ones he loves.

The Hunter 

Jac is ready. He's been ready since before he died and nothing is going to stand in his way. War is unavoidable and Red will be his.

It all sounds rather interesting.
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Book Review: Kill School by Gregory Lynn

This is the fourth book review in my #GreatIndieReviewProject and once again it's a solid read that would hold up against many traditionally published books.

Have you ever read a book and thought, "that was good, but it was so close to being very good"? Because that pretty much sums up my reaction to Kill School. There's nothing fundamentally wrong with the story as it stands but I think it actually has the potential to be much better.

One of its strengths is certainly the goblin Hobbes himself who is just inherently likable (usually of benefit for a viewpoint character) but there are a couple of points where the events seemed a bit unclear to me and I also think it misses a trick on emotional development.

Who Is This For?

- Do you like fantasy?
- Do you enjoy some humor in your reading?
- Are assassins cool?

Give it a shot.

Did You Like It?

Yes I did like it, my criticisms aren't intended to point out what was bad about Kill School so much as what could have raised it up to a higher level. As it stands, it does exactly what it says on the tin and the result is some pleasant and relaxing reading.

Buy, Borrow or Skip?

It's $2.99 if it sounds remotely interesting to you, buy it. What have you got to lose?

Read the full review here:

Gregory Lynn's profile photo
Thanks, +Eoghann Irving I appreciate  you taking the time to review it. There's a part of the full review that made me grin rather a lot.

Oh, and I just dropped the price to 99 cents if anyone reading wishes to partake.
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Having twins makes for challenging birthdays. So this year we decided to take advantage of one of the birthday packages that Pump It Up offers and the experience was great. For those who aren't familiar they're an indoor kids activity playground (bouncy slides, bouncy obstacle courses, bouncy bouncers!). We got a 90 minute package for 15 kids and pretty much the only thing we had to do was bring the cake (or cupcakes in our case). The friendly staff helped us bring the cupcakes in from the car and helped keep the boys occupied since we arrived a good 20 minutes early. When our timeslot came, not all of the guests had arrived, but we were able to go in and spend the time with the boys while the staff again handled the later arrivals, right down to making sure the presents were taken care of. We chose a Superhero theme package so the boys got to pick their superhero names and engage in some other games. Of course all the equipment was popular. One of my sons has aspergers and when the excitement got to much and he had a melt down, the staff handled it wonderfully. They stayed calm, checked with us to see if we needed any help and made sure that we felt no pressure. Basically he was able to expend his tantrum in the safety of one of the pieces of equipment and once he was back in control, out he came to join the rest of the group. The last half hour of the party was in one of their party rooms where two blow-up "thrones" had been set up for the birthday boys to sit in (wearing capes, masks and blow up crowns no less). This was popular of course. And once again we didn't have to do anything. The staff set out the food, made sure the kids had what they need and tidied up afterwards. All in all a great party for the boys and their friends and no stress for us.
• • •
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Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Very Good
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reviewed 2 years ago
No frills service and food. Good value and large portions.
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28 reviews
I've always liked this park for its size and variety. But since the county took it over there's been a significant improvement in the play areas for children with all new equipment installed.
Appeal: Very GoodFacilities: GoodService: Good
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Great theater. Comfortable seats, lots of leg room, easy to see over the other customers. Food is decent. Ticket prices are surprisingly low.
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reviewed 3 years ago