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Writing Goals 4/12/15  to 4/18/15

Last week I fell a little short on my goals. Not too badly, but I didn't get everything I wanted to done. Let us see how we do this week.

 *   Write Dragon Hoard Part 14
 *   One more round of ZombieMart edits.
 *   Write Dragon Hoard Part 15
 *   Write review of Ancillary Justice
 *   Write 2nd Daredevil review
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Dragon Hoard Part 10: An Exercise of Will

Douglas Brodie, reluctant wizard, is having a rough evening at the casino. There's some sort of magic at work turning people greedy and violent and the casino's owner, who just happens to be a dragon,  wants Douglas to figure out who or what is behind it. Simple right?

Read on to find out or follow this link to read from the beginning:

Part 10: An Exercise of Will

Unencumbered by my body at its limited senses I was better able to grasp the scale of the threat against the casino. Then tension and anger growing throughout the building felt like a headache building deep inside my skull.

I still wasn't able to locate a definitive source though. The power was not native to this realm, but there had to be a loci somewhere that was focussing it. I tried to apply some simple calming to the energy flow of the casino, but the torrent of negative energies simply swept what little I could muster away.

My next thought was to perhaps divert some of this energy elsewhere and disperse it through a wider population. Risky, but it would buy me some time at least. Except that I couldn't. The casino was sealed in some way, magic was pouring in from another dimension, but within this dimension nothing was getting in or out. All my attempts to divert the greed and anger bounced off an invisible barrier and back into the seething mass off the casino guests.

The strain of trying to filter and control this much negative energy made my head pulse like it was going to explode. That sort of pain made it hard to concentrate. I clenched my fists, my nails digging into the palms of my hands in an attempt to refocus. I didn't want my essence swept away by this torrent of hunger and greed. But I was getting desperate. I didn't have the power to sweep aside this attack and I didn't have the time to chip away at it. More and more fights were breaking out, everything I could see was turning red. I pushed down the panicky feeling that was building in the pit of my stomach.

And then something happened, a small area of blue forming out on the casino floor. I wondered at first how someone was managing to resist the waves of negative emotion pouring into the building, but then that blue area grew outwards widening slowly into a circle. Someone was fighting back and they were winning.

It took me a moment to realize that Sante Drago had stepped into the fray. I knew dragons were creatures of powerful magic, but I hadn't understood what that meant. Somehow he was calming the people around him, expanding his sphere of influence ever wider as he resisted the torrent of hunger and greed.

I moved closer, making sure to stay clear of whatever Drago was doing, but close enough to observe. When I realized, I almost laughed out loud. It was simple and brilliant at the same time. Dragons are creatures of greed and lust. Right now, the casino was a feast for this dragon and he was eating it up.

As the blue sphere spread, the red subsided. For a moment, I thought Drago was going to be able to fight off this threat single handed, then I looked at him.  A proper look. Not at what he was doing, but at what it was doing to him. Even a dragon must have limits and Drago was channeling incredible amounts of power, but there was still nowhere for it to go and his body couldn't absorb it all. It was like studying a battery that was being charged too fast. I wondered how long he would be able to keep this up.

It might not be a solution, but Drago's intervention had bought me some time and an idea. If I could get home and get my hands on some additional supplies I might be able to set up my own barrier against this attacker. Also not a permanent solution, but a way to shield innocent people caught in the middle of what looked increasingly like turf warfare.

My mind snapped back into my body and I opened my eyes. It was disorienting to suddenly be assaulted by the every day noise  of the people the casino, not to mention the stale smell of smoke that was everywhere in the building. I stood, paused for a moment as the world swayed around me and then half ran, half staggered towards the nearest exit.

Sticking to the service tunnels I was able to avoid people and reached the exit in minutes. I wasn't sure how long I had before Drago's power was overloaded, but I wanted to be back here when it happened.

I reached out to push the door open and stopped. I could feel the barrier around the casino through my fingertips. The door would open for me of course, but once I was out, I might not be able to get back in. There was no way to know for sure without leaving. But if I did that I might be losing any chance of stopping what was happening. Of course, my plan to stop this relied on me leaving.

"Why aren't you leaving." I spun round in astonishment. The voice was Lee Anne's and she ought to still be unconscious. In a way, she was.

Lee Anne was standing staring at me, but she wasn't in control of her body right now. Whatever possessed her now  was reasoned and calculating, not just a force of greed and hunger.

"Why do you want me to leave?" I countered. Not Lee Anne gave me a smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"If you leave, you won't have to die." She said. It wasn't a threat. That's what made it so terrifying.

"I don't have to die anyway." I pointed out. "Right now it seems like the dragon has you on the ropes."

Not Lee Anne laughed and any shred of hope I had that Drago could prevail vanished. "Let the lizard use up his meager stores. Soon he will have to give me what I really want."

"And what is that again?"

"Leave wizard."

"I can't do that. You're hurting my friend."

"I can hurt her more." For a brief moment real anger twisted up Not Lee Anne's face. "Choose wizard." She stared at me and I felt myself drawn in.

I squeezed my eyes shut, shaking my head to clear my mind from the mesmeric effects. I hoped I had blocked the demon in time before he was able to get his claws into my mind, but a name echoed in my head. Now I had the answer that Sante Drago was looking for. But I wasn't sure it would help him.

Mammon had claimed the casino for his own and I didn't know how to stop him.

#SaturdayScenes   #DragonHoard   #TheCaseFilesofDouglasBrodie   #urbanfantasy   #amwriting   #amwritingfantasy  
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At least now he knows who his enemy is. That should help, right? Thanks for sharing. :)
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Eoghann Irving

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This is why I love spring mornings. Cool but not come, sunny yet misty.
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Eoghann Irving

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Should I Add a ZombieMart Teaser to The Wolves of West Virginia?

So one of the thing I plan to do before ZombieMart is released on May 13th (why yes you can pre-order it right here: ) is to go over The Wolves of West Virginia again and make a few small changes.

Mainly this is because I need to adjust the back matter to support the new release, but also there's some errors to fix and a few awkward phrases I want to go back and tweak.

Since I'm doing that, I'm thinking maybe I should add a short (probably only 1 or 2 pages) teaser from ZombieMart to it, what do you think?
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Definitely :)
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So in my initial review of Marvel’s Daredevil (because all Marvel tv shows apparently must be called Marvel’s xxx) I think I made it pretty clear that I was really enjoying the show. If you’re looking for a synopsis of this review it would be: Still…
So in my initial review of Marvel’s Dare­devil (because all Marvel tv shows appar­ently must be called Marvel’s xxx) I think I made it pretty clear that I was really enjoying the show. If you’re looking for a synopsis of this review it would be: Still enjoying it! But the show is evolving and I think I have some addi­tional thoughts … Continue reading TV Review: Marvel’s Daredevil S01E05 — S01E08 →
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Eoghann Irving

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I am failing badly at my writing goals this week.
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Buckle down!
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Eoghann Irving

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This morning was productive. I had a long walk, posted the latest chapter of Dragon Hoard, hung the new curtains, we got all our DVDs out of their cases and into a binder to save space.

Then I found my copy of Civilization IV.

Productivity came to a halt for the rest of the day. But, on the plus side I do rule the world now...
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Civ IV crashed my old vista laptop after some update or other. Go wearily.
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Unencumbered by my body at its limited senses I was better able to grasp the scale of the threat against the casino. Then tension and anger growing throughout the building felt like a headache building deep inside my skull. I still wasn’t able to locate a…
Sante Drago goes out onto the floor of the casino and calms the crowd by an exercise of will. As a dragon he is able to exert emotional control over a lar …
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Marvel Comics Cosplay - Apocalypse Unleashes by JoynerStudio

Wow, look at the detail in this cosplay of X-Men villain Apocalypse, it's incredible.

#cosplay #apocalypse   #MarvelComics  
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Eoghann Irving

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And my second Daredevil review is done which means I haven't underachieved my goals quite so pathetically. Ah well. We just keep moving forward.
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Okay so I made some edits to ZombieMart based on +Dave Higgins suggestions so at least I've achieved that much this week.

I still have my second Daredevil review to write though and I'm generally way behind in everything writing related.
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They did? Nice. Now that I've edited it again I'd better make sure to get the new version uploaded before it leaves the pre-order stage. :D
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Eoghann Irving

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Nice and sunny on this morning's walk.
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Having twins makes for challenging birthdays. So this year we decided to take advantage of one of the birthday packages that Pump It Up offers and the experience was great. For those who aren't familiar they're an indoor kids activity playground (bouncy slides, bouncy obstacle courses, bouncy bouncers!). We got a 90 minute package for 15 kids and pretty much the only thing we had to do was bring the cake (or cupcakes in our case). The friendly staff helped us bring the cupcakes in from the car and helped keep the boys occupied since we arrived a good 20 minutes early. When our timeslot came, not all of the guests had arrived, but we were able to go in and spend the time with the boys while the staff again handled the later arrivals, right down to making sure the presents were taken care of. We chose a Superhero theme package so the boys got to pick their superhero names and engage in some other games. Of course all the equipment was popular. One of my sons has aspergers and when the excitement got to much and he had a melt down, the staff handled it wonderfully. They stayed calm, checked with us to see if we needed any help and made sure that we felt no pressure. Basically he was able to expend his tantrum in the safety of one of the pieces of equipment and once he was back in control, out he came to join the rest of the group. The last half hour of the party was in one of their party rooms where two blow-up "thrones" had been set up for the birthday boys to sit in (wearing capes, masks and blow up crowns no less). This was popular of course. And once again we didn't have to do anything. The staff set out the food, made sure the kids had what they need and tidied up afterwards. All in all a great party for the boys and their friends and no stress for us.
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No frills service and food. Good value and large portions.
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I've always liked this park for its size and variety. But since the county took it over there's been a significant improvement in the play areas for children with all new equipment installed.
Appeal: Very GoodFacilities: GoodService: Good
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Great theater. Comfortable seats, lots of leg room, easy to see over the other customers. Food is decent. Ticket prices are surprisingly low.
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