Should a country make "happiness" the national goal, rather than GDP and economic growth? I like this idea. :-) Watch the video. It's how they do things over in Bhutan. :-) Most governments -- even when they're trying to quantify happiness or quality of life -- tend to use GDP as a key factor. Here's an article ranking the top happy and sad countries: According to the article:

The world's top happiest countries are:
5. Sweden
4. New Zealand
3. Australia
2. Denmark
1. Norway

Top saddest countries in the world:
5. Yemen
4. Pakistan
3. Ethiopia
2. Zimbabwe
1. Central African Republic

I wonder what the people of Bhutan would say about this article? If I were going to run for President of the US, I think I'd enjoy creating a "Happy" party as opposed to joining the Democratic or Republican party. :-)
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