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File Transporter Encryption

Does anyone own a Transporter? If so how do you encrypt data stored on it?
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The only way I know of is to create an encrypted bundle, true crypt file or sparse bundle. However The transporter units will end up syncing the entire bundle rather than just the individual file changes. It's not an ideal solution. 
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Joined here to read the posts, learn about gear and pick up tricks and tips from people already shooting video.
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Welcome! Great meeting you.
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commented on a video on YouTube.
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What's the sugar rush feel like after drinking that many bananas?
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+Rawsomehealthy have you ever thought about doing a Google Hangout and doing a Q&A on eating raw?

I have questions and I'm sure others do too. Since you live it your in a good place to answer them.
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I've been trying to move my addition downloaded content to an external drive but I just can't find the content.

Library > Application Support > Logic

Within that folder for me is one file called: LoopsDatabaseV08.db and it's 20.2MB

I'm running the latest version of Logic Pro X - v10.1
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I was holding in option when going to the menubar Go > Library. I've been going into the wrong Library, so if you've been ding this you have to go into Macintosh HD > Library.

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Filmmaking Questions  - 
Getting started! Funds are an issue, I'm looking for certain features for the cash, I'll explain.

I'm looking at getting a Canon LIEGRA Mini X - it does 24fps, had a line in, which runs on its own channel separate to the onboard microphones and 720p.

As far as I can tell it has all the basics for good movie fps, separate audio for good audio, which are the two main things I'm looking for. I know I can't do depth of field or colour balancing and advanced things but I'm wondering if anyone had experience using such low priced gear?

Or can someone suggest the lowest priced equipment which would get a beginner off the ground with 24fps, line in, depth of field and more.

I appreciate any feedback.
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visit my low budget film making blog, you can shoot a feature film with a Canon hv20 or an iphone 4s.
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