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What's the sugar rush feel like after drinking that many bananas?
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+Rawsomehealthy have you ever thought about doing a Google Hangout and doing a Q&A on eating raw?

I have questions and I'm sure others do too. Since you live it your in a good place to answer them.
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Sony Wireless Speaker Review

I’ve been looking at Bluetooth and other wireless options yet have decided to go with AirPlay as I have a Mac and various iOS devices and feel that it is best suits my needs.

Sony offer a range of AirPlay speakers but I’m not a fan of these wide airship type designs. I want something that’s compact and at a good price. At £97.99 on Amazon it’s one of the cheapest AirPlay speakers available.

It offers 360 degree sound, the bass frequencies are nice and warm and it doesn’t overpower the speaker or make it rattle.

It seems like everything I buy needs an update and these AirPlay speakers from Sony are no exception.  It worked right out of the box but then I noticed the update light. After the firmware update the only difference I notice is the light on the front is now white during playback.

You get a remote control - it’s basic with volume, muting and power functions and also allows you to slightly dim the light on the front of the speaker.

'Party Mode' allows you to have two or more speakers and pairs them together to play in sync throughout the house.  It’s good to know you can add to your sound.

There is a ‘Wifi Standby Mode’ that allows you to power down the speaker when not in use but when it starts to receive a signal from one of your iOS devices or Mac, it’ll turn on and start streaming.  I haven’t touched the speaker since I’ve set it up but I know it’s ready to go whenever I’m in the mood to listen.

The volume of the speaker is capable of filling a room small room with ease.  It handles full volume without rumbles or movement on the table I’m using.

I’d recommend the Sony SA-NS310 to anyone looking to get an AirPlay speaker.  It’s small, powerful, easy to set up, expandable, well priced and you get the Sony design style and build quality.

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Enzo Amata

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Freezing Juices - Best Practice?

I own one of the Philips Juicers and I'm not to sure if it's a masticating Juicer or a non-masticating, either way one leaves a froth and the other doesn't.  I've read/heard that the juicer that leaves froth doesn't freeze or fridge all that well.

I'm writing to ask the community what best practices you guys use for freezing juices so I can start to batch make them.  I'll admit I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning and if I could make a bunch and just clean the machine once that would be great!
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Those look good!
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A Million and One Things

I’ve been waiting since the announcement of iOS 7 to see what CultureCode would do. I’ve contacted them on Twitter a few times to see if I could tease information from them about the new release.

I use Things every day on both iOS and OSX and I’m looking forward to seeing the new features and design they bring with v3.

Over time I’ve become frustrated with the apps navigation and functionality in certain areas. I’d like to see swipe from the left added, the ability to change a task into a project, more flexibility to manage my projects, and a search feature that’s available everywhere.  I’m hoping v3 will bring a cleaner design and quicker navigation to Things.

I understand that it takes time to create not just one but three apps for release but I hope it won’t be too much longer. They haven’t left us completely in the dark - there is a beautiful post on their blog with a status page to keep you up to date with v3 and its development.

I’d like to congratulate CultureCode on selling a million copies of Things and a million more to come.

#gtd   #Things   #apps   #ios7
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Enzo Amata

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Best Australian Network for Data?

I've a friend visiting Australia and they need a pay as you go sim with as much data as possible. Can anyone suggest which would be best for price, data and network strength.
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5GB for $29 should be enough for the 4 weeks that he is visiting.
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