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Music Collaboration

I'm looking for someone to collaborate and share a few ideas back and forth to get a new perspective on it.

I have a chord sequence and I have a bass idea too, but I'd like to send it to a bass player to get an idea of how they'd approach playing on it.

Is there a site like this, or does anyone know of a forum or group which works like this, and allows people to work together.

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Windows Centred - Clamshell or Not - Windows Management

I'm constantly moving between using my MacBook Pro on the road and then when home, in Clamshell mode. I currently use Specticale and a keyboard command shortcut to centre each window! Window positions are never remembered when I move between clamshell and standalone. Does anyone know of an app that will keep my windows centred?

I looked over a window management app overview recently but no mention of the functionality I'm looking for.
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