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Envirolet Composting Toilets


Check out the brand new Envirolet composting toilets tv commercial!
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Not too shabby! Very practical for contemporary homes
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Great photos of Envirolet composting toilet system installation in Beijing, China.
These are photos from my recent trip to Beijing, China to help oversee an installation of Envirolet composting toilet systems in a really old neighbourhood.  A great experience!
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"Dear Envirolet,

We have a cabin and were looking for a convenient and cost effective way to solve our bathroom needs.  After researching several options online, we came across your website.  There were many options available which made it easy for us to find the model that would best suite our needs.  We chose the Envirolet MS 10 electric because we wanted a waterless system and the features this model offered. It was very easy to install, it is lightweight but rugged, easy to set up, use and maintain.  We shut down the cabin for most of the winter months and cleaned out the tray at that time.  It was easier than I thought, and because of the fan and heater elements of this model, it was basically dry peat moss that we emptied out of the unit.

We are very happy with our system and have recommended Envirolet to several of our friends that have cabins as well."

George & Peggy S.
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"My husband and I have a 60 acre mountain retreat in Wythe County Virginia with cabin and adjacent bath house. Though we have no electricity or running water we are able to have a very functional retreat using a generator to "light" all of our buildings. Our bath house has our Envirolet #compostingtoilet plus an on demand hot water shower and bathroom sink.  We have been using this bath house for over 4 years and have had absolutely no problems with it's efficiency. 

We would highly recommend the use of the envirolet and have done so with several of our friends who also have rural cabins.

I have attached several pictures of our bath house and the installed envirolet.

Thanks so much!"

Anne N.
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New Product! Envirolet Compost Power³ accelerates composting, cleans & sanitizes toilet bowl and prevents odor! Buy it online at
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Showroom Sale on today!  Visit us in Oshawa!
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Trade show featuring biomass and composting toilet systems. 
Tokyo Biomass Expo
Wed, June 17, 2015, 9:00 AM GMT+9
Tokyo Big Sight, 3 Chome-11-1 Ariake, Kōtō-ku, Tōkyō-to 135-0063, Japan

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We have installed an Envirolet 12v compost toilet in our off-grid cabin about 6 years ago.

The installation was simple and so far no problem with the system. It's well built, reliable and odorless always. We clean it every spring and use the compost in our flowers bed - we do have award winning lilies that are almost twice the size of regular ones smile emoticon

It was well worth the investment - beats the outhouse anyday!" 

Happy trails,
Dan & Sheshe
Big Maple Junction in the Quebec forest
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"We are building a house at the lake, where all water is hauled in and all septic is hauled out. We decided to go with the Envirolet Waterless Remote #compostingtoilet  system to eliminate all the hauling!  It is amazing! We love it! As you see, we have it hooked up even though our house is not finished.  It's a work in progress...And trying to do it the most environmentally friendly way, it isn't always easy, or fast!"

Fay F.
Struthers Lake, SK, Canada
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Interesting article about composting toilets in California.
California has antiquated composting toilet regulations that need to be modified to address the current 20+ year catastrophic drought that we are facing....
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New Product! Envirolet Compost Power³ accelerates composting, cleans & sanitizes toilet bowl and prevents odor! Available in a regular bottle or large re-fill bottle. Buy it online at
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Some amazing comments from our customers Anna and Henry in Texas about their Envirolet MS10.

"We installed our Envirolet MS 10 two years ago and we're very happy with it! This self-contained unit is attractive and very functional. The ventilation system works perfectly and the fan is so quiet that it’s almost not audible.  It has a heater that works on a thermostat, only needed when temperatures drop. We definitely recommend this model and give it 5 stars for sure!"

Anna and Harvey,
Texas hill country
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Eco Sanitation solutions for almost any application. Composting toilets and greywater systems.
Envirolet is a fabulous composting toilet system that has been manufactured in Canada since 1977.  Systems are waterless or use small amounts of water (0.5L or 0.2L per flush only).  They work great in cottages, cabins, homes, pool cabanas, work shops, farms, barns, basements, commercial applications and more. Learn more at
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