150,000 LEED Certified Homes Worldwide
According to the US Green Building Council (USGBC), the number of LEED-certified green housing units between 2011 and 2012 to as many as 150,000 units worldwide.
The United States has the most LEED-certified homes with California ranked #1 for states followed by New York and Texas. The country with the second most LEED-certified homes is Canada.
The USGBC says LEED-certified homes provide 20%-30% savings in energy and water use compared to traditional homes, in addition to maximizing the amount of fresh air indoors while minimizing exposure to airborne toxins and pollutants.
The report explores the multiple LEED rating systems for different types of homes, including new single-family homes as well as new and existing low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise multifamily buildings. USGBC is also developing a rating system for existing single-family homes.
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