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Google Announcement at Amsterdam Summit

For me one of the most important details to come out of this summit was a change in how searches are processed.

Please my very short blog at

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Google Support

A post by +Robert Zarywacz mentions the lack of support from Google and their seeming ignorance of it.

I think Google are brilliant at innovation and supply of all things fabulous but I cannot understand how they just expect us to know about their latest offering without announcement. Not only know 'about it' but how to access it,  use it, share it.

A case in point is the 'content' from the Google+ Place page.

We all know, that after being encouraged to 'plus our business' so that our page looks great - it is now almost impossible for people to find it and view the content. Well in fact it is not. If you search for a business in maps - and find it, the left hand panel is populated with the content from the business page. Just in a different dress. Blue.

Even better, the large image that shows, is a clickable street view image and takes you there. If it looks bad (most people complain about theirs), you can change it in one of two ways. Either make sure there is a good image on your photos tab of the page or better still, get a virtual tour done and the image will be the welcoming image of the inside of your business.

Google's Eyes

I see in a post from a web design company that Google not only have eyes but use them to promote the use of web designers.

'..In Google’s eyes, if you were a serious player you’d be paying a web design company to create a proper site...'

Hhmmm! I wonder if I could get Google's Eyes to see that if people were serious about promoting their business, they would also use a Google Trusted Photographer such as myself. 

Even as an accredited (by Google) service provider, I am not permitted to make such claims.

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Why I do What I do

Having been asked several times, 'Why is a virtual tour better than any other search property?', consider this. 

The ability of showing an enquiring customer a range of products and then allowing them to browse is more likely to get them to visit you in reality than other companies claiming a similar stock range. Seeing is believing.

Here's an example. You run a local convenience shop, where space versus variety is a delicate balance. A customer particularly wants to know if you stock a full range of biscuits before shopping for an office emergency get together. 

You take a point in the tour, make a short-link and post it

Short, to the point and delivers the goods. They're on the way down to you.
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Little Planet appeal

Not all interiors lend themselves to this treatment but here is one that I think does.

The foyer of my latest 'Google Business View' client, Acresfield Health Club and Spa gives visual access to their arena, swiming pool and stairs to spas, treatments, library and gym.

Sometimes a challenge to define a universe in which to float the planet though.
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Over the last couple of weeks I have been getting, daily, several followers whose pages just have a woman's name and obviously provocative profile picture. No other details have been completed.

Surely Google would do well to disallow this blatant use of pages as free advertising for the sex/relationship industry?
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This is a very worthy cause and will benefit many while harming no-one. Please read and support if you feel that you can.

As some of you may know, I have recently become involved with my local community radio station Chorley FM and in doing so I have come to learn more about the work of the station and how it does to support the local community.  I have been so impressed with the people and work of the station that I have agreed to volunteer my services and help the management to develop this fantastic community service. However, Chorley FM is under threat! Please read on ....

The station is a not for profit organisation that is staffed and managed entirely by volunteers. They do a fabulous job and cater for all sectors of the community including fantastic support for charity and community groups in the area. The station also caters for just about every musical taste from Country & Western to Thrash Metal and everything in between. The business community is also catered for and the business lunch interviews really help to bridge the gap between the business community and the wider community in Chorley. 

But there is a problem. When the station first applied for a broadcast licence, (following, in my opinion, misguided advice) it listed it's key commitments to be to the 16- 24 age bracket and the LGBT community. These communities have always been specifically catered for by Chorley FM but over the past few years the programming has evolved to serve the needs of the community of Chorley as a whole and programming for youth and LGBT has been included within the wider range of content rather than being the primary focus.

The upshot is that, as the programming and content does not focus primarily on the 16-24 age group and the LGBT community, the station has been found by Ofcom to be in breach of it's licence conditions and key commitments.  Following discussions, Ofcom has agreed that it would be sensible for the station's key licence commitments to be changed to allow Chorley FM to serve the community as a whole - including, but not primarily limited to, the 16-24 age group and the LGBT community. Unfortunately, Ofcom cannot grant the proposed changes to the broadcasting licence without a public consultation.

As a personal favour to me (not to mention the people of Chorley) I am asking for your help by taking two minutes to respond to that Ofcom consultation

You can respond very quickly and easily by using the link below and using the quick and easy form to submit your answer to the consultation question: Should Chorley FM be permitted to make its proposed changes to the key commitments of Chorley FM

I would be very grateful if you could answer this question with a big fat YES and maybe state that you agree that a local community radio station ought to be allowed to produce content that supports the needs of the local community as a whole

The consultation period ends at 5pm on Wednesday so I would ask you to please submit a response as soon as you can!

I will just mention that the YES responses are extremely important because, sadly, there is a group of meddlers who, because of personal issues and arguments, have taken it upon themselves to sabotage the consultation by rallying their troops for a No vote. (despite the fact that they represent neither the 16-24 age group or the LGBT community)

It would be an absolute travesty if a wonderful community radio station, that works so hard for the local community, is forced to cease broadcasting because of the bureaucratic meddling of people who should, frankly, know better.

Apologies for the very long post but this is something that I feel very strongly about and I really want Chorley FM to be able to continue to support all sections of our community and to continue the brilliant work that it does.

To everyone who responds to the consultation: THANK YOU!!

P.S. If you feel able to re-share this post for me too I would be VERY grateful!

#Community   #Radio  
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Not exactly Halloween?

Well maybe, but certainly 'other worldly' things are found in this den of mystery.
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WWW > Google Maps > Business View

The latest search algorithms bring everything back down to earth - literally.

The ethereal concept of cyberspace helped propagate the mystique around SEO and the world wide web. Now things are a good deal more down to earth.

Google have made the fixing of your business to a definite spot on the ground, very important. What you do + where you do it, is the key to being in the top 7 Markers, shown top in searches.

It's called Local SEO and is centered on your business G+ page. Get that page completed and populated with accurate information, good reviews, good content and you really can't miss. You get found, your website gets found, it's win, win.

Make part of that content the 'see inside' feature known as Google Maps | Business View and your pop up search results will really catch the eye of potential customers.
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Turbo boost your G+ Business Page

Now you have the page properly set up and people can find you, invite them in with a welcome 
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