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Entice Lashes & Brows: Eyelash Extensions and Brow Enhancements
Beauty Salon
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Lucy is a high school strip-lash goddess . . . you know, the stick on and peel off lashes? She uses them all the time for her dance performances. But when she put them on, it was hard to cut them to her eye shape, and they stuck up at the corners. So we've been helping Lucy cut and apply the strips she loves. If there's a strip-lash goddess in your life, and she wants those dazzlers applied perfectly for an upcoming dance, send her t...
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Private Room Booth Rental available. Perfect for a massage therapist or esthetician looking for a professional space in a warm environment with a receptionist. 900 South in Salt Lake City, UT
You will dazzle at the Halloween Party. Subtle, sweet, or garish. Pick your poison, my pretty.

Lash Splashes available in 11 Colors: Cherry, Violet, Sapphire, Canary, Emerald, Canary, Mocha, Tangerine . . .
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Jessica, the SLC Westminster business student is moving from a natural eye to a cat eye and greeting our guests with all her warmth.
This is how she looked before and after her wedding. Marisa calls it self-care . . . the nicest way to make everyday easier on herself.
You've seen eighty-six-year-old Lona Mae if you've gone through the doors of Abravanal Hall, the Capitol Theatre, or the Joseph Smith Building in Utah. One of Salt Lake City's longest-standing most-beloved volunteers, Lona Mae is front and center in all three places. And she wasn't so sure when I suggested lash extensions. 

"You'll love them," I promised. 

"But I don't even use mascara. I don't have lashes anymore."

"You do. You'll see. You . will . love . them ." 

If there's anything Lona Mae lacks, it's certainly not guts, and it couldn't hurt to try, as long as we met one stipulation, and she repeated this point. "I do not want to look like Elizabeth Taylor."

Jessica put on Lona Mae's extensions, and Lona Mae held her breath. "Do I dare look? Oh my gosh. Oh my goodness. That does make a difference."

She blinked. She fluttered. She grinned.

We clapped.  

A few weeks later, Lona Mae was back.  "Can I have some more this time? My daughter says it wakes up my face. I think it takes ten years off. And it's okay if it's a little bit more like Elizabeth Taylor. Just a little bit. Not much. I don't want to look like a hussy."
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282 E 900 S Salt Lake City, UT 84111
282 East 900 SouthUSUtahSalt Lake City84111
Beauty Salon, Beauty Supply StoreToday 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM
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We're all about beauty and rejuvenation, the kind that makes you look and feel better than ever. It's what we spend our days doing and loving. Say goodbye to mascara. Say hello to waking up beautiful. 

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"Not to mention I can easily find inexpensive designer shoes every time I go."
"I have avoided lash extensions for years because they seemed like too much work."
"Friendly service and they've had some good deals."
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Rae Ringwood's profile photo
Rae Ringwood
3 weeks ago
I've been a member for several months and have really loved the look of the lashes, however I have recently decided to no longer do buisness there.Over the past few months there has been a great deal of turnover in staff. Interactions are often awkward for everyone due to inexperience or lack of reception and ongoing communication problems. There seems to be an overwhelming element of surprise in the services there. I came in weekly on the same day and time, then ran into circumstances where the last artist I was scheduled with had left, transferring to another without notice; then having the second also leave shortly after. I then then arrived for regularly scheduled appointments that were not showing up in their system accurately; resulting in rescheduling. This occurred for me as well as for others; which feels uncomfortable when being the person in the chair listening to other clients experience problems in scheduling. The lash artists are often polite and accommodating but their attention is being split in different directions, it seems things get missed and quality service is diminished in several areas. For this reason, I didn't benefit from the savings a membership would have afforded me if told about it earlier. I wasn't given instruction on the long term impact of lash wear or choices available. In the midst of switching lash artists again, I had a reaction and experienced pain, irritation and lash loss. I wasn't sure if there was a product change in extensions or adhesive used or if it was a reaction from a lash sealant I used infrequently, but had never had this reaction to before. Understanding there are inherent risks, I called to inform them of my reaction and wanted to have someone assess the problem so I could understand and choose to have the remaining extensions removed or continue filling. I found no concern or help when my call was received, being informed they did not have appointments available that day. I was told I could drop in and maybe someone could take a look and that a text message would be sent to the manager and/or owner and they would call me. No further communication was received. I dropped in and thankfully Crystal was kind enough to remove my lashes after finishing with another appointment, yet delaying the next; in addition to assisting with a client who came in for an appointment and a scheduling error occurred. The final result being, I loved the extensions while I wore them, but after experiencing a problem, I now have discomfort and perhaps reasonable damage to my natural lashes. (They are thinned and shorter. I don't have enough length to use a lash curler, where prior to extensions, this was not the case.) Be a good consumer, perhaps shop around or talk to others. Services here are adequate, but you will likely experience interactions such as I have in this space.
• • •
Jasmine Reyes's profile photo
Jasmine Reyes
4 months ago
I never actually got to get my eyelashes done here because of their lack of capability to provide good customer service. I called and made an appointment, so I could have my eyelashes done for the 4th of July. I was to go in on the 3rd at 5pm. I booked an hour. Well they call 20 minutes before my appt saying they are unable to do the appt. They offered to book me the next Monday(after the 4th of July) but they still only had a 30 minute appt after I told them I needed an hour, and I asked about Tuesday and they said they had nothing! I was upset not only because they called 20 minutes before my appt to cancel, but because it's the day before a holiday and it was too late to go somewhere else, so I'm stuck with messed up lashes for the 4th. Not only that but they try to book me for a 30 minute saying that's all they had after I told them and had booked for an hour before. The receptionist was ridiculous and did nothing to try to help or fix the situation! You would think after something like this and inconveniencing a customer like that that they would at least try to make room for a full hour appt like I needed the following Monday, but no! She just kept saying we're booked the whole week except for a 30 minute...what the he'll am I supposed to do go home with half my lashes? After they cancelled my appt in the first place? They obviously don't care about their customers or their reputation. Most other places would at least try to be helpful and do whatever they can to make the customer happy, but they didn't care at all! Needless to say I couldn't get my lashes done by them because of them, and now I won't be trying to go back ever!
• • •
Brittany Leonard
a year ago
I've been going here for months and it is by far the highlight of my month! Everyone is so friendly and genuinely kind! Camille, the owner, is the sweetest woman I have ever met! She's taken a genuine interest in everyone's life and just listening to how she talks to other customers is such a comfort. Everyone always makes my lashes look PERFECT but Jessica has always taken that one extra step to make sure I'm comfortable. She's so adorable it's hard to leave Entice! Definitely the best place to go to get your lashes done!
• • •
Matt Vukin
a year ago
I am writing on behalf of my wife who went to Entice with a Groupon incentive. There was apparently confusion as to how many of these products one could buy from Groupon and my wife discussed with a manager. She was promised, in the negotiation, to have redeemed at least the cash value of her second and third Groupon products as they were not willing to fulfill the terms of the original ad. There were never statements in the fine print about not purchasing again, but only that not more than one could be purchased at a time. She received several separate emails advertising the deal on Groupon - congruent with how many vendors will promote separate incentives. She agreed on a negotiated plan with a manager to honor the value of her coupon at cash value but not the full service. She went back today and was denied any of this, noting her $75 groupon was useless to her and she'd have to give it to someone else. The clerk was rude and unaccommodating. There was no notation in their system of her previous dialogue with a manager. She has been happy with the lashes and technical service, but when it comes to honoring commitments and ambiguous wording of incentives this company needs to step up the customer service. We will not patronize them again unless this changes and will make this experience known as publicly as possible.
• • •
Response from the owner - a year ago
Matt, We're so sorry you had a poor experience with Groupon. We adore your wife, and I'm glad she's been happy with her service. I spoke with her yesterday; I'm sorry she thought I was being rude; I truly had no intention of giving offense. So please pass along my apology, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to right that experience and explain. We honored two of the Groupons your wife purchased (which accounted for four visits, the fourth of which was yesterday. 6/12, 6/23, 10/6, and 11/12). We have notes on 9/30 and 10/6 that say our manager in good faith offered to honor the 2nd groupon for the dollar amount, waving the one-per-person policy, which we did. We can't honor a 3rd Groupon, not because I don't want to, but because as a business we can't afford it, and we've already given your wife two extra visits and talked with her about the policy on the previous dates. The policy is in the Groupon purchase agreement, and you're right they don't make it easy to see, and they do send lots of email blasts, which is why we were happy to help out with her third and fourth visit. I hope you'll consider removing the one-star review; we've really tried to be generous. Warmly, Camille (owner) (p.s. I believe Groupon does do refunds, as well.)
Maddy Jordan
4 weeks ago
I have been to Entice many times over the past year mostly because it's a convenient location for me. I have always seen a master artist and paid a premium price plus a generous tip for the service. Over the past few months the service and artists at this salon have become horrific. The quality of services and appointment availability are non existent. They do not return calls for appointments, I'm sure because they have none. When you finally do get in the customer service, artist demeanor and product are awful and very unpleasant. This salon needs a sincere lesson in proper customer service. The owner is the worst offender. After paying premium rates for services to be so disappointed with the service and product is shameful. They do not care one ounce about customers. I would highly recommend you run not walk away from Entice. Take it from me, the damage they have caused to my lashes will take forever to recover from. Not to mention the damage to my wallet. With so many wonderful caring options in Utah, I urge you to try anywhere but here.
• • •
Response from the owner - a month ago
I apologize if you had a bad experience. However, upon researching to see what problems may have occurred that warranted such a harsh review, we have no customer in our database matching the name provided in this review. Also, the salon has not been contacted regarding your issue to give us the chance to resolve it. We are always concerned with our client's happiness and most importantly the health of their natural lashes. We hope that if you truly did have a bad experience that you contact us and give us a chance to make it right. If not, we will flag this review as spam since it is seeming to be from a fraudulent account.
stacy chatterton
7 months ago
Was not impressed. This place doesn't offer competitive prices. I've been getting lashes done for years and never have I seen anywhere in the valley (and I have looked extensively) a master lash artist charge 69 dollars and 49 for a standard aka apprentice (that's unheard of to pay that much for one- typically about 20-25 an hour) and PLUS tax? I've never in my life seen sales tax on a service. I've actually spoken to several spa OWNERS who've informed me it's illegal to even do so if they're not remitting it to the state (which isn't required since they don't require sales tax on a service), which is why I've never seen it at any business or home spa, including lash extensions, permanent cosmetics, massages, etc. They aren't required to pay sales tax at all to the state so we as customers can't be asked to cover sales tax. So best case scenario, they're remitting it to the state and we are all paying an unnecessary sales tax (which we're all legally owed to have refunded) or they're not remitting it and just committing tax fraud. Either way, that tax NEEDS TO BE TAKEN OFF. I didn't get the length or fullness I asked for at all and paid $62 for someone who's been doing it for like 3 months. And their big thing is offering super expensive "memberships" each month. No one needs several two hour fills each month, or even ONE. No one has enough lashes for that amount of time for a simple fill. And if you need several a month, they're not doing their job right. I felt very nickeled and dimed and won't recommend them ever. Their website also says "$25" for a standard (aka apprentice) 30 min. fill and on the phone I was told $30 and no apology, and no they wouldn't honor the $25. It was just "Oh yeah we'll have to change that." Ya think? Bad business.
• • •
Estelle Hanbury
10 months ago
I've been having individual eyelash extentions for years so I'm particular, I had Russian Volume lashes set placed on me in London and came here for a full-fill with Marissa. They looked beautiful and lasted a normal amount of time, I can't live with out them! :)
Cozette Stoddard's profile photo
Cozette Stoddard
2 years ago
I like to think of myself as pretty low maintenance. I have avoided lash extensions for years because they seemed like too much work. Oh contrary! Entice Lashes made the entire experience relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable. I love my lashes! They are comfortable and light (I really don't even feel them) and I rarely wear any additional make-up now. The staff and environment at Entice Lashes are friendly and professional. I look forward to my visits to keep may lashes looking full and natural!
• • •