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Last week we ran our biggest and best 3 Day Internship yet.

The entire course was taught by the man himself, Mark Ottobre.

We received some awesome feedback from our students. This is what one of our awesome students, Krystal Reynolds had to say:

“Had 3 incredible big days of learning from this guy (Mark Ottobre), what I know now compared to before I did this training is RIDICULOUS!! I realise why you and your team get results for all of your members, so full of knowledge and wisdom.
Thank you to all at Enterprise Fitness for everything you have taught me so far and I can't wait for more of your knowledge bombs in the near future.
P.S. Look out, my beautiful clients”

Well done Krystal, that’s what we love to hear!

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You hear it all the time….
“Eat more to get lean”
It sounds a little too good to be true.
But it’s not until you see the results for yourself that you truly believe it.
Rachel has been an Enterprise Fitness member who has been training with Master Coach Reece Adams for 6 weeks now. She’s getting ready for her first comp and is loving the process (not to mention she is absolutely killing it!)
In Rachel's words during her session with Reece:
"It blows my mind just how much food I'm eating”.
Reece responded with:
"Your leggings are getting loose so we are going to have to increase your food again!”
Looking good Rachel, keep up the great work!

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When the coach and the client both look this good…
This duo goes way back
Janet Kane has been training with Coach and Enterprise bossman, Mark Ottobre, for an incredible 10 years now.
They both show up, train hard and give each training session their all.
Like coach, like client.
P.S. Janet took home yet another GOLD trophy last weekend when she won Figure Open at the IBFF All Female Classic!

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Massive congratulations to Enterprise member Janet Kane who won Figure Open at the IFBB Amanda Doherty All Female Classic over the weekend
Janet has been competing and training with her coach Mark Ottobre for 10 years now!
In that time, Janet has still managed to improve and bring a bigger, better and more conditioned package to each and every show…. Naturally!
P.S. ANOTHER Enterprise member WON their category on the weekend. Stay tuned for photos and an update tonight!

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Wishing Enterprise member and professional boxer, Luke "Action" Jackson, the best as he goes to America to hone in on his craft!

Luke is currently undefeated 14-0 world number #10 WBO Oriental Featherweight Champion and gets his strength training from Master Coach Chris. They have big plans as they prepare for one title defiance this year.

As Chris says…

“Hard work beats talent every time”


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Still think eating gluten is a healthy choice?

One of the first things that we do with a new member in their lifestyle consult is encourage them to cut out gluten for 2 weeks. If after that time, they really want to add it back in then we say go for it BUT closely monitor how you feel!


Because every single member who has trained with us feels healthier, looks better, and trains harder they’re not eating it. So why wouldn’t you keep gluten out?


Stay tuned to our facebook page because tomorrow we are going to share a special video with you!

You will get to see a snippet of what Mark and the team teach to our students and members about what is considered “normal” nutrition.

In the meantime, we wanted to share with you an awesome article on “Gluten-free Fearmongering”.

“Some people simply feel better when they avoid gluten. Those who prefer to follow a gluten-free diet—whether or not they have celiac disease—shouldn’t be alarmed by fear-mongering research suggesting they’re putting themselves at risk for cardiovascular disease. It could easily be argued that if the gluten-containing items are replaced with nutrient-rich non-starchy vegetables, quality proteins and healthy fats, they could just as well decrease their cardiovascular risk”.

Take a read of this article and let us know your thoughts!

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What are the different levels of trainers at Enterprise Fitness and how do I know which one is for me?
We have three levels of trainers; Master, Senior, and Developing.
So what does this even mean?
By no means are any of our coaches brand new to personal training, however, we do have the different levels to reflect the variation in experience and length of time that they have been at Enterprise Fitness.
Some of our members are best suited to a particular level of trainer, depending on what their goals are and where they’re at.
All of our trainers embody excellence. Each of them, training obsessed. We spend ten’s of thousands each year ensuring our trainers receive the best education possible. AND unlike many other gyms and personal training studios, all our trainers are employees.
So basically, all of our members are in exceptionally great hands.
Not to mention that all our trainers are hungry for promotions! And the way to get promoted?
Here is a rundown on our coaches:
Master Trainers: Reece Adams, Chris Churchward and Carla Danielle Girolamo
Senior Trainers: James Alexander Kelly and Liam Fitzgerald
Developing Trainers: Kaz Gill, Jared Hall and Andrea M Taliana

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Here’s a shot of the Enterprise Fitness team, taken at our last meeting.
This kickass team of industry leading trainers and health advocates share 5 very important core team values.
They are…
1. Excellence
2. Leadership
3. Innovation
4. Family
5. Knowledge

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Time to put the spotlight on one of our outstanding members, Marc Rovere!
Marc has been training with Master Coach Reece Adams since the end of last year. In that time his results haven’t always been completely linear but Marc stuck at it, continually put in the work and progressed. Now his epic results and physique are the perfect reflection of his dedication and Reece’s coaching!
From his trainer, Reece:
“Whilst rapid results are possible, they aren’t always the best idea for everyone in the long run. Some clients may start with limitations, whether it be prior injuries, poor relationships with food, bad relationships with their bodies or even just a super stressed lifestyle.
With these types of clients, the last thing you want to do is rush into an intense training phase! Whilst I do post a lot of rapid transformations, it's not something I recommend for everyone.
I've been working with Marc for 6 months now, with the goal of getting him in the best shape for his wedding. We didn't push things until the last 3 months prior.
When Marc first started at Enterprise, according to skinfold tests, he was around 21% body fat with a lean muscle mass of 74 kg.
Fast forward 6 months down the track and he is now sitting at under 12% body fat with 76 kg of lean mass!”
Well done Marc and Reece on an incredible, healthy and sustainable transformation!
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