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why do we use skype instead of google plus?
[9:04:11 AM] Mark  Pinson: we are supposed to be in social media but the only real social medium we use is skype
[9:05:24 AM | Edited 9:05:50 AM] booberchi: For me it's easier and less cumbersome to use, and more recognized and widely used by our clients. Keep in mind, that we mainly use Skype for communication purposes - and not every communication should be public.
[9:06:33 AM] booberchi: To followup on our lack of social media usage - I agree... we should adopt more social media, but I don't see it as a replacement for communication
[9:06:52 AM] booberchi: Just a supplement with how we communicate with the public.
[9:07:04 AM] Mark  Pinson: everything has to be too damn scripted for blogs and google plus because everyone is trying to use for rankings or their brand
[9:07:14 AM] Mark  Pinson: it is not fun
[9:07:16 AM] booberchi: That's true.
[9:08:04 AM] Mark  Pinson: anything that we do that is interesting and fun is on is mainly the privacy aspect
[9:08:11 AM | Edited 9:08:25 AM] booberchi: In a way - there is an expectation for social media etiquette because it represents the brand. On Skype, however - it's less formal because it represents the individual.
[9:08:47 AM] Mark  Pinson: we dont necessarily want our clients or google for that matter seeing all of our chats
[9:09:22 AM] Mark  Pinson: part of it is the pain to change social platforms, it is like changing your bank account
[9:09:50 AM] Mark  Pinson: anybody that works in technology uses skype because it is the most common global platform
[9:10:38 AM] Mark  Pinson: the web has just become one giant selfie
[9:10:51 AM] booberchi: Yes - it's established and widely used. Now - Google is trying to compete with Skype, but my limited experience with hangouts has not been great. So, for me, it's really a question of reliability.
[9:11:38 AM] Mark  Pinson: i use part of skype as my notes..i never delete
[9:12:24 AM] booberchi: never delete, never surrender
[9:12:38 AM] booberchi: lol
[9:12:39 AM] Mark  Pinson: i find myself searching our previous conversations for urls or other stuff so i dont have to bother you
[9:13:55 AM] Mark  Pinson: i thought we talked about lol on your own comments
[9:14:10 AM] booberchi: Skype is like a court reporter... you can go back and look at the record.
[9:14:25 AM] Mark  Pinson: keep in mind, if no one else finds you funny, that should be a hint
[9:14:29 AM] booberchi: I needed to let you know that it was lol worthy
[9:14:36 AM] booberchi: - like... that was a joke.
[9:14:39 AM] booberchi: Now your turn
[9:15:02 AM] Mark  Pinson: we are supposed to write blogs or fb post or g+ posts on a regular basis
[9:15:34 AM] Mark  Pinson: 200-500 words, spell check, grammar check
[9:16:05 AM] booberchi: It's hard to do when you have actual work for clients to accomplish.
[9:16:12 AM] Mark  Pinson: it would be a lot easier if we could just copy and paste our skype chats into google plus
[9:16:17 AM] booberchi: This is true..
[9:16:32 AM] Mark  Pinson: let's do i and see if it works
[9:16:33 AM] booberchi: we do spend some time chatting it up, and writing content here
[9:16:44 AM | Edited 9:16:47 AM] booberchi: k
[9:17:00 AM] booberchi: That sounds like a good idea
[9:17:08 AM] Mark  Pinson: lets go straight copy and paste. no edit
[9:17:17 AM] booberchi: That sounds dangerous
[9:17:22 AM] booberchi: spelling errors and all?
[9:17:36 AM] Mark  Pinson: seriously, dangerous?
[9:17:51 AM] Mark  Pinson: now your sounding scripted
[9:18:24 AM] Mark  Pinson: what are we going to call it? skype+, skype2g
[9:18:45 AM] Mark  Pinson: 5 minutes for best name with domain avail..start now
[9:19:01 AM] booberchi: k.
[9:24:11 AM] Mark  Pinson: u ready
[9:24:31 AM] booberchi: yes
[9:24:33 AM] booberchi:
[9:24:51 AM] Mark  Pinson: skypedem.COM
[9:25:00 AM] Mark  Pinson: booberchat.COM
[9:25:15 AM] booberchi: lol... is that like punked? you've just been skyped, biotch
[9:26:30 AM] Mark  Pinson: firesidechat? sounds like we are sitting in our rocking chairs at the retirement home
[9:27:14 AM] booberchi: I figured you'd get the reference. However, when I think of it, I think of Roosevelt
[9:27:32 AM] booberchi: People glued to their radios for inspiration
[9:28:27 AM] Mark  Pinson: you are inspiring people now?
[9:28:42 AM] booberchi: Don't deny my wonder
[9:28:53 AM] Mark  Pinson: see how quickly this gets out of hand.  lets post to google plus
[9:29:46 AM] Mark  Pinson: you have inspired me to end this chat with your lack of something interesting to say
[9:30:19 AM] booberchi: eh... no.
[9:30:43 AM] booberchi: Is there such a thing as a negative lol?
[9:30:44 AM] Mark  Pinson: sorry already ended
[9:30:44 AM] booberchi: -lol
[9:31:12 AM] Mark  Pinson: that was actally you first one that got close to an lol
[9:31:32 AM] Mark  Pinson: maybe you are the anti lol particle
[9:31:47 AM] booberchi: Mine was at least somewhat worthy of an lol... but yours was a sad attempt at boosting your own ego
[9:31:51 AM] booberchi: tsk tsk
[9:32:10 AM] Mark  Pinson: build up by tearing down
[9:32:26 AM] Mark  Pinson: i have to get back to work
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