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Snowboarding in Colorado.

Enrique Valenzuela

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10 Tips For Smart Targeting [INFOGRAPHIC]
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It's clear whether you are a small firm or large company you should diversify your marketing channels. And for smart diversification, you would like to optimize your targeting efforts.

E.g Savvy marketers know that serving up "buzzed" content to potential customers can improve conversion rates by 50 percent, while for higher click-through rates, weekend is the perfect day to send email.

Take a look at this infographic created by +Eloqua to make sure your next targeted marketing endeavor reaches its full potential.

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Enrique Valenzuela

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Not that you have time to read it or anything... Hahaha

Team fitness! xoxo 
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so cool..

Enrique Valenzuela

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Logbar's Ring is a bluetooth device that recognizes finger gestures, which allows you to do things like write a text message by drawing in the air. What do you think of the product?

Enrique Valenzuela

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learning ruby redesigning a proof of concept done in php
la Venezuela de ahora
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Enrique Valenzuela

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impressive, inspirational

Enrique Valenzuela

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Less rules. More performance. Physically as well as virtually. Watch the trailer of the virtual BMW M235i in the upcoming PlayStation®4 video game #DRIVECLUB:
Once a cyclist, always a cyclist. Pro Tim Johnson takes you on a journey with our VW SmileDrive app (Android). Take a look:
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have seen the northern lighs and done dog sled after visiting the ice hotel :)
    Bachelor's in Computer Science Engineer, 2003 - 2008
    Computer Science Engineer
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    Complex Hosting Manager, 2012 - present
    ct as a primary contact with small set of diamond level clients maintaining day to day knowledge plans, status of projects and ticket management. Serve as the voice of the clients internally by knowing their own personal needs and request provisioning as needed under performance requirements. Develop and maintain detailed documentation for clients, have escalation processes, provide timely and detailed reports on incident reports, infrastructure changes, service outages as well as performance reports delivered monthly. Mentor and train Complex Hosting Managers by creating wikis and knowledge base articles as well as to automate processes and procedures using shell scripting, and other CLI or programming languages to improve KPI.
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    Sr. Client Support Engineer, 2010 - 2012
    Continue to provide client support as a Client Support Engineer as well to develop a team of support engineers to provide top notch customer support providing team guidance, author training material for new hires and for the current members as well as author knowledge base articles and wikis on different troubleshooting areas. Provide front end application expertise to Instructional Designers, be part of the Subject Matter Expert for branches inside the Blackboard Learn application, and advocate within a company on behalf of clients (national or international)
    LMS Admin and Tool Developer, 2008 - 2010
    Develop scalable applications for troubleshooting and monitoring system and communication between them. Administer Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard and in house created LMS to a proper configuration, interaction and usage among institution infrastructure.
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Loved the place, love the experience, love everything about it. We went for a long weekend to go skiing / snowboarding, so we rented a cabin for 8 and everything was incredible, the place, the coziness. After everything, we decided to push a bit the time of check out because everybody was exhausted and the staff was more than friendly again, and provided the assistance and information that we were looking. Highly recommended!
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The apartments are nice looking and very luxury, you can find anything in the space and you can do it as your own needs.A few problems have come so fara) the first day of moving, in a brand new building there is a water leak in the floor and all the floor gets vacantb) the walls are so thin that you can listen your neighbors do anythingc) the mailbox is located another corner of the buildingd) the design of the building makes everything spacious but with difficult access since the location of things are not centralized.e) finally to pick up boxes, it would be great to have 24/7 concierge since they are luxury apartments but unfortunately that is not the case.overall i like the apartments and the comfort that they provide, but the walls and the layout of the building complex should be a bit better thought.btw, the new management has improved a lot the place and the relationship with the people that live in.
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3 reviews
great service, friendly, cool team.
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