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Have you seen the new video for “Naked” yet? What do you think?
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I really loved it. It was only me or Enrique looked even hotter than other videos?
Follow these steps
1. cover your mouth with your hand
2.whisper a wish in your hand
3.comment this on three other posts
4. look at your hand
forgive me you know more than me, good for you to undesrtand fool Grigo This Cool the Video Yes or No !
i love it ....... Cant stop listening again n again :)
мне очень понравилось,ты вообще супер,интересный клип))))
very goooooooood.I LOVE YOU+Enrique Lglesias:)
they're both one of my fav artists
i think that you should choose more appropriate songs! >:/ i love you and ur on my list of guys im guna marry but come on....chose better songs buddy! <3
i like the music but im not seeing that im so sorry
لو عايز دعوة لجوجل بلس
أكتب إيميلك الـ
في كومنت
enrique, you are always wonderful................
the video is nothing like i expected i thought enrique was going to be naked
+georgina godden hahahaha but no spiciness it was so plain and enrique and dev didnt even meet each other and btw reall i agree wid u it wasnt the way i expected it to be either
ilk defa sapık bir şey yok, devamını dilerim.
is 1 of my fv .........awsm vdo.....
very kool i luv the jacket u wear in the vid!!
like every time my hero(enrique) is upgrade
havent seen it yet in australia  pouting
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