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Of course we did have tablet devices back in the 1980's..........Energize
But never do they refer to .....WiFi.....Mysterious....heh
Nobody disagrees microsoft originally conceived the idea of smartphone and tablet but was totally unusable. Smartphone needed a pen to click and same goes with tablet. But jobs had a different idea (Touch)  and it worked and everybody loved it. Usability is key no matter how innovative the engineering behind it is.
+Mohamed Rafiq touch interfaces were introduced by Nokia in the late 90's; it's actually more about "how well can you market your 'innovation'" really. More importantly though; I'm extremely excited to have this portability competition firing on all cylinders finally. It's great for the consumer & for business.  
+Enrique Gutierrez is right. Apple never comes up with any ideas themselves. They do, however, popularize them with great marketing. And that's sort of a good thing, because it creates a market for tech products that people might never have paid much attention to in the first place. At least, here in North America.

In Japan, everything seems to be different. Sony has been the "Apple" there since.........forever, it seems. Also, Japan actually had things like Laserdisc, MiniDisc, and Betamax. Which is pretty crazy.
Yves H
Steve Jobs criticized Microsoft for having no taste, now they come back with some taste.
+Random Person haha i remember Laserdiscs. Japan is a great place for early adopters & it seems things reach mass market a lot faster. DVD was popularized before Laserdisc even got a foothold in the US markets. Good times.
+Enrique Gutierrez Felt the same way when I had a few friends (Apple fanboys) claim how Apple's new retina display was yet another example of Apple's supremacy when it comes to innovation.  (yet the retina display in the new MacBook Pro is made by LG Philips, and rumors say the retina display for the next ipad will be made by Samsung)  Though I guess you have to credit them for calling LG and Samsung up?
+Enrique Gutierrez Might be...I honestly don't follow much of the details of Apple stuff, but in that particular case went out of my way to go find the info to be sure.
I guess that proves that being first doesn't always translate to being the best.
Haha even in the one can do it like Cap'n Piccard...awesome.
Window 8, iOS, Android, or LCARS? Which OS is the best?
Reminds me of how much "prior art" in modern patents truly was sci-fi art that existed prior to the "modern" patents of such.
We need to put a pic of Moses next to them
Actually, Sony is the GE of Japan -- a financial services company that also does electronics goods as a hobby.
yes, shut your moths, and spread your beautiful butterfly wings!
I love this thread. Especially how we all see the troll but ignore it and continue the conversation. You all rock, minus the troll of course
Darn if my post would have been a bit faster.
This is the most awesome thing I've seen all day.
Was waiting for the lenovo yoga but now may be i will get this instead. :)
I love that "Bitches, Please...." lmfao............. As far as I am concern all of them are just clones of the "TNG Pad
man how do create all these cool stuff
joshua is soo...right. They should sue!!
What's a tablet? I thought they were called iPads. 
why is it only old people have it
I knew Picard invented the iPad.....Go Star Trek
Perma-grin I think you just redefined facepalm to facebook.
И действительно.  Писсес итселф :) 
When it comes to a product. I don't usually care who invented it. I care about who made it fit my needs. Apple like to sell trend and flashiness or lack there of flash. I have an iPad and I plan on buying one of the ms surfaces also. iPad 3 battery life is a bust. Good luck MS hope the operating system runs smooth and I can run the programs/download things I need at all times. I don't even need a crappy camera. 
"Bitches please.."  best quote of star trek i hav ever seen
For smartphone, I say Ericsson made the first masspruced smart phone, the R380. Tablets in different versions have been sold since teh 1980. Windows TabletPC had to pay patentdamages for some of it's tablet changes. Handwriting stuff that other tablets used before it.
"... Because I do it, with a flare."
It's nice to see everyone building better products to compete, too bad it all goes sour when the patents march in...
Notice the percentage of tablet users in the above picture that have male pattern baldness 
2002: Techie #Microsoft 
2010: Sexy #Apple  
2012: Hand Recognition #kinect  #Surface
20NG: Facial Recognition #Facepalm   #Facebook   #Leap
The difference is when Microsoft introduced the tablets they sucked. They were basically Windows PCs with no keyboard and a pen which did a mediocre job of accepting input. 

Apple released the iPad and it had more in common with the iPhone than a PC. The whole experience was designed around touch interaction and it worked. Apple didn't release a PC in tablet form, they produced something new.

Microsoft didn't evolve their previous tablet effort, they ditched it entirely and did a scratch implementation "inspired" by the iPad. Instead of calling them buttons or icons on the home page they call them tiles and they have moving flashy stuff... but ultimately they are icons and the device has much more in common with the iPad than with any previous generation of Windows.
I appreciet these guys, b/c they are introduce the technology of our world.
Apple aslında hiçbir zaman yeni icat yapmadı. Var olanları basitleştirdi, kolaylaştırdı, kullanışlı hale getirdi. Ve en önemlisi iyi pazarlıyor.
once again Star Trek continues its technical inspiration prowess
The more different tablets their are is only better for us, each try to out do the others and keeps prices down. IPad is just

way to expensive and you can not add anymore memory you are stuck with what they decide to put in it.

Isn't the action in Star Trek suppose to happen in "the future" so it's reffering to time after 2002 or 2010 or 2012 (don't know when, haven't watched Star Trek so please accept my apologies if I'm wrong).
Um what about Space Odyssey, or what ever it was
Star Trek's PADD (personal access display device) that's right bitches, lol. 
Star Trek spoke of a great war that humanity nearly wiped itself out. What he didn't say was that it was a patent war over who owns the padd and communicator design aesthetics.
why the heck is cpt Becard holding an IPAD???
But I want the one from Avatar!
elnas de bt2ool klam zay elfol !!
Not a religious man, but didn't Moses create the first tablet?
i like Moses also had the first motor bike as his triumph was heard all over the hills
i love it but every one loves steve jobs. the onley reson why people like bill gates is for X box live tell me the one thing people remmber about bill gates then tell me what u all remmber about steve jobs see my point R.I.P Steve Jobs.
+Zach Brodie, Newton wasn't first. The GRiDPad was a touchscreen tablet manufactured for GRiD Systems Corporation by Samsung in 1989.
I wait for the mobile they used in Earth:Final Conflict
There wouldn't be any Surface or Galaxy Pad without iPad.
I think name matters! that's the story
Wrong order, first Star Trek TNG (starts in 1987), then the others ;-)
star strek strikes back .. human u're so lame LOL
still we can't jump into the graphics....scientists do something for old chums ;)
it will look too nice when it will be in my hands
Wasn't it the cell phone? Geez.
i only respect BILL GATES 4 being da 1st person 2 introduce da TABLET PC' I SAY BRAVO
just Steve jobs and Steve Ballmer.or just apple and....
Hah it is so true, Star Trek(Any series) is the one true innovator. Everything we have in our society when it comes to digital tech it has come from those shows. Do the research and you will see. Maybe the writters had the inside track.
Incorrect. Previous tablets did not require a stylus. They were pressure activated, so fingers, fingernails, anything worked. For "precision" , yes, a stylus was handy, but they were not a requirement.
Oh, and folks, Apple is very open and honest about one of it's business rules:

Never be first to market.

Whatever you're claiming Apple "invented" or did "first" -do a little research, 9 times out of 10, you're wrong. They didn't invent the computer, smartphone, touchscreen, tablet, or music player. These are all products other people invented. These are all markets that existed before Apple got involved, and even Apple admits it.

an apple everyday keeps u away from microsoft
No personality No Inventor can make a storm without a good timing of human requirement and here Jobs click
Well, Steve Jobs is such a good salesman he can sell ice to eskimos if he had wanted to
Microsoft surface is the best
It's actually pretty funny... a LOT of ideas for modern IT came from Star Trek shows... the 3.5" floppy was right out of the original 'disks' that spock used...  touch interface, communicators (Cell phones), etc.  And, as this pic clearly shows... Picard (and Kirk before him, remember he reports he used to read from the tall blonde?) used tablets long before the PC industry caught up.
Tablet PC? Fo real? Remember Newton? Since this has gone "viral", not sure how you are going to pull this one out. 
Star Trek or not...
I think the idea these photos give overall is BS.
....or the scene in 2001: a space odyssey - with Dave and Frank eating while using their "Tablets" ... Kubrick / Clarke FTW.  
Time change. Tech change.
I thought Moses created the first tablet?? :D
deep inside.. they all have a bald spot....
star trek touched screens before it was popular
Anybody notice that gates was the only one with a full head of hair :D
who needs tablets?

Picard, apparently. And you'll never be as cool as him.
I want to text this picture to my iPhone fanboy buddies.
LOL! Now we just need sliding doors in every room and plastic food. No wait.. we already have that.
Apple and Microsoft are secret enemy......
It's funny how apple has basically stolen every good idea they have made money off of. All the while claiming they're victims of theft.
Picard is holding a Google Nexus tablet.
because apple waited for others to fail first.
O Really? What about the massive failure they called an os before they stole a Unix kernal?
Everything should be on the right timing...
Reminds me of +Nikola Tesla ... Great inventor.
+Mohamed Rafiq: Jobs didn't have a different idea, technology became available and he used it. Everyone, including steve jobs, had been waiting on touch screens for years. 
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