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I can't make this stuff up

I'm sitting in a Starbucks doing random whatever over an iced americano. While I waiting for my drink, I watched a guy with his friend, pick up a newspaper; and start to remark on the Samsung Apple verdict.

Guy: "Wait, so what they're saying is, Samsung is the same as Apple?"
Friend: "I know, right? Makes me think twice about how much I paid for my Mac Book"
Guy: "Seriously"

Not 10 minutes later, a husband and wife, same newspaper:

Husband: "... Samsung's iPad is the same as Apple's iPad, and I paid how much for the Apple one? Honey, I told you they were a ripoff", after looking up the Samsung tablet on his iPhone.
Wife: "Oh wow," looking at the screen, "... that's a lot cheaper. Think we can return it?"

I put my Samsung QX410 on my table, and started to plug in, when he leans over to me, "Sorry, you don't mind if I ask, how much did you pay for your Samsung laptop?"

"Oh, no worries, it was $700." I replied. 

I watched shock overcome his face, like actual shock. He looked at me, blankly, for an awkward amount of time, "Mind if I have a look?" he asked. 

So, I obliged, and showed him a few things. He commented on Windows 7, so I opened up my virtual machine of OS/X... By the time the conversation was over, he was ready to kick Cupertino in the nuts, I think.

... Now, the punchline: 

I'm writing this post after the FOURTH group of Starbucks patrons have made the connection that Samsung is now the same as Apple. They don't know the details, they don't really care, what they know is Apple is saying that Samsung is the same as Apple ... and with one simple Google Search, you get prices that are basically half for what seems to be the same products -- for nearly everything. 

Two of these groups (including the husband/wife) asked me about my Samsung laptop, the second group noticed my Galaxy phone (also by Samsung)... Best billion dollar ad-campaign Samsung ever had.
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That's awesome!  Thanks for sharing, I got a good chuckle out of that.
Hahaha, this totally backfired on Apple! Thanks for the story. I'm going to have to go visit Starbucks and see if I can get some comments too.
Haha! Good one +Enrique Gutierrez .
Apple has successfully done themselves in in the market - with their greed.
Really looking notebook... Didn't knew about it, but I have a Samsung notebook myself. The new Series 9, wish it was cheaper though.
I should just start to record this... the baristas are now talking to me and this girl who also has a Samsung laptop at the table in front of me. I feel like I should just toss on a blue shirt & start taking orders...
You buy Samsung, I know their history and products for over 27 years.
You do get what you pay for and it does not stop with the physical hardware. 
+John Stone i've had the QX410 for a couple years, and it's a great machine so far. If this is getting what I paid for - I'm glad I'm getting it.
If this post isn't viral by tomorrow, I don't know.
Truly amazing story. I just can't stop laughing. Is there a name for this effect yet?
It's similar to the Streisand effect ;).
Just desserts: a little apple tort.
Apparently none of you followed Apple's next action after the court win. You should do so, before continuing to pat yourselves on the back.

Again, you get what you pay for! Suckers jerking each other off is not too smart.

+John Stone I think the point you missed (completely) is a simple one. These non-tech-fans are making a pretty clear conclusion. Whether they "get what they pay for" jerking each other off in a Best Buy or not... it's just how it is.
well on the other hand supporting and upholding a beyond sanity, broken patent system is even less smart - for every included party, customers as well as corporations and society.
LOVE THIS! For your average consumer...this will be the result of the findings. Way to go Apple!

After 6 years, I am finally "Apple Free" as of a few weeks ago. No iphone, no ipad, no OSX laptop or desktop. Its a good feeling....
+Colby Brown I've never had an apple product of any sort. I'm still trying to keep the record clean.
I just watched a group of 4 guys get into a pretty heated debate over the newspaper sitting on their table. I'm not sure what's more entertaining - people talking tech; or people still paying attention to a physical newspaper.
How did you get OSX on Virtual Box?
That's just awesome! Hope the trial backfires on Apple a billion times over!
+John Lewis it's OS/X 10.7.3 -- kind of a pain in the ass to do yourself; but it was a fun experiment (Google is your friend)
Sounds almost too crazy. I really hope this comes back to bite Apple - but even more so that it leads to a serious wake-up call about this hopeless patent system.

Enjoy the show +Enrique Gutierrez :)
Just in the process of making the change from a Mac to a Samsung. My Powerbook G4 then Macbook have given sterling service over a lot of years, so was out in the shops yesterday comparing the latest Macbook Pros when a Samsung Chronos 7 caught my eyes. Similar spec to a 15" MB Pro but £600 cheaper with a similar build quality (well time will tell) Have to admit a lot of brands are at last catching up to Apple in build and features and making the choice easy due to the large price difference.
It also shows you that the average Apple customer doesn't honestly know or care what's under the hood just that it's cool. Just like Steve Jobs wanted. If you take the time to understand what's underneath you will soon realize you paid way to much for old tech. It's pretty and the design is cool but old tech. Maybe an unintended side effect of Apples lawsuit will be they aren't cool anymore and have to compete on tech and value.
I get what you are saying but there is one thing that confuses me. What is a newspaper? 
LOL!  Never thought of it this way.  Good point.
I recently upgraded my Macbook Pro from 2010 to a ssd drive. I noticed that Apple was advertising it's new 2012 Macbook Pro and some of the features they described, in the new one, were present on my old 2010 model. Like the fans on the Macbook Pro 2010 are the same thing on the 2012. 
+Thomas Hart Yeah, but not as butthurt as Samsung enthusiast when these have to come off the shelves.  Get yours now...
+John Lewis they won't have to come off the shelves. Samsung just has to cut a check to Apple...after years of appeals I am sure Apple will get some money.
I love every bit of this. Thanks for sharing!
Apple products will always have a cult like culture. The software and computers, products they offer are better then others. Update hell for Windows systems is worse then a test development of Linux.
Great story! Crapple fans just mad because they pay so much for a name with gimmicky advertising.... Lol look at Siri?
There's no such thing as bad exposure. Little steep on the price tho :D
If I owned a Samsung, it would be running xubuntu.

Free is better than Windows and if we could get that news out, we'd be a long way away from proprietary. 
Siri was developed by the NSA and sold in a partnership deal to Apple. Most of you people don't know anything about the World, let alone tech.
When your whole R&D budget is under 5 grand you can sell stuff a lot cheaper, huh. 
+John Lewis until Linux gets a unified, professional UI team working together on a release that won't happen. Open source is to fragmented. If you dig you can find platforms from Samsung, HP, Dell etc that come installed with Linux distributions though.
Doug M.
Wait! So what you're saying is that clueless yuppies and hipsters are... clueless? I'm shocked.
Wow.  When one considers the cost of advertising and getting recognition for producing things of approximately the same level of quality as current products, I guess it wasn't so bad.
Maybe its something about Starbucks and apple. Something in the coffee or is it a brand for no reason or now everything is so close it not a brand issue. Its happen before as the auto companies.
+Dean Montague I think you might be surprised by where ubuntu is at the moment.  The UI is sharp and clean.  Xubuntu is the smallest footprint of the UIs so it runs the fastest, but the regular install is still quite nice.

Worth a look on your virtual box.  I've contemplated switching.
Kyle W
Ok but I don't want windows. I don't want to run lightroom and photoshop in a vm either. So? 
+Dean Montague, Apple has filed for an injunction. Now that would be another law suite, but if they get it then every device that Apple won on in this one could be banned from import.

+John Lewis I think that the chances of this happening will be slim, I see a lot of Google, Samsung, Motorola, HTC and every other Android manufacturing team putting money into a fight on the patent system soon. Even if it is just going after the validity of all of Apples patents. If they were able to the the Patent Office to resend those patents then this case could be null and void.
+Kyle Whitney hackintosh. If you can install OS/X on a VM, you can install it outright as the OS on the machine.
+John Lewis I agree and I have this and others installed as vituals. For you and I these work. For grandpa and grandma and moms and dads it it harder. That is why Windows and iOS sell.
Mr K
There should be some form of backlash against Apple. I hope the iPhone 5 unveiling will be a letdown *spoiler alert (bigger screen + NFC).

Its such a shame to see what a monster Apple has become from its humbling 1 month from bankruptcy of the early 90's to the "spoiled child who's never been told no" of today.

This verdict is just the start of the "tit for tat" court cases that will be dominating the tech news for the next few months.

I can safely state that when i do get around to replacing my now unsupported 2007 Imac G5 it will not be a Mac.

Shame on Apple.
Kyle W
Ubuntu won't run Lightroom or photoshop 
I just bought a 17.3 Samsung chronos laptop. Love it. Was on the pricey side but well worth it. CNET listed this top 3 laptop desktop replacements and it was the least expensive of the 3. Really enjoying it. Great post +Enrique Gutierrez
+rory kennon If they come out with a bigger screen wouldn't that be copying? I mean if Samsung was copying by making their phone thin and a rectangle... 
Reading this on a Samsung netbook, tethered to a Samsung Galaxy S3. So glad I didn't buy an iPhone.
Mac uses Unix. Hopefully a backlast against Windows users will follow, in a hardcore way. BSD owns Windows alone.
pmsl.... Next they will realise they can get a better coffee for half the price too!
Thanx for the share.. It is a sad state of affairs when people on the street do not understand what the lawsuit is really all about...
+Kyle Whitney honestly - it was about 30minutes + 15minutes of reading to get it going; everything worked on first go too. Intel to Intel. Pretty simple.
If you want a quality product, buy an Apple. That's all there is to it. They create great products. They didn't used to - remember the Mac LC series? The products from the last 10 years are top knotch and they stand behind them - with excellent customer service! I am running a 2006 iMac and am a power user - it still runs perfectly! Try to get that out of a windows machine, it's unheard of. Plus, you can sell your old iPhone and iPod on eBay and make your money back when you upgrade. Try to do that with an Android smartphone - you can't! They are designed to be "throw-away" phones. Apple does it better!
+L CM I have the 15.6 Samsung Series 7 Chronos and love it. Runs cooler and quieter than a comparable Macbook Pro and has better hardware underneath compared to its Apple counterpart and was by far less expensive. I also like the lack of sharp edges. Keep up the awesome work Samsung.
So these people didn't realize that there were other electronics manufacturers out there? Did they forget about that Microsoft company that's out there?

"Yeah, IBM used to make pc's. Then I had a Dell. Now Apple makes them. They're a lot pricier than I remember. Pretty though."
+Kevin Durr Samsung builds most of Apple's hardware. Intel as well. "Quality product" just requires a little research, not brand recognition. 

I will, however, say, the MBP is a solid device (last year's model)
Honda with Isuzu engine ,, dodge with Nissan engine ,, lada with fiat engine ,,, Geo with Toyota engine ,, plink , plink , plink ,, allways same ( beep) ... With different price
Bah, Yuppies use Windows. Elitists use Mac / Unix. Hackers use Linux. And if you can use all three, then maybe you aren't a basic user, like 99% of people on earth.
Haha! Thanks for sharing..
Tony S
Interesting. I hope this does take apple down a few notches. 
For this post I have added you to my following circle. Thanks for making lemonade out of lemons!
"there are a lot of decaffeinated brands on the market today that are just as tasty as the real thing..." --Real Genius, 1985
Funny how Samsung directly copied the Macbook. What are the hardware components the same too? Maybe a military strike should be authorized against Samsung. Wait that is the future, when companies are governments on distant planets.
Ha ha.  Really did the dog on this one, Apple.  Let's see how you back out of it.
So now we have to deal with Apple fanboys AND Samsung fanboys. Google FTW?
Samsung fan after owning just one of their products. Gotta get their stocks
John J
Prove that this is not fabricated
Too bad we don't have a military action against Samsung for copying products. Well we have scheduled to defend against the pacific rim region, see the Navy Commercials. 
Fantastic post. When it's the truth, it's impossible to hide it.
Funny thing is that the foreign company is more interested in free market capitalism than the one homegrown in the USA.
Wow. Totally right...gonna have to reshare this. Things have moved on massively from the Omnia days..
So did this post end up in what's hot?
Kyle W
And this is the reason I use the drive through. Don't have to deal with smug assholes who think I care what computer they use. 
What is Samsung doing next, offering the Mac Pro for less?
I hope they try, so the USA boycotts their products here.
This is definitely a fake story, but it makes a good point. 
The only winners in the whole case is the lawyers.

Samsung loses because they are seen as cheater/copiers.

Apple losses because they are seen to be litigators not innovators.

The consumer losses because in the sort term they will have less choice.

Smartphone/tablet manufacturers lose because it will be more difficult to release products with this precedent set for upholding shaky patents.

Google need to take control over their already too fragmented ecosystem. I thought (hoped) the acquisition of Motorola was to lead the Android market by example and not just to protect itself by buying patents.
The side effects of the verdict start making itself to surface. Well... Lets see who is the real winner...
I don't get this post. I see no reason to prefer a Samsung product to an Apple one.
I cracked a smile at this... so funny.
It's quite funny me and my work mate have this debate about Samsung and apple on a daily basis. He's an apple bummer, and I'm a Samsung warrior. He seems to think his crappy over priced Iphone 4 is better than my galaxy s3. He has also just purchased an ipad #ripoff. I despise apple and their patent greed.
Outstanding. Shamelessly purloined and shared.
Kin M
Man... that's got to be a shock to the drawers for folks that have a house full of Apple products.
woww i luv it even before i use it becos it wil be perfect
+Aurther Noble Feller Well those Navy Commercials are a direct response to the Military Strategic Policy of the United States of America in the Pacific Rim. So I guess if it keeps up, bombing those countries or taking military action is possible. Kinda funny.
I think Samsung is enjoying such publicity :-D ^o^
Wonder if the same thing will happen to Starbucks, the exposure of brand marketing that has been used to mask a good but uniformly one dimensional/bad tasting product.
+Jay Chase i was certainly smiling while talking about stuff. went into "desktop support" mode while answer some of the husband's questions though - which was #seriousface.
Not mad, and not trolling. I just know fake stories when I read them. I like both Apple and Samsung products. For pretty toys like my phone and tablet, I go Apple (of course, jailbroken). My TVs and laptops--Samsung. Just depends on the device as what I need it for, but I've never had a Samsung phone that didn't start to crap out in a few months. 
Apple fail... Samsung lost, but still won!
they just lost me. I got a samsung instead, after cherishing apple ads for many months.
By samsung product they are the same but cheaper, finally people in the street will understand why apple is a rip off....
"...and with one Google Search, you get prices that are basically half for what seems to be the same products -- for nearly everything."

Whatever helps you sleep at night, bro. I'm sure running OS X VM on your Samsung notebook is just as fast as running it natively on a real Mac, right? :-/
When will people wake up that Apple is over charging their products.  It's almost unethical pffff.
no is not ha .... you paid this much because the programs on "Mac" ..... 2nd of all , don't think because sumsuge is looks like apple mac so it's same thing hell no ......... maybe dell is same of apple but not sumsge ..............
+Colby Brown - I'm finally free of Microsoft!  Now what do I do? Google and Facebook? :)
Goes to show how much ignorance there is out there. People just THROW money away.... Kinda shows the intelligence level of these iPhans.
How Ironic, I'd love to be a fly on the wall of the next Apple board meeting questioning why their sales have dropped off!
The BRAND believers deserve to be fleeced - it's a free market. Unfortunately if the Brand Police (lawyers in Cupertino, Seattle et al) get their way, there won't be any choice :(

When will the people realise what they are creating by their support for the corporate bourgeoisie.

that didn't happen though did it...
They should see how my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 blow away the iPhone and iPad.
Good point Ivo, for everyone else: for the record it is not the same. 
And how amazingly well they work with my Samsung Smart TV and the Google TV, which also runs Android.
While I do not doubt that some in the drink-at-Starbucks-whilst-reading-the-newspaper-fortysomething-simpletons demographic will react as you describe here, there is no way in hell that Samsung will get billion dollars worth of marketing from this. 
Apple sucks and they will always make the same shut but with a better screen or they sag a faster chip. Apple won was because the first galaxy did look a lot like a iPhone 3G. I would buy a android tablet and or a android phone any day apple sucks oh I better not sag this before I get sued.
+Ivo Ivanov I have a macbook pro with lion and to me, the samsung looks identical, but it's not. I'm glad Apple won, and also I'm happy that Google takes a pinch too. Google will have Anti-monoply cases like Microsoft if they keep it up, horizontal business line. That is why they canceled a bunch of products recently.
The bottom line is that when you buy Apple you aren't paying more for quality anymore.  Yes, their systems are high quality... but so is the competition now.  Acer, Asus and Samsung are all roughly equal in product quality according to pretty much any web reviews you read.  Thus, when you pay $700-$1000 more for an Apple product all you're paying for is the brand.  Apple products ARE still a little better... but not $700+ better.

And there's no way in hell I'd pay $100+ more for an ipad than a comparable android tablet.
Samsung is the New Apple at a reasonable price. You go Samsung!
The power of advertising. The general public are dumb.
Wow a post celebrating ignorance... Never thought I would see it in writing.
Oh my God!!!!!this is so truee i recently bought a samsung glalaxy tab 2 and is if not better than the ipad and i've been playing around with the ipad for quite a while now....seriously samsung galaxy tab 2 is soooo incrediblly proficient i am in love with it!I would recomend everyone to get one is affordable comoared with the ipad and really really good cuality 
+John Stone you say you get what you pay for and this is indeed true...up to a point. What people are saying is Apple rip off their customers, good money for old rope is the saying. How could apple amass such profits if this isn't so? Could they shave off a couple of hundred and still make the same product?
Of course they can but why should they when mugs like yourself are willing to spend for a name? To me its the same as buying say a white T-shirt which costs pennies but banging a Calvin logo on it you would be willing to buy it for a hundred doubloons.
See what ultrabook you could buy for a similar price as a MBP and tell me your not just paying for the "cool" brand.
Also the court case was decided by a jury of non patent law people, they made the decisions based on presented evidence...
Guys i hv jst notice one thing in dese kind of posts. Earlier apple fans comeover android bt nw in 3 yrs samsung lover comeover apple ones. Dat we can see samsung progress. apple fans comments r jst meaningless. I dnt knw y dey dont accept dat apple jst earn more nd more money frm dem. dats really insane :/
Great, thanks for sharing. Did not think that this would happen where people are thinking their both the same lol, oh this made my day crapple
Thanx for the post! looking at it that way makes me feel a little better. Samsung was my choice too, for phones anyway. I have been building PC's for a long time though. Gamers like to upgrade without buying a whole new computer.
+Fran Martin but how do you explain samsungs R&D being about 10 times more than Apple? Or are you just repeating what you heard?
+Kyle Whitney 
Ubuntu won't run Lightroom or photoshop , but it'll run RawTherapee and GIMP which are decent enough. For painting, GIMP even pwns photoshop. But if alternatives aren't likable, there is always WINE (which can sometimes be crap but oh well)...
(Also, Ubuntu becomes a decent distro only when KDE is applied.)

(I would have used linux, but getting certain things to work (games lol) is just a pain, so I'm on Windows. And my login theme on kubuntu was so nice...)
These same Apple fanboys who buy into their "innovation" are probably the most likely to fall for Obama's second round of "hope and change".   SPOILER ALERT!:  It's only a matter of time before free market and democracy put all your asses back in their rightful place.
The devices aren't the same. But hey its what helps fan boys sleep at night.

How do I know? I am a technician. I have to fix the crap you dogs drag in my door. Like say those 200.00 laptops. I have 4 year old used hardware that's better than that garbage. But as usual, word of mouth is the garbage is better so it must be.

How does the story go? If you say a lie enough times, it must be true?

A judge is train in law, I am trained in Electrical Engineering. A judge gets to listen to you whine about who stole what all day, I get to listen to you whine about not wanting to spend any money to fix the garbage you just purchased. We should both have the same answer, GET OUT and stop wasting our time. If you people were as smart as you think you are...
Very interesting. Apple inadvertently elevates Samsung to "Apple" status. Ha!
Jesus!  Apple is so fucking paranoid against Samsung. 
If we take a luk at siri. Only iphone4s hv dat nw. Bt see google make lot better voice system. All high end phones ll hv dat on their devices too. Widout paying extra money for dat
Wilson Ng
Contemplating about an overpriced product while sipping on overpriced coffee at Starbucks... That's priceless...
Nice. Now I can buy a tablet and laptop almost identical as Apple's ones
This is awesome! I love this post thanks for the share
Apple flavored haterade!!!! Droid is the worst operating system on phones!!! It randomly fails and wipes out the entire memory!! Screens on samsungs are super brittle they brake in half or when dropped on a corner !!! Anybody for want to do a drop test Samsun s3 vs my iPhone 4 how about a back pocket sit down test??? Geez apple is a great product why else would Samsung copy them!!!
The tighter they squeeze the more customers will fall through their fingers
Henry D
Oh what a bitter irony. Value of apple products just come crashing down to Earth. Karma don't care about status quo.
lets wait to see whats next,can only guess.
Wil San
OMG you're so right, I've been screwed over by Apple. I mean how dare they force me to buy their well-designed products. 
Samsung has the greatest marketing campaign in a while. This law suit automatically place Samsung in a conversation with apple. But what's crazy is apple has a patent on a rectangle with rounded edges. Lol
Shocked, shocked that a fanboy would be the first commenter and use his space to run down Apple competitors--based solely on opinion.  On my way to buy some Samsung products.
Does apple do something to their products that turns the user into an arrogant arse and fanboi soldier??? :-\
Good. Maybe this will teach Apple to stop suing everyone.
Yes, with products so well designed, they have to come out with a new version every year... lol. And the fact that every newer version product looks basically identical to the last is also a smart move. Oh, and lets not forget that most their users are soo blinded, they can't even tell the difference between newer and older models, yet are still willing to shell out top dollar for a piece of equipment that can does the same as products half their price... joke..
Now that's true, a cheap campaign. Now the Koreans are out smarting us. Haha.
+Mike Morgan Well said, in this case both were clearly wrong, Apple were putting patents on ridiculous things and samsung were blatantly copying them, but who cares for all we know something better than both will be released tomorrow.
Lol! I would never think my MacBook air as Samsung. Ever. I would especially never think OSX is comparable to windows. 
While some people can make the argument that Apple products are better than Samsung, and I can especially see that in the laptop business, simply getting people to pick up a Galaxy Nexus or similar device and check it out might convince them that Apple is not the only game in town.

To some extent you get what you pay for, but Apple offers diminishing returns, and how many people really need something beyond a snappy UI to check facebook?
Looks like apple's going down the drain lol.
As usual most comments(ers) are way above the average persons tech savvy. I had read some about the issues with apple and Samsung. I'm not sure though whether in here it's not just some sort of advert gimmick by Samsung at starting a rumor ? Forgive those of us much dumber than you all but I dot see the major price break and I k ow the headache of windows vs apple. If someone would care to break it down into terms some of the peons could understand I'd sure appreciate it. Otherwise I have my doubts about some of theses sources. Starbucks, really?
Kyle W
Yea my guess is the next big thing to come along won't be from Samsung or apple.
Obsession meets the Law of Unintended Consequences.
+Ivo Ivanov you can use Ubuntu. I use OS X at work though and Ubuntu at home. But I agree that Windows sucks.
+Nathan Belomy actually sir Siri is a stolen concept too.... Heard about the lawsuits Motorola is pressing on Apple? Get your facts from proper sources before trying to be so smug about peoples comments. Makes you look ignorant.
I don't known have sole am have A DROING FOR WHAY DO I HAVE APLE NO GOOD FOR ME IM A MAN
That's hilarious. I see Apple prices going down in the near future. Or Samsung's going up
Actually +Nathan Belomy, the NSA had nothing to do with developing Siri.  It was developed by Siri inc.  You can read a ton about Siri here:

The only reference to Siri in regards to the "NSA" is that because Siri runs all your queries through Apple's servers and since Apple's servers reside in the USA the NSA can seize/scan all requests you've ever made of Siri if they want to due to provisions in the Patriot Act.
if the iphone was so rubbish why did samsung copy it? did they want to make a rubbish phone as well? funny how people with samsung phones feel like they have to justify it by dissing the iphone and showing off everything it has. YES they are good phones! so is the iphone! its getting to be like fucking religion!!! you can like more than one product!
Samsung is junk, we bought two Samsung Blue ray players and both turned out to be defective within the warranty period. They could not fix it as they said it was a motherboard issue and it had to be ordered from Korea etc etc.
Ty@ mike Morgan! In one of the articles I was reading last week that was the point of the entire article.
Art Ilano
+Louie DeAngelis I don't know what your Samsung phone experience was but my Samsung Galaxy S2 experience is one of sheer bliss. I've had it for nearly a year now with absolutely no problems, even after dropping it five or six times. Plus, my officemate once saw me doing something on my phone (can't remember what anymore) then wondered how come she couldn't do that on her iPhone 4.

With the Galaxy S3, the gap has gone even greater.
All this Samsung vs. Apple stuff is still clouding people's eyes over a couple of issues. Not denying that they both make quality products, but unfortunately the Samsung machines are running Windows. Windows sucks ass and costs hundreds of dollars for a crap product. Apple may charge more for their hardware, but you save money on their OS (which is the backbone of why their products work so seamlessly with each other--IF you know how to use it correctly). What good are specs on any machine if you are running crap on it?

Aside from that, Samsung now owes Apple over a BILLION dollars. Don't act all surprised if, in the near future, Apple consumes Samsung entirely and all of those Galaxy Tablets become paperweights.
Only weeks ago i have bought an IPad3 and after reading this post, it makes me feel that my hard earned cash could of bought 2 Galaxies! Wow 
Awesome! The people who don't care will think that Samsung is Apple. And the people who do care will know how anti-competitive Apple's move is. The glass is definitely half full!
+Christian Orpinell Overpriced junk, you say? I'd rather call it a solid investment! Buy a premium product and you can still get money back when you trade it in. I've gotten 6 years out of my iMac and will be able to still sell it for $300 on eBay. I will most likely get $400 for my iPhone 4 when I sell it on eBay. What people forget - when you buy an Apple product, it has the best hardware in it - Apple always seeks out the best hardware for its products (sure... made by Samsung or by Intel) and the key part of it is : they know how to make them work the best. I'll keep buying Apple products until they start sucking - I just don't see that ever happening. 
An excellent article !! I am going to have to re-share this. Thank you.
Do you work for Samsung PR?
Well done...
If you don't, well done!
+Prakash Harchan by your logic I could say Apple is junk because I've had to replace 3 iPOD Touches for my kids because they were defective and I've never had a single problem with the 3 separate samsung smartphones we've owned.  Not once have we had any issues with them, nor have we had trouble with our Samsung DVR, TV or DVD player (haven't bothered with a blu-ray).   
This is one of the funniest things I've read. I really hope this now opens the eyes of a lot of people who are blinded by apples marketing. I've only ever owned an ipod the 1st colour screen 20gb (3rd gen??), that goosed on me got replaced with 1st video ipod and that started falling apart front coming away centre button collapsing, apples build ain't all that and itunes is a pain in the ass, never bought another apple product over priced and over hyped
is that a macbook pro?

Shawn Q
It's not hip to be square.
Thanks for posting this; I hadn't considered how the general non-geek population was viewing this.
Henry D
Only a fool would buy a used product with its power supply almost drained and no way to replace it. With droids, just pop the back and buy a new power cell. So which one is the "throw away" product?
Stuff for marketing experts to study. Lol, great story. Thx for sharing.
I'm not Samsung PR; I was, however, drinking an iced Americano, with a bit of sugar and cream...
Or blowback. Either way it works. 
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For just 1 billion Samsung is now an Apple! 
(To OP), That's AWESOME, as is proven by all the butt hurt crapple Fan boys, cough (piero), cough!
Haha, funny. I hope Samsung will pay them for the ad :)
I think the verdict probably increased hatred against apple. Those who already hated it hate it even more. I don't think people are going to deflect from non-apple camp to apple camp.
Ah, the law of unintended consequences! Great stories.
Perhaps Apple held the advantage in court; American company, American court.
Choice and competition is good for every one, use and buy what you think is best for you !
This is the funniest thing I read all day
So this is how people are marketing their products these days.  Good to know.
I have got a Macbook pro and I love it, but I dont like iphone and also I cant stand people who use iphone with hasnt any knowledge about it.. I think Galaxy note is best phone except its dimension...
yeah, except that if Samsung can't sell anything because Apple wins the verdict, it will be a brilliant ad campaign for products that aren't available.
So you're publically announcing you've illegally installed OS/X on a non Apple machine? Cool- we'll be right over with a lawyer to discuss things.
Whatever y'all bought, if your not happy happy with, buy something else...stay out of people's business and quit judging character based on the technology they prefer. And, oh yea, find a new hobby...
If this is true, it's amazing, so people really are so shallow not to look around and just follow the hype?
Here's the thing though, those of you in the Android camp may think that Apple is being anti-competitive by doing this, but that same logic could be used to defend large companies ripping off any other smaller company's product and making some changes to make it "better". The patent system is not anti-competitive. If there were no patent system, the monopolies would grow even faster. In this case sure, Apple is a larger company, but there can't be a double standard in the industry. Apple invented the product, the courts ruled that, they get to sell it, nobody else. If you are going to be mad about the price, tell Samsung to go make something better, and make it cheaper. Don't misunderstand me, I use an Android phone, but it's so ridiculous when people are ripping on Apple for defending their product.
Its almost weird how what boils down to simple removing touchwiz from their devices. This has somehow hurt Sammy. All we have reaffirmed is that Apple is petty and chooses to patent a shape and icons ? Who cares. Go Sammy go android! #boycottapple
This is amazing! Once a lady asked me how did I use my iPhone (actually Samsung galaxy nexus) to pay at Walgreen's. I still have faith in humanity but this is borderline stupidity on how people think. Help?
John Stone must be an Apple fan. Still kills me how people can't tell the difference between iPhone or any other smart phone. I had people ask me if my Samsung Galaxy Nexus was an iPhone. I can say this phone was the best purchase I have ever made. I have not had one problem with it. I did buy extra batteries for it though.
If they do exist. How are these individuals you met allowed to feed on this planet's resources !
+John Stone Apples next step is blocking imports of devices nobody buys anymore? Oooooo scary.
Haha oh wow, didn't even think of that. Samsung is genius!
This is brilliant I guess it's true no press is bad press haha
Actually I haven't touched my Mac since the Windows 8 RTM released on MSDN earlier this month. For the record I'm currently running Windows 8 on a HP desktop and a Gateway netbook.

But to be honest here, it's more about the eco-system you prefer than anything else.  The OP mentions demoing a VM of OS/X running on his Samsung. Yes, it's possible, but doing that is way too complicated for the average Joe. So if Average Joe wants to run OS/X he pretty much needs to buy a Mac to do so. On the other hand if you want to run Windows on your Mac, almost anyone can set that up. You can even buy you Mac with Windows pre-installed on it.
For all of the nonsense expressed in court and on this thread,  Apple will still be buying a crapton of Samsung monitors for their kit.  Patent wars like these aren't major news,  it's part of how tech companies do buisness.  Kind of like the new version of the Hundred Years War.  England and France fought each other on and off during it.  but they still continued to trade with each other  as well.
James M
I just find the irony hilarious, Jobs set out to bring down IBM and now has become that very same company in a different coat. And now they are fighting a losing battle even if they win. Either case the tierney Apple wants to force will not prevail in the end. Popular designs are fads and can be fleeting.
Alan M
Nice, is that whats known as justice...
For some people takes a billion dollar , to pay attention !!!!
Amazing, haha. Well the only thing I am concerned about is losing the functionality in Android phones because of these lawsuits :/
I find it really funny that people think Apple rips you off and still have coffee at Starbucks... 
This doesn't even affect Android really either. Which is the hilarious part. Or the latest and greatest S3. What a waste of time
So what your telling me is that people that go to starbucks are idiots. duh.
The laws of unintended consequences at work here.
I have a Samsung 52 inch LCD TV, it's Great. I have a Samsung blu ray player, Great. I have the Galaxy S3, love it. I have never been disappointed by any of my Samsung products. So why wouldn't I buy a Samsung laptop or tablet.
Its true, as I sit here in a Starbucks reading this on my Samsung galaxy player I'm reminded that I am constantly being asked by people "what is that?" It looks like an iPhone except its much bigger and half the price.
First off this story is BS. Like someone actually said that Samsung is the same as Apple. Yeah right. And the only other thing I have to say is "willful". The dirty company got caught.

Glad-fully posted on my Apple designed and patented iPad3. (And yes I am not only a fan boi but a shareholder.)
Wow. That is an awesome anecdote. Seriously, I really hope this backfires on Apple. People aren't stupid, but Apple has been treating them like they are.
If u pay a lot of money for a product, you expect at least a little control over it.
If I buy a Ferrari yes I'm limited in that I can't fit a bike rack, but I don't expect Ferrari to sue Fiat because they also have four round tires in the corners :-)
Basically Crapple want the world, but you can only have the world if u actually invent it, not just take something else & 'innovate' it.

Has Apple Really Ever Invented Anything?
Ahh, the wonderful law of unintended consequences.
as a techie, I can honestly said I have never met an Apple product i liked.  Apple products cause more problems for my clients than good.
+Dan Reilly sorry to disappoint, but it happened. Thought it was an interesting POV; so I wrote about it.

I do, however, agree with you that this is rather unbelievable.

A) If you can't tell a difference then, yes, you should definitely buy the cheap knock-offs.  Just don't complain when they fizzle and fry due to "known issues" in a year and the company tells you to screw when you seek support.

B) This kinda proves the court's point that Samsung sells cheap knock-offs that blatantly copy another company's proprietary designs, no?

C) The fact that people are expressing such a desire for cheap knock-offs just to save a few bucks is what causes the electronics industry to suck so badly.  There's no extremely well-engineered TVs, Phones, Laptops, Desktops, etc... the same way there is in say, the car industry.  People don't appreciate solid electronics hardware, they just want bargain-bin prices and then go screaming at the poor minimum wage call center workers when their cheap knock-offs go 'splodey within the year due to the cut corners.  Apple is unfortunately one of the only companies right now that isn't slinging shoddy hardware, and they support their products until well after the warranty is expired.  They're the BMW/Porsche of the electronics world, and nobody else is making stuff nearly as nice, or does as good of a job with customer support.  I could shoehorn my recent foray into customer support for a dead 2-year old Samsung TV here, but I'll digress.  
This is the best thing I've read in a long time. Haha. Thank you.
WOW! it's the never ending feud between Apple and everything else! So what I like apple. I wont say its the best beause to some it is to others it isnt. 
It is good to know that there are others who think Apple computers are overpriced for what you get.
Samsung keep making more we will keep buying... Sorry CrApple we dont spend there no more. Samsung is gonna pay you up $1Billion, but you will pay Googlerolla $5billion soon.
I'm not convinced this is how most people will view it, but interesting story nonetheless :-)
This is why newspapers are written at a 4th grade reading level. It is a poor reflection on Starbucks' clientele that several of them are misunderstanding that a copyright infringement would cause two products to be identical. I wanted to love the Galaxy Tab, but it is no iPad or Transformer Prime.
I guess all of you Apple haters are grasping for something good coming of this for Samsung since Apple was awarded $1 billion Samsung dollars.  I don't think a few confused consumers are going to get Samsung their money back.
After all those lawsuits, I'm done with Apple. Patents on "round corners", "home buttons", "horizontal loudspeakers", "icon grid layout"? They're crazy. On my list, I've replaced "MacBook" with "Samsung Chronos". Intel Quadcore, 8GB RAM, 1TB HD. Linux OS on VirtualBox will run like hell. For less than €1000.

I've already got a Samsung/Android Tablet which works very fine. Bye bye Apple :-)

That's about the usual way people in Starbuck's behave.
Wow, I'm sorry that is the worst survey every. You can not drew any conclusion from that post. I'm not an apple fan I like my toshiba laptop and would love to get an acer tablet. 
I have got to go to an apple store with my SGS2 skyrocket.
Great post! Thanks for sharing. As unbelievable as it is, I'm sure the conversations you witnessed were just like thousands happening all over the planet this weekend. It's humorous to see Apple customers react so severely in an attempt to justify their purchases. I currently own several Samsung devices and love them all. The people who claim that Apple offers better value because Samsung hardware is sub standard clearly haven't used Samsung hardware. It's been fantastic in my experience. I own the 17" Chronos Series 7 and the 15" Series 9 with the SSD drive. Beautiful hardware. I'm writing this on my Nexus 7. The Google ecosystem on Samsung gear is so good.
Apple may have one this battle, but the war is far from over. 
Thankx 4 the sharing . . . . Intersting
Samsung makes component for the Apple. But great story! I actually moving away from Apple product
Apple strategy = epic (yet awesome) fail !!! Bwaaahaaahaha!
Well apple works off a cloud network which means that apps are links to an outside network, while android's apps are bogged with code which is why the battery does so fast
Samsung could make a defective chip for the iPad. Wait that would be unethical
+Enrique Gutierrez great story, lmao Apple just told their fans that Samsung phones are on par with the iPhone .... Samsung couldn't get better mindshare!

Also looking at the phones Apple targeted in the suit, Samsung could pull them or just flash them with a different version of touchwiz.

Remember android firmware can be changed on the fly! Also touchwiz has changed a lot over the years!
Still not an Apple. Been using Apple computers since 1994 and never suffered any sense of envy, remorse, could've, should've, nor needed to brag about it, nor have to justify anything even during the sad years when Steve Jobs was in exile. Samsung is good, it.s cheap, and they make other good products. Good for them and good for those who use them. But it's not Apple. Somehow Made by a Samsung doesn't sound good marketing wise.
Sorry ..but they r not the about coming out with their own software/ functionality that's better than apple and maybe they might get me a little interested...
 i paid less a hundred bucks for mine, btw
Collating the response in this thread, it is very clear that the suit against Samsung has backfired against Apple.
Apple sucks! That's just a worldwide brand like others! Expensive, difficult, etc. you have to pay for lots of stuff that I can get for free in my android phone and I am free to do whatever I want to my phone. 
The riotous guffaw this little anecdote inspired was legendary. Thank you for brightening my day. I feel a lot better about that debacle of a trial, now.
In our world... when two playing mantis fight.. the guy with the last laugh is the predating feels a winner? Nokia or htc will make eventually make a minced meat stew out of you and samsung your asses
I'm not a huge fan of Samsung phones but there other stuff is really nice. Now people think there the same as apple where before they would not have thought so. I love irony.
Tony B
Poetic justice.
+Enrique Gutierrez I've been a user of both Android and iOS. I had an iPhone and switched to Android. I traded back in my Android after about a year and got another iPhone. The two don't compare. The battery life was horrible and the software was half baked. It's like Linux Desktop versus OSX. All of the software on an Android phone is unpolished and clunky. Nothing was as easy or intuitive.  It goes back to the care and quality they put in their products. The whole point of software development is to provide an easy and friendly user experience. Apple nailed it with iOS, (and most products). If not, all tech companies would not be trying to copy them right now. (including Samsung with that obvious macbook clone in your picture) The sad part is, your bashing Apple, but buying an Apple clone laptop and stealing their software (hackentosh) to put on their ripoff technology. Just pony up some clams and be the fan boy you want to be. Don't get me wrong, Android is coming a long way and I'm a Google fan, but its not the same or any less expensive.
Erm... +Daniel Hazard you do realize there is more addware in apple's apps than android's, right?  And more of apple's apps access your personal data like contact list, phone numbers, etc, on your phone than Android?  Roughlly 35% of app-store apps access your personal data while roughly 25% of Google-Play store apps do.
Go samsung let's make another galaxy to earn 4 billion dollar back
2 years a go..i bought samsung ace phone around 200bucks and i still use it till now...and these year i owned iPhone 4S for which side should i stand...
By the way, nice topic and nice comments, thx 4 sharing +Enrique Gutierrez
The 1st question is: did Samsung infringe on patents? If they did, then the verdict is fair.
Second, the build quality on a windows laptop is lower than Apple. They can both be good enough for different users. I used to have an HP laptop I bought for $500. It went through 3 batteries in less than 2 years and a charge never exceeded 3 hours. It was slow, bulky and overheated. The white MacBook is much lighter, does not overheat, jus works and battery lie is 7-8 hours (on the same battery still).
The point is, you do get what you pay for in life. 
+Dean Montague - well said. although i do think apple will not realize this, until they have a RIM sales meltdown. six years ago the iphone was the device to have, not much has changed on the iphone compared to their competition. samsung has taken what the iphone is and made it (arguably) better, faster (4g lte) and cheaper (spectrum of devices to fit different needs ).
That's funny! Hope they can get 1b $ out of that miss ;)
biggest backfire of all time - sort of a Streisand effect?
I really think that most people get their news entirely from the headlines.
Thanks, reading this makes me feel so much better!
I tried to watch a video on my Samsung VHS player today. I haven't plugged it in for literally years.
After fast-forwarding past the trailers and going back a bit cuz I went to far, it blew up. The tape is now stuck in the machine.
No word of a lie or embellishment. 
iPad, o please!

Nexus 7 unlocked and rooted with an SDK and a pocket full of flashdrives means unlimited memory, open-source development, and open app sales and marketing. Price is $199.00 plus shipping. Duh!

C'mon, match those features with an iPad at the price of a week in Maui. Are we dealing with cognitive dissonance here?

Rounded rectangle patent? Hey, I've applied for a rounded-circle patent. Nobody can use rounded circles any more. No wait, I don't have a barn full of attorneys ready and willing to stifle competition with a patent feeding-frenzy.

Hey jury! ... your job was to  keep prices in touch with the masses. Has your complimentary iPad arrived in the mail yet?

So it goes.
I just received my chromebook...yes Samsung
These are interesting points. Having experienced the Apple world for some time I just wanna point out that the ease of use and simplicity is what makes it superior in my eyes. I've seen 2 year old kids playing and using iPads. I've never seen them using laptops. Access is key. Hardware is pretty solid and it's easy to use - boom.
But then again, if we get into the whole consumerism debate, clearly we'll all be rooting for Samsung to keep our wallets fuller. I dunno, I think both are good, just differently.
Yeah, all this back fired on Apple! That's why all the stockholders are crying right now. They'll be crying even more when the iPhone 5 launches and there's a feeding frenzy, Lol.
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So basically, Apple gave Samsung publicity on a plate of gold.
This is very interesting. I doubt it will make much of an impact overall but goes to show what the perception of branding can do. It also does not speak much for these people in the first place that their buying habits are also based on perception.
I will no longer be willing to pay what apple wants for their products. All I need is a samsung... by apple :P
Apple still rules, no matter what!!! still a better get what you pay for.
It so funny to read each side it is worse than listening to congress. Myself i prefer samsung but the ppl who have apple like it as well cant we just let each other like what we like.
Shared and copied to a few other sites.  Thanks for the laugh sir. :D
Didn't look at it in an add sense. 1 billion for marketing is not much and they don't have to really do any work besides writes a check and that takes about 3 minutes. I guess if they are the same now then the sheep have no reason to not buy a Samsung product.
All really very interesting, except that your assertion is completely inaccurate and overstates the court's decision magnificently. Samsung copied some of Apple's technology - such as some gestures. Samsung is not the same as apple nor vice versa. Samsung is a cheap as it is because it did not do the R&D on their products, they stole it.

Apple is a expensive as it is because people have always been willing to pay the much for an Apple. That is the nature of supply and demand. But hey, I advise all the haters to go ahead and buy the Samsung knockoffs, after a while they will understand why they paid more for an Apple.
Nexus: eats IPhones alive
+Kevin Crawford The NSA currently at the main points of WAN traffic, send the packets in parallel to be analyzed by the NSA, last time I checked. Using computer algorithms they monitor not only the internet, but cellular communications and satellite. At least that is what I discovered by extensive research. The batman movie is cute huh, exposing the current level of technology we have. Or check out the CIA's webpage, for creative, i.e. movies ventures with them. Some of this info is on youtube even, from the government themselves. 
Always knew that Samsung was the top and now apple basically approved/admitted it.
If this isn't made up it makes me weep for mainstream consumers. It's like watching "what's a vowel?" fly by on Twitter.

"Act now and I'll throw in a Rilex!"

Haha...this is awesome...hope more people go over to samsung now...that will be the best way to teach apple that you cannot win by closing the competetion...
+Dean Montague  Dude I read an article about the art of trolling. Maybe you should check it out. The default of human nature is to have conflict in order for change and freeing peoples minds from group think if you ask me. Basically I called you an idiot; uneducated, stupid, lack of an extensive college education and intellectualism. Have a nice day!
Exactly. After Apples own lawyers said there was no difference between the iPhone and Samsung I sold my 4S and bought a Galaxy S3
People are a lot more simple minded than you might think. After all, we love it when things are simple. Except for scientist. They like to make things complicated. 
+Rene Ritchie I found it interesting that - the people didn't really pay attention to what the article was about (the details of the case); and the conclusions that were done from their short-knowledge. 
What's sad is that these same people vote presidential candidates into office! :o
LOL,  what's the OS have to do with anything..
+Enrique Gutierrez: My question is, do you think Samsung intended for this to happen or do you think it it just a coincidence? 
This is't just an apple's a general public fail....just because to things look the same doesn't make them the's like saying a Chinese iPhone is the same as the original!
That is right Tyler. Where is the evidence. Someone who runs an illegal copy of OS X? Anyone shopping on price alone should stick to the cheapest product they find. Maybe the new expression will "your comparing apples with samsungs"
Oh and I guess to the yuppies that don't understand financial markets, this means Apple's stock price goes up, not down; morons. Oh particle physics or hacking my routers, which one to free myself from the myriad of folks with a lack of knowledge.
@ Luis Pinto...I will keep telling that to myself! IPhone5, bring it on! :) 
this post made my day. Go Samsung!
Resharing this. Hope it does go viral. Good job +Enrique Gutierrez. I was talking to a coworker yesterday and he was looking at something for his daughter. He asked me (the tech geek at my office) what he should get. He looked surprised when I told him a nexus 7. "you mean it's better than the iPad?" yeah way better.
J.Lewis..I think Uboingo with LXDE(lubuntu) is actually lighter than xfce..just sayin.
I think that is funny. I have an Apple enthusiasts in my family. I here all the favorable comments about Samsung products. I'm not completely sold though. I have a Samsung Charge and it is just ok. Battery life is way to short and the GPS is inaccurate at slow speeds (walking it is off by 45%). But I love the screen size and bright colors. I'm thinking about a new notebook and I'm considering apple but this thread has given me reason to consider the Samsung product.
I would agree Samsumg is good in the day they start to make their own software...
When Galaxy S 2 went out with better hardware than the iPhone 4s the reason was simple, Samsung made almost all of the iPhones so with what they learned from Apple itself they started to copy them....

By the way sorry if i have to teach something to samsung fans but iOS is better than android for a simple thing, all iOS software is made to work on iOS that is made to work specifically on iDevices and android apps are made to work on all androids, and that means they are made to work on samsungs, sony ericsons, htc's, etc... And the developers out there can tell if a software works better when is specially made for a specific hardware or when its made to work on all devices not knowing all about all of them.... And by an example i have an xperia x8 and an iPod touch 2G and the iPod 2G that has lower hardware is still faster running every applications... Yes, every applications, not a single one was faster because the software is made for that hardware(that by the way was made by samsung lol).

Talking about MacOS too using it on a VM or using it through hackintosh is not the same thing... I've used it on both VM and hackintosh in a pc and a Mac with half hardware power runs it much faster than hackintosh or VM... The reason is simple, the same reason i said in iOS, when an Operating System is made to work specifically in a machine an emulation won't make miracles... 
How much did Apple pay their lawyers for this brilliant piece of negative advertising? Apple is Apple because it is APPLE. They need to remember their style is being emulated because it is COOL and that's a compliment. The way to win (as they have done since the transparent computer) is by being even more cool. The have a faithful following (beyond financial reason) and suing is uncool.
Apple is a great story but their products are way ovet priced
+Allen Chace yes but that's the point. The general public don't care... why the hell should they?

What actual difference - given the average user -  would either choice have made to them?

Who apart from spoiled tech junkies and journalists can afford to spend money on ultrabooks/2 tablets/smartphone? Not the general public, that's for sure.

If there's anything this whole ludicrous trial has shown me about the tech world, it's that it's shown so many people to be arrogant, ignorant pricks with a laughably inflated sense of their own importance.

 +Allen Chace That last sentence wasn't directed at you, by the way - just a general observation on the circle-jerk that is the tech industry.
All you've shown is the stupidity of the average Starbucks patron. And the rabid fanboy ism surrounding Android. Stare into the abyss, I guess.
This is amazing I'd piss if samsung's sales went through the roof on all their devices
+Violet Ballew that's the point they aren't the same so why is Apple getting a billion in a flawed court case!

Btw Samsung is owning Apple and this lawsuit is a clear sign of Apple fear to compete in the marketplace!
No computer is as reliable as an apple computer. I left windows machines after having to replace my Laptop twice sometimes more a year witch was ridiculous, especially after shelling out $550-$800 for em. And I still see my family members dealing with that same problem.

I my first Mac it lasted 3 years no problems, bought my second one by choice after that mid last year and still haven't had on problem either. And I do the same video production, music production that was attempted on my windows machines for years.

I even have a 1200 msi touch screen windows computer in my store for business use only, and it tend s to have problems every few months. And there's restricted Internet use, so it ain't downloads, because employees can't even go on social network never mind torrent sites.

Basically the 2 mac computers saved me from spending well over 5000 on windows laptops in close to 4 years.
To be honest Samsung have been hit hard, and as much as I love 2 of their smart phones, namely the Galaxy note and S3, their success has come at a big price in the long term, 1billion dollors is no small money, and even though Samsung can afford to pay that, they will suffer bad publicity, damage to their brand, loss of confidence from customers, and very likely a hugh dip in their share price, it just goes to show you that stealing patented ideas from a competitor just isnt worth it in the long term in my opinion.
Good story. people own Samples now. Or is it smapples. Awesome . How about them apples......
I mean, as a former Apple user I'm fairly confident that Samsung's generally are better. Things are definitely great with my Galaxy S III. With CM10, it's /iPhone-fast!/
Love it. I was thinking the same thing, lol.

On a similar note:

I was just at a friend's house, full of Apple people. Their Apple router died in less than 2 days. I pulled out my rooted Samsung Galaxy S3 running CM10 and turned it into a 4G hotspot. Two macbooks were connected in seconds. The third guy asked if I had a device he could use to make some changes to his social network pages. I handed him my rooted Acer A510 with ICS and he walked away. He wondered without giving care to the hotspot. After about an hour, he hands the tablet back to me and said, "This tablet is far more responsive than any Ipad I ever used." Score 1 for Samsung, Acer, nVidia Tegra, and Android.
Thanks for sharing, very JKR. The skinny lemon and coffees are on me next time ;)
+Martin Council your argument is so flawed, I am sitting here wondering if it is even worth trying to inform you why...hmmmm

So Samsung is a cheap knock-off and they don't do any R+D, hmmmm

Samsung has been supplying at least 20% of the parts that make up an iPhone, hmmmm, I wonder if you see the implications of your own flawed and generally stupid statement
Steve Jobs must be rolling over in his grave right now.
+Jay Fuerstenberg Asus tablets own the **** out of Samsung.
That's why Google chose Asus to manufacture the Nexus 7.
The law of unintended consequences
Great spin. My boys will love this.
Absolute proof that Apple fanboys are simply technologically challenged, not to mention "sofa-king-we-ta-did" ¢;
It's incredible story. One that makes me question its credibility, as I really could't imagine seeing it that way. 
However it may be, I just feel the need to say that I got my Macbook last year after 15y of using PC and Windows. From the day I first turned Macbook on I never ever turned on my windows laptop again.
I recently gave it away to a family member. Honestly I couldn't believe all the innovation inside and how could I ever live without it. I will gladly pay the price all over again because integration of software+hardware and the way it works is just superior product to anything else out there. Just my humble opinion.
Wow, great article. Definitely amazing how the verdict seems to be beneficial for Samsung's products.
Thing ripped off Apple and now there's several billion hells to pay for Samsung....Can you say OOOPPPSSS! Best deak ever is my new Nexus 7 tablet. Google and Aus technology.    
Huh, never thought about it that way.. Very good point though 
"He commented on Windows 7, so I opened up my virtual machine of OS/X..." — I think you mean "Windows/7".

Fantastic work and wonderful craftmanship. This is one of the best information I have ever read.
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inspired and happy with this information.<a href="">satellite-switches</a>
u people are nuts. comparing a unibody design best gui linux system to shi*y ass chronos.. i can't say how disappointed i am at nuttiness of all you people.. - wirtten from chronos 7. buy mine I am moving way up to MBP.. 700z5c-s02ub.. bare thought of you people comparing s*t and app*e as if s*t has any virtual makes me nauseous..
But either ways, that's a great post;keep up the good work!
I don't mind the physical newspaper... Like a physical, paper map that people laugh about until they have no connection or their map app is wrong. I know which group looks, to me, to be silly... :)

As to the cost, does everyone buy the least expensive shirt or pants (or car or computer)?

To each their own. What is right for you may be wrong for others. Why does anyone feel slighted because others disagree with their choice? Meh...
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