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On Saturday, October 9th, 2015 at about 4:00pm, both of my parents died suddenly when their car left the Interstate 10 near Indio, CA.

I've fought with whether to share this with you all or not, and how to tell people that care about me, respect my parents, and/or knew how great they were, but I decided to share something about them, and how I feel, and what I know is coming.

They were pronounced at the scene of the accident, neither of them survived the impact their vehicle incurred. I know they did not suffer. I know they were doing what they loved. I know they were enjoying the end of a well deserved vacation. I know they were surrounded with life long friends and family hours before the accident. I know they were proud of me. I know they loved my support center, my heart, +Danya Swanson​. I know they were happy. I know they were full of life and truly enjoying it every chance they got.

My parents were inseparable for as long as I could remember. The outpouring of support and condolences from their friends, my friends, our family, and their students has been incredible. Its testament to who they were, and how many lives they touched.

I am fortunate to have such an amazing woman in my life, she has been supporting me with everything, and though it's been hard for us both, we're getting through this together... inseparable.

From the moment I found out, we've received support from the incredible San Diego Chorus, Danya and I were in Vegas for the International Sweet Adelines competition, her mother was there with us, my uncle went straight to my parents home to help with next steps, and the list goes on, and on. It's incredible.

I'm not happy, but I'm grateful it was fast, they did not suffer, they were doing what they loved. I find peace knowing that. They will be missed, they are missed.

Mom, dad, I love you. 
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Sorry for loss you are in my prayers
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Enrique Gutierrez

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Got a little JJ Abrams lens flare going on  here... View from the hotel room/office. My home for the next few days while +Danya Swanson competes in the Sweet Adeline's International competition.

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Enrique Gutierrez

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Awesome post process of the recently released NASA photos from the Apollo missions by +Lorne Thomas 
One last one for the night +Enrique Gutierrez, this one has a bit more film grain and low light film exposure issues to tackle, but still cleans up nice.
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Enrique Gutierrez

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Hating the Samsung Galaxy S6

Sometime in the near future, I'm thinking of getting back to vanilla Android, or at least, a heck of a lot closer than the horrid TouchWiz garbage +Samsung Mobile USA insists on installing on their otherwise well-built Galaxy handsets. 

Here's the thing. I bought the S6 knowing it was filled with TouchWiz junk from the get go, "how bad could it be? People buy the hell out of this device." Well, I immediately hated it and took practical measures to get it back to a vanilla Android-like experience. Google Now, Launcher, and Keyboard, installed Google apps (calendar, Hangouts, camera, etc)... that seemed to be alright for a while. I felt like I had a Nexus device's 3rd cousin twice removed. As time went on, and the phone was "used", the whole thing has slowly become some kind of unpredictable sick joke, like a Michael Bay film. 

If I can get the battery to last longer than 5 hours away from a charger, it's goes from decent performance to "crashing heroine addict" stability for no apparent reason. It's like I have some bipolar schizophrenic jumping off meds at moments notice in my pocket just ready to not notify me of a call I'm getting. The S6 even seems to hate it's kid brother, the Android Wear Moto 360. Their relationship goes from "old chums" to "not talking", hour by hour... I tried sending them in for counseling, but it hasn't helped. 

I rely on Hangouts/Google Voice,  and now don't even think about having a stable relationship with a Bluetooth Headset if I get a call through my Google Voice number. It'll just drop the audio connection sporadically... which makes it more difficult to use my office line, on my office phone, while I'm doing office work. 

Did I mention the battery? It's more than likely related to location services, which I only need when I'm away from a charger, which I only have on when I'm on the road, which I only get about 45 minutes of before it completely destroys my battery life. God forbid I hop in an Uber for 30 minutes and then attempt a return trip without an external charging source between trips. The S6 just belly flops into Mount Doom, hotter than lava, the CPU just burns up all the juice the phone has to offer and blam! No more device power. It's like magic.

Is the phone defective? Probably. Does it need to be replaced? Definitely.

So, my gut is telling me my hate for TouchWiz and force feeding the S6 a more "Google experience" is causing it to be bulimic. No, I won't just suck it up and enjoy the tourquose status bar of TouchWiz in the hideous app-switching glory Samsung gods have provided us, so my question to you would be... Nexus 6P or Moto X Pure? Neither of which have wireless charging which is a bit of an upset given how awesome that experience can be, though it's probably helped destroy the battery life of my S6 (slow clap, guys) but both look pretty good. 

I'm leaning more toward the Nexus 6P due to the fact that it is actually stock Android and "M" to boot. But the Moto X Pure brings enough punch to the table to make me think that a "near" stock experience is worlds better than TouchWiz, so I might just be able to stomach it.
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Nexus 6P
Moto X Pure
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+Tim Killian slow, at least in Europe. 
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Enrique Gutierrez

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Vintage Downtown @ Exchange LA
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Enrique Gutierrez

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Enrique Gutierrez

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I keep seeing "tech industry influencers" post on Medium, Facebook, etc that no one uses Google+... So, if you're reading this, you're not here. It's like Cold War espionage. You are the night.

So, I've decided that the persistent attack on Google+ and the ghost town argument is actually a sign of something else: Tech influencers, CEO's, and CTO's are simply not the target market for Google+ and they have convinced themselves that they're so important, if they don't use it, well... then no one else does.

This kind of rhetoric turns these old hat Facebook lovers into dinosaurs. Their views are focused on a single "winner" in a space. They assume LinkedIn is in third place. Twitter is a close second... They speak generally about the Internet as though 3 billion people don't have access to it.

There are roughly 200 million active users on Google+ (estimate). It's not a billion, sure. But 200 million is a market. Hell, 10,000 users is a market. It's just not "their" market. Whenever I see people in tech, or some journalist pub list a news story about the G+host town, I chuckle a bit.

Just because the Google+ users don't care about what you say, doesn't mean they don't care about what others say. I see tons of engagement here, tons. On photography, on MKBHD videos, on polls, there are always new posts, people are using Communities, Events... Google+ gets tons of play, and its jumped a shark, the tech influencer shark. Good. Those guys don't know shit about mass market appeal anyway, and have so little scope in their global view...

Thanks for not being here and not reading this, invisible Google+ ghost.
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My sincere condolences on the sudden lost of your parents. Mr Gutierrez was my child's World Cultures teacher and he will be missed greatly by his students and peers.  May you and your family find comfort in all the good memories and the love you all shared.
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Enrique Gutierrez

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+Lorne Thomas - I decided to do one more as well. This was mainly color balance, with some curves in the blue channel.

ICYMI: NASA did a huge photo dump from the Apollo missions. It makes for soem good Internet. If you have a few moments, click over and check it out. Awesome stuff.
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Great warmth to the space suit , almost inviting.
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Enrique Gutierrez

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Apollo 9 Hasselblad image from film magazine 24/F - Earth orbit

NASA released 1000's of photos from the Apollo missions on their flickr account: ref:

I wanted to give one of them some post in Photoshop, levels, curves, color balance... a little dodge. These images are awesome. Have a look at them over on their Flickr page:
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Enrique Gutierrez

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Hot off the presses

Brand new track from my buddy Alcalá - great track, give a listen! Support new artists, its good karma
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Enrique Gutierrez

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Millenium Falcon.
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Enrique Gutierrez

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Hollywood Forever Cemetery
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espectacular blanco y negro Muy buena +Enrique Gutierrez 
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Fast staff, got to the point of getting the keys in my hand and on my way quickly. They do the standard upsell attempts, but aren't pushy with it at all - car was clean, they picked me up on time, and were friendly getting me out the door when I returned.
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Reminiscent of childhood Italian haunts with my folks, Di Vita's is spot on with "simply damn good Italian food" style and dishes. Home cooked, served quick, atop a red and white checkered table cloth, under some random beer lamp... this place is so full of winning. If you don't need some guy rockin a white towel over his sleeve to serve you a calzone, this is the place.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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Well rounded, good experience. Food was good, service was attentive, atmosphere was great. Would have 5 starred if the tables were a bit bigger.
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4 reviews
Great place for dinner or lunch. The service is attentive, not pretentious, and the place is chill. If you're a fan of steak, they make some darn good cow. For those in West LA (Brentwood / Westwood) they deliver too.
Food: ExcellentDecor: ExcellentService: Excellent
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