I guesssss it's fair. I still don't approve lol
Ladies - are you bored of the hyper-sexualized contortionist poses of women in Movie Posters, Comic Books and well, just about everywhere?

Think it's time for some fair play? Or at least to just make it obvious to men exactly what the issue is? An artist Kevin Bolk thought so. So he lampooned the new Avengers film - and quite well, I'd say.

Here is the "turn about is fair play" aspect. Do you see now, guys, how ridiculous it is? Look at those strong male characters! (sarcasm)

Also, before you go off half-cocked (lol) and breathing fire... other people have already covered all those bases of "men are objectified too!" LOL Mmmkay.

So go read those articles and rant to your hearts content over there.

From Tor Publishing: Stop Taking That Picture!

Jim C. Hines: Striking a Pose (Women and Fantasy Covers)

Jim C. Hines: Posing Like a Man

I am really sort of anticipating some hilarious comments from the people who didn't read any of this. I wonder what will happen.

(edit below -- adding a comment I made in the comments section to clarify a little -- probably won't matter for the tl;dr set.)

The sort of sad thing is, I'm sure if women were presented well, with clothing coverage and strength and honor, men would still like the comics.

They would. Men are decent. They don't have to stick their penises in everything. They can control themselves. They are honorable -- when given the opportunity but it's almost like society is also teaching men that they have to be craven, depraved, slutty horn dogs who can't keep it in their pants. :/
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