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Click here and enjoy the blinking Google SERP:

Also, notice how the blinking words are not simply those that the user wrote but also those that the "query revision engine" added as an extension of the original query.

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Attenzione: può provocare un attacco epilettico! ;)
Any reasons why they implemented this in India only? :)
Hey, that was my trick :-). Do I have to submit it as a bug now? ... grumble grumble ...
+John Mueller : yes, I think that you should, but not before Jan 2015, because I have to do a speech about (among other things) Google hacks and showing this one would be quite amusing.  :-P
+Andrea Moro : all the details will be disclosed by the event organizers themselves, when they'll be ready. I don't want to publicly spoil their official announcement.  :-)
How come it doesn't work for me?
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