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Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan yang ke 71 Indonesia-ku

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+Susanna Moyer​ needs our help, are we ready agents?
Last week in San Diego I shared my feelings about Jahan with many of you. I think I was pretty clear: She is personally responsible for what happened to my father, Nigel Moyer.

I'm not really interested in what her intentions were. Not interested in what mistakes were made. Not interested in who she delegated what task to and how things got this screwed up.

I have lost my father. The world has lost a brilliant mind and a noble soul -- a man of principle and wisdom. And all this happened because of Jahan... her ambition and her relentless pursuit of the N'zeer.

Meanwhile, she sits safely in her palace in India. Free of responsibility. Oblivious of the pain and suffering she has caused. Continuing to plot.

I was recently contacted by someone unexpected. I guess she heard what I had to say in San Diego.

The Acolyte has offered to connect me with a network of Enlightened and 13MAGNUS operatives who can help me find Jahan's palace. I have accepted this offer.

Jahan, I'm sure you or one of your underlings is reading this. Good.

I'll see you very soon. We have some things to talk about.

Susanna Moyer
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#AegisNova San Diego, Calgary and Salt Lake City M3 Report: The Enlightened are racing towards a sweep of the North American Anomalies. Their commanding lead in San Diego remains unchallenged, and while Resistance Agents are fiercely attempting to keep pace in Calgary and Salt Lake City, they remain a few paces behind. One Measurement remains.

The Enlightened lead in San Diego: 1837 to 358
The Enlightened lead in Calgary: 325 to 265
The Enlightened lead in Salt Lake City: 529 to 408

The Ingress Live Stream from San Diego is live right now at

Find detailed scores at
View detailed Shard Tracking information at:

Per-Portal information will be published at a later time.
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Congrats Agents!
When this day began, the Enlightened captured both Kuala Lumpur and Sydney, while the Resistance captured Hyderabad.

Some hours later, the Resistance took both Dublin and Nice, while the Enlightened held Moscow. Much hinged on what would unfold in North America.

And then the Enlightened came roaring through the gates.

With 427 to 384, Calgary went to the Enlightened.
With 699 to 558, Salt Lake City belonged to the Enlightened.
And with 2504 to 518, San Diego was captured by the Enlightened.

See what you missed on the playback of the Ingress Livestream at:

Find detailed scores at
View detailed Shard Tracking information at:

Per-Portal information will be published at a later time.
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Jumat barokah...
Berawal dari inspirasi setelah sholat jumat di Mesjid Lhokseumawe, seorang Agent bernama @rYaiwA mencoba me-link ke Tugu Kemerdekaan Sidikalang, dan terbentuk lah sebuah megafield dengan 1,9jt MU...
2 link lainnya telah terbentuk sebelumnya, dibuat beberapa minggu lalu oleh om @Alexyie yang dibantu oleh om @getsuga yang menghijaukan portal Tugu Kemerdekaan Sidikalang dan meng-clear-kan block link, serta @Sh1roKuma yang membuat tunnel untuk link Turtle Waterfall - Tugu Kemerdekaan Sidikalang.

Sebenarnya nih bukan megafield pertama kali nya, namun baru sekarang sempat buat sitrep nya... Hahaha....
Congratz buat @rYaiwA yang dah berhasil buat megafield...

Agen yg terlibat: @rYaiwA, @Alexyie, @getsuga, @Sh1roKuma

+Iskandar Yie+thomas silaban
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We come together, we play together, we are family.
thanks ya sdh pada datang di gath
kenangan ini tak akan pernah terlupakan
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very nice indeed ... #aegisnova
Last week, you have discovered our official picture for Aegis Nova @ Nice. You also have seen our GTA poster (

You want more ? You're right, you deserve more !

Our amazing & gifted & skilled photoshop users have been blessed by the Shapers. Inspiration is shining and you can expect one new poster each week until June 25th.

Every thursday, you'll see our latest posters inspired from video games.

Stay tuned for more informations and visit

- - -

La semaine dernière, vous avez découvert notre visuel officiel pour Aegis Nova @ Nice. Vous avez également vu notre affiche GTA. (

Vous en voulez plus ? Vous avez raison, vous méritez plus !

Nos photoshopeurs aussi incroyables que doués ont été bénis par les Shapers. L'inspiration jailli et vous pouvez vous attendre une nouvelle affiche chaque semaine jusqu'au 25 Juin.

Tous les jeudis, vous verrez nos dernières affiches inspirées de jeux vidéos.

Restez à l'écoute pour plus d'informations et visitez
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Sebelum hari ini berakhir, momod mengucapkan selamat Hari Kartini!

Tanpa beliau, mungkin pada hari ini para wanita tidak boleh main Ingress dan keluyuran.

Bisa dibayangkan basi-nya maen ingress dan ketemu agen2 cowok semua di lapangan :) #justkidding

Selamat malam dan selamat beristirahat semuanya, salam hangat untuk semua agen Ingress KARTINI.
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Nice field agents!
Operation Spoof Killer
Location : East Java - Bali, Indonesia
Date : 16 April 2016
Fields : 11 Control Fields

East java enlightened agent coordinated with agents from Bali to create fields worth 176+ Million MUs on 16 April 2016.
2 provinces in the operation and 17 agents were involved in this operations from planning to execution.

@Razcalism +M. Amriyan Nurrakhman and @CupuGan +Made Suhendra​ came up with a plan to make fields between Uluwatu and Prigi as base then form the layers from the North west of Surabaya and Bali.They also had planned to have Makassar involved but it was decided not to proceed with that because of the block link from North Bali.

ENL agent in plan:
@Razcalism (coordinator, East Java)
@CupuGan (coordinator, Bali)
@Kiprut (Intel)
@FEROUS99 (Intel)

Destroyer Block link:
ENL East Java
@Gunkzzz (kediri)
@Ramatiqa (Pare)
ENL Bali

ENL East Java (Dalegan beach):
ENL Bali (Uluwatu):

Support :
@Klebun (madura)
@Woyyomamen (Banyuwangi)
@Syauqiex (Lamongan)
@Dobie (Tulungagung)

Portal Decayed
@xargrax (Nganjuk)
@Klebun (madura)

Portal Key courier
@Razcalism (in Bali)

#ingress #Enlightened #EnlightenedIndonesia
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+Ingress#Obsidian Final Score

ENL 27625
RES 21741
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