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English Atkins (inglesita)
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Does your pet crave the limelight?
The VIP Circle is where your fur baby can be a STAR! 🌟 Come join other proud parents and show off your pets' antics and photos.

#pets #furbabies #animals
Our VIP Circle
That is "Very Important Pets" in case you wondered!!!

In this circle...
+Bandit owned by +Christine DeGraff 
+Bob Voss owned by +Mia Voss 
+Lalovee Rogers Duce owned by +Sherrill Duce 
+Prince the Cockatiel owned by +Mark Vang 

If your pet drinks the Google Plus koolaid, let us know :)

#circles   #funcircles   #pets  
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Abbey Road Tribute
Super talented kid! Love the different scenes he created and all the different instruments he played. Cute tribute.


#DylanBrokeUpTheBeatles - Abbey Road in 15 Seconds:
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Are you an "amplifier"?  Do you wanna be?
Learn how and learn more about the greatness of Google Plus with +martin shervington  and +Plus Your Business! 

Would you like to be in a circle of 'amplifiers'?
I will be building a circle from the +Plus Your Business! page for some rockin' free content about things I've been learning over the past few weeks about 'how to amplify content and stories' - all new.
It will probably be 3 posts for which you'll be 'notified by email', maybe with a video or two thrown in as well!
If you would like 'in' then let me know in the comments below?
(I'll also share the circle publicly from the Page.)

Please note: to be included you'll need a profile picture, some posts and be generally friendly and active on G+. Cat giffers allowed.
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English Atkins

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El Super Héroe
This one is for you, Jose Ruiz!

H/T +Gina Drayer
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Dale Bori
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English Atkins

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Have a su-purr relaxing Caturday!
My Crystal is certainly good at relaxing. After her nap, purrhaps she'll play us a tune. 🎵 🎶

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I think there's more hair on my face than on the brush (lol!). Gotta love Caturdays!
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English Atkins

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Hooray!!  It's almost pool time!
Wooo hoooo!!!!!

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+Adrienne Urban thank you. xx
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Have her in circles
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Politics + Baseball = Good Fun
Here is a case when politics is actually fun.  Great little article with historical photos of the presidential first pitches to kick off the baseball season since 1910.

Are you ready for some baseball??  My Texas Rangers have been taking a beating lately.  :-(

#ushistory   #baseball   #MLB   #uspresident  
Presidential first pitches reveal personality of the chief executive and the problems the nation was facing at the given moment. In this installment: 1910-1945.
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English Atkins

Healthy recipes & dieting secrets  - 
This looks so yummy!!
I have not tried these but they look delicious. I eat potatoes rarely unless they are sweet potatoes, but the next time I do bake potatoes, I am going to give these a try.

We have a friendly support group with people that want to make a difference in their life! We post exercise tips, recipes, motivation, inspiration, home remedies, and natural ideas daily! We would love to have you join us!

I love making new FRIENDS send a FRIEND request

Summer is only a few months away, let Skinny Fiber help you to reach your weight loss journey...start getting healthier and order your Skinny Fiber here today
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English Atkins

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Need Cat GIFs?
Look no further.  Here is the ultimate guide to all you (n)ever wanted to know about cat GIFs.

Happy #caturday , everyone!  :)
Launching: The ACATEMY! (NEW)
Join the catolution - cat gifs rock the Plus...
See as I've had 40,000+ views on the +Plus Your Cat! page with just one gif I thought I would launch this! 
Click here:

The courses will cover how to...
Create AMAZING original content, using cat gifs
Learn how to DISTRIBUTE cat gifs across all channels
DISCOVER the more influential people in your niche, who love cat gifs
Generate a NETWORK of people that matter for you and your business, using nothing but cat gifs
BUILD long lasting relationships based on reciprocity, of sharing cat gifs
Develop a community around you that LOVES what you do, especially your cat gifs
Create campaigns to get people EXCITED using cat gifs, and and have your content surface at prized positions in Search...
#theacatemy     #caturday  
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Thanks +English Atkins and +Adrienne Urban:D
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English Atkins

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Testing, 1-2-3...
I'll do anything for +martin shervington 😄

This is an experiment to see the reach on a new page.
Once this image is shared/+1d we can look at the view count/reach relationship for a new page.
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Aww, thanks +English Atkins!
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Have her in circles
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Media Strategist
Bilingual (Spanish/English), Media Planning, Digital Media, Traditional Media, International Media Strategy, Social Media, International Account Management
  • McCann Worldgroup
    International Media Director, 2002 - 2014
  • DDB Worldwide
    Associate Media Director, 1994 - 2002
  • Ornelas & Associates
    Media Planner, 1989 - 2002
  • Tracy-Locke
    Media Assistant, 1988 - 1989
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Richardson, TX
Dallas, TX - College Station, TX
English Atkins is a Latin American media strategist by day, bookworm and tech geek in her free time.
Single mom of an awesome 7-y-o son. Digital enthusiast, Chrome/Android/Google addict. Texan by birth, Latina en la corazón. Ironically, my name is English Atkins, but I have my degree in Spanish from Texas A&M.  Being bilingual and loving the Latin culture has led me to an exciting career and amigos fantásticos. Aggie fan during football season. Fiscal conservative, compassionate Christian who is pulled to the left on some social issues. When I'm not working or goofing around on the Internet you'll find me near the closest body of water or with my nose in a book - or both.
Bragging rights
Raising my son on my own (with help from fabulous family & friends). Geek badge: Early beta tester of the Cr-48!
  • Texas A&M University
    Modern Languages
    Bachelors degree in Modern Languages Major in Spanish (3.4 GPA) Minors in English and History
  • Universidade de Santiago de Compostela
    Advanced Spanish
    Study abroad program in Santiago, Spain
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Presidential first pitches reveal personality of the chief executive and the problems the nation was facing at the given moment. In this ins

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Dr. Harrington is fantastic with children. The staff is very friendly and they offer lots of nice services - free Starbucks coffee while you wait, other concierge services. However, if you need to watch your finances, be warned that their accounting office is unorganized at best and fraudulent at worst. Get quotes and pre-determination in writing before committing to treatment. The cost their business manager estimated I would have out-of-pocket after insurance was only 40% of the cost that I ended up being charged. I had to pay more than double their original quote. I realize that navigating the complexities of insurance is not easy, but that is the business manager's job. Not being able to provide estimates within +/- 15% should be unacceptable. The runaround played between their accounting office and my insurance company cost me a very unwelcome financial hit at the end of the year.
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