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Not surprising, but 10.7 has been retired from the Mac App Store.
Cue the video of 10.7 walking off into the sunset. Today is Mountain Lion day, and with the arrival of the new operating
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Since Lion is still supported, and some systems cannot use Mountain lion, this is not a desirable thing to do.
So now what are those people with Core2Duo systems that aren't supported by Mountain Lion who haven't yet upgraded supposed to do if they want Lion? F*cking Apple. I have plenty of clients who haven't upgraded yet for compatibility reasons.
Hmmm, lets get  #boycottappleforlife  trending again lol. Seriously though, it's idiotic things like this, the patent suits, the control, etc, that made me decide to never endorse or personally support the purchase of any of their products ever again. 
To buy into the Apple ecosystem is to buy into a regular upgrade schedule. Apple isn't like Microsoft. Microsoft has let people use XP for how long? And isn't support for Windows 7 going to be until 2025 or something? Apple wants you to buy all new hardware every few years. Remember, they're in the hardware business. They don't want you to sit on the same hardware and upgrade software forever, they want you to regularly replace all your Apple hardware with their new shiny hardware. If you don't like that system, don't buy Apple!
+John Livingston this is the one thing i like about apple. They push you to upgrade.

Being in a business that still uses internet explorer 8 and windows XP drives me insane.

Most companies are only beginning to transition over to windows 7 now. By the time people start switching to windows 8, Windows 10 will probably be out.
+Brent Mifsud That's great for a consumer-based product. You want consumers to regularly upgrade their hardware. Businesses, however, have a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality. Heck the central server to my location right now is being run off a server 2003 box. They simply don't have the money to regularly upgrade the hardware. If you're talking about a house with 2-3 PCs, it's not expensive to upgrade them. If you're talking about 100s of PCs, you only upgrade when you HAVE to. This is why most businesses do not use Apples. Sure there are exceptions, especially in video editing and what-not, but most businesses use a windows environment. They would go bankrupt trying to upgrade Apple hardware every 4 years,
chromeos could rootly solve the problem for workstations which do not make use of design or multimedia sw
I just hope that the ones that are still on lion will get updated to the new one for free but I doubt it.
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