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Mark your calendar: Apple's WWDC keynote is scheduled for June 11th at 10AM PT
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I won't be there.... Have to go to the swimming pool
Awesome! I get to read tweet sized updates about cutting edge technology. It's not Engadget's fault, but it's hard for me to be excited about liveblog updates in general. I don't know why Apple doesn't do a live video stream. It's 2012 right?
I won't be there neither ... will be busy with my new HTC One X
May be i will be reading your tweets/post with my #GalaxyNexus maybe
That looks like a nano too (hopefully with Bluetooth 4 so it can speak to iPhone - presto! I'm wearing a watch again!)
Google I/O FTW!! :-D but hoping Apple announces some new MacBook Pros!
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