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A smartphone with 2GB of RAM? Meet the Optimus LTE2
Unlike today's other phone announcement, we can't say we were expecting to see LG come out with something of its own -- and
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Love when companies push the envelope only makes it better for us consumers.
Any info on the screen size? looks like 4,3".
Nope LG your not pulling another one on me. Remember the G2x.
I don't think it needs 2GB. Especially for ics. This is going to be one power hungry phone.
Lg as always have great tech, just god awful software and horrible update schedules and low dev support. Since my O3d I have been completely put off lg which is a shame
+jordan purdent exactly why I say 2GB is way overboard! I highly doubt they'll update it to jelly bean after ics. And at that 1gb ram is enough for jelly bean seeing that's what the gnexus has and will get jelly bean.

I think its a mistake to shove 2GB ram in this.
+Dale Dubnyk agreed I find it overkill, as you say Google are not stupid and releasing their flag ship phone without the necessary hardware to run jellybean seems very unlikely. I would imagine this is the next progression as tech always needs advancement even if it really doesn't, if it leads to positives then great, but am gonna wait until its implemented into the next Google phone before buying in
Let the phone come out , judge later !
Do you really think phones that powerful today? I used to change my mobile after 5-6 months but then I bought an iPhone 4 16GB nearly two years ago and it is still powerful to do everything. Mail, Social, Music, Video, Internet.
Its about how fast it can do things. Net surfing, photoshopping, and when you start doing a lot of TRUE multitasking. That's where the power plays a role.
I'm not really convinced about that. I use the phone probably 5-7 hours per day, excluding call. I think that the software can change the user experience. I'd probably concentrate the research on batteries, more than ram and cpu's.
Indeed Android initially suffered from manufacturers sending out low spec phones (Galaxy i7500 anyone?). But at this point, with Androids running like the devil are on their tail, it more or less feels like the manufacturers are trying to stay on the radar. The SIII is a good example of zero angle development. No one sitting on a top end Gingerbread-phone actually NEEDS it.
I agree with that. Is like an evolution more than a revolution. Actually a lot of manufacturers are doing like this:
1st year Big product (3G,4 iPhone)
2nd year speed bump (3GS, 4S)
This is valid for Apple, but it seems that Samsung and the others are following this rhythm.
Ics is actually great step. I think if manufacturers simply pushed that to phones that were released with gingerbread that makes the phone an entire different experience. Really it does! Anyone who has used ics for a few weeks understands this. Going back to gingerbread is painful! Even going to honeycomb is painful performance hit! As well as ease of use on ics is by far improved! If manufacturers would get off their asses and actually support their products it would help! This is where apple and Google devices (nexus devices) shine! That way your phone tends to feel better longer. Shows hardware bumps not needed to make a phone better.
But where does the SIII fit in when you can get a SII for half the price and get the same ICS experience after two clicks in Kies?
Fair enough. If you didn't buy the SII before you can still buy it for the half price and probably lower than the half and wait next year when a "bigger" release is probably goin' to happen.
Or get a gnexus and get the big update this summer and have a phone that will probably outperform the SIII. The SIII is basically pointless at the moment. And will be until it gets jelly bean os. Ics is not optimized to support quad core. Only dual core. And no apps will use 4 cores right now. So your basically waiting till next year to actually see a real performance difference with the SIII I'd say knowing how slow Samsung is at giving updates.
+ITProfessor I agree that the performance difference is small and keeps getting smaller, however the SoCs used in these phones have RAM on the chip while storage flash is separate on the motherboard... Not a partition of the flash
Looks pretty legit. Not legit enough to drop my Galaxy Nexus, but I am hoping my next Nexus will have the 2GB of RAM.
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