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The official Total Recall trailer is out and, well, there's some familiar characters.
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Can't wait, Total Recall is one of my favorite movies!  Now all I need is a Blade Runner remake.
I'm RICH BI*CH!!! This movie is going to be awesome!
feels like Blade Runner
there was already a Movie called Total Recall smart ass
It looks like it might not be that bad, but in the sense of a cheap 2 hour thrill ride that I forget about. I've narrowed down what this remake seems to be missing the most from the original, the quirky undercurrent. Yeah, it was mostly serious but there were plenty of jokes that were effortlessly thrown in without forcing them on you. Come to think of it that's what a lot of these remakes seem to be missing. 
What do you feed that thing??? Blonds haha this looks badass
Too true maybe the big two +Facebook+ and +Google googlethink in there big shiny world there is nothing anyone would not like and every one is happy. But no this is the internet
I know the original was the first rated 18 film I saw when I was underage. My mum had a right go at me lol
Girl with 3 boobs is still in the movie so it can't be all bad.
i love futuristic shit! hellyea
There should be a lifetime of the lead actor plus 10 years rule for remakes. Like Peter Jacksons remake of King Kong was.
Colin Farrell should have gained some muscle for this role
Visuals look better, darker, more interesting than the Verhoeven movie but when it comes to any semblance of a good try at doing a movie version of the PK Dick story... It reminds me of the recent straight to DVD remake (with CGI - only characters) of Starship Troopers:  Any kind of resemblance with the original novel is sheer coincidence and does not seem to last longer than a fraction of a second.
This isn't total recall. This is Generic CGI Action Movie 8.847
You're right. The original Total Recall actually sucked balls. STFU.
The original was great, hopefully this reboot can fill those great shoes
Well.  Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel are enough for me.
triple-boobs in 3D will be AMAZING
It's official! Hollywood is officially out of original ideas....
+Freddy Meyer Nope. 1976. I liked it as a kid but now that I've grown up and taken off the rose colored glasses I know it sucks. Plus it was nothing like the novella which this is supposed to be more like. Also, in the novella he NEVER went to Mars.
+Larry Hill so in 36 years you haven't learned anything about Hollywood? They will claim that this movie is the messiah if they think that will sell more tickets. But just look at the Trailer. Look at the choice of actors and the choice of directors. 3 minutes in google will show you how mislead you were.
colin farrell and jessica biel, ew.  I'd take arnold back any day of the week.  I pity brian cranston
Some of that dialog was almost taken word-for-word from the original.  The remake of The Longest Yard made the same mistake.  No thanks.
+Freddy Meyer - What are you talking about? Mislead into what? Colin Farrell is awesome sometimes and he's alright the other times.  Beckinsale isn't too bad outside of Underworld, I have no opinion about Biel and Cranston is awesome as hell.  What was SO GREAT about the original. I guarantee if the internet was around back then you'd bitch and moan about how it was nothing like the source material. Why are remakes so bad? They do nothing to the original other than shed light on them for people that might have missed it. Whiners are whiners are babies.
What about Kuato, the growth and leader of the rebels
+Larry Hill I didn't even like the original due to it's lack of contact to the book. As I said in my first post - This isn't total recall. This is a generic CGI Action movie.

Farrel and Beckinsale are both not good actors. They ruin movies. They are suposed to be the pretty faces for the 15 to 25 demographic.
Larry, you've either never seen colin farrell act, or you've never seen anyone but colin farrell act, he's a movie ruiner.  I don't care about a remake, I care about a shitty remake that someone's going to drag me to see.
+Larry Hill I didn't even like the original movie due to it being untrue to the book (Though not as much as you make it out to be).

Farrel and Beckinsale are pretty faces for the 15 to 25 demographic, not good actors.
I saw there a few "I, Robot"-like scenes with those androids. :-)
I hope but I'm not counting on it to fill those shoes
"You got what you want, give this people air." Arnold
One of the first "reboots" that actually needed it, the Arnold one was great for its day, but special effects are so much better now.
well can't deny it, looks promising
The quality of remakes has poisoned me against them.  The original was never one of my favorite movies, but it has a certain quality that I can appreciate.  But, I expect this to be a generic action movie, just like the ones they've been making for the past ten years, and will be largely forgettable.  And frankly, this trailer isn't raising any hopes.
they need to stop showing the entire story in  the trailer. Yes I know this is exactly like the original Total Recall but if I did not see the original this trailer was basically the Cliff Notes version of the entire movie. Please Hollywood stop giving away so much in your advertisements.  Leave some mystery. 
Its gonna be 3 boobs awsome! Wait is this the right movie?
Having grown up with the original as part of my life, I don't get to enjoy this as if it is a new film.
That's a shame, but I'm not complaining.
Looks awesome!
I think I just might have to see this.
"Thats a new one, blue sky on Mars…"

Actually looks way better made and casted than the original, I will definitely check it out.
I was not a big fan of the original and I am looking forward to this one but.... this trailer gives away too much of the plot!  Everyone will know from the open that his wife is not who she seems and that he is not the average-joe he appears to be which pretty much destroys the first half of the film.
Actually, the sky IS blue on Mars. A you see is what NASA wants u to see. This is fact. Google it.
I remember this movie with #Govoner Arnold Schwarzenegger. Wow... Another movie remake... :•( Somehow I'm not surprised. At the very least I hope this movie won't be a disappointment...
not a big fan of Colin , this film may change my mind though . i dont know about replacing Arnold with a skinny guy !
Waiting for the give final comment on it
Is this a remake? Sounds like one of the mars movies from the 90s. 
I hate Colin Farrell but this looks good enough to overlook his crappy acting
The beginning of the movie says 'From Original Films'.... false advertising surely
Have to reload the Arnold version before watching this...
i cant wait looks beter then the frist one
 I can not wait so long but really great , thank a lot to u.
F*ck yeah. I hope they stay very true to the original. Looks awesome
Absolutely not going to see this
superb... never expected the old wine has changed a lot in the new bottle...
Three-breasted whore, changing faces, running through glass, getting chopped in half by an elevator, spy implant in the body... Good stuff.
It's was a great cheesy sci-fi of the 90's and I loved it for that! It was ahead of its time with the technology and at the time. It's a shame that Hollywood have run out of ideas and think 3D sells everything! My opinion is not to redo a classic but I'm sure the debate goes on, get ready for the surprise.......
Wow looks great!! Now someone please remake running man :-)
Another trailer that shows you pretty much the entire movie... Gah. #spoilers
now that looks awsome, the original was good (apart from the cack ending)
Looks like an awesome movie, gotta see this
At least my kids will think it's cool...
Dialogue looks ropey, Farrell is NO Doug Quaid, but then that might be down to the original being such a bad ass cheese fest of delectable scrumpshessness. Will probly watch it anyway but might have to go to Rekall to have a memory wipe beforehand, or was it after!!! Cohagen, let them breeeeeeeeeeeeeeeathe...............
Wonder what the new Johnny cab will look like..
Judge not lest ye be judged...though the trailer looks awesome...I will save my opinion till I see it opening day.
Hollywood run out of fresh ideas for new films? Yet another remake, yawn....
wow, there's remakes, and there's remakes, this looks pretty much like an exact copy of total recall, but without arnie, and with bas references to the original...really?
Ah man this movie is going to be good.
I like the way in the beginning it says "Columbia - original film"

maybe I need to look up the definition of original?

Still looks to be a good remake and I would watch it!
I don't know about the movie but the trailer is impressive...most impressive (to quote Darth Vader)...
Looks like a generic action flick
Can we expect to see the famous eyeing out scene?
Well glad to see they didn't take out most of the fan favorites, but I wonder if the "Twwwooooo Weeeeeekkksss" bit made it? Maybe it did if they retained the hooker with the three breasts.

It's interesting that it looks like the merged the roles of the doctor from Rekall with Quaid's construction buddy/keeper. I do have to say that I wasn't expecting Dave Chappelle in there. I think he'll do great if his previous action movie bits are any indication.
man hope thay show d runing at of air on mars dream
i love english videos
They definitely missing some characters and I really don't like the idea of a remake to this classic but I'll still go see it
‘hahaha do you think this is the real Quaid? .... It is.’ PEW PEW PEW!!!
As long as nostalgia exists in all of us. There will always be remakes. Some good some bad. I loved the original and look forward to seeing it in a new perspective.
Woah! Some trailer, I feel like Ive just seen the film.
Wow...... Now i can't sat I'm a big fan of remakes but this is something else......!
I was really dubious and sceptical about this when I heard about it being remade, but it does seem as though they have stuck to the original story quite well and just updated the graphics/technology. I'll still wait for the reviews though. In the mean time I'll stick with Arnie's version.
Word!!!! Three boobies are back....
i like Ahnold's facial reactions on the first one esp on the triple tits ... my first sci fi wtf moment when i was a kid in the 80s
As we all know the 1st original movie is always the best,but its worth giving it a shot till then I'll wait for the movie to come out.
Can you call it a "1st original" when it's based on a book...?
Also, case that disproves your point: The Ring. The Japanese one was stupid.
It won't be the same without Ronny Cox thundering away and killing fish.
+Mohammed Hassan Seems that way, all our childhood favs are getting rebooted.  Looks watchable still but as with every reboot the original will always be the best..
+Sir Kayne Kayne  - they planned a sequel before, which would be based on PK Dick's Minority Report since this is based on Dick's We Can Remember That For You Wholesale ... and it ended up morphing in to that movie.

+Steven Veron - he probably said it's not a remake because the producer said this will be closer to the original PK Dick story than the first movie. But. It's still a remake, obv.
Looks like they screwed this up as a remake. But it could be fun as a mindless action flick.
no new ideas these days? just saw dredd remake clip
It could be worse they could have used Channing Tatum
I liked the girl with three boobies
blade runner better top this.
In which year did Hollywood's last screenwriter die?
Whats so bad about a remake if its as good or better than the original? Sure some remakes are bad but some are better. Judge it when you have watched it.
Olga V
Don't want to watch this. Action is so fast I can't follow :))))
For all the whiners.. bitching about Hollywood's lack of imagination and new plot ideas.. Shut the f*ck up and write some new ideas yourself.

Just think about all the different plot ideas that have been worked over for many thousands of years now and then brag about how you can come up fresh ideas.

Try wearing creative authors' moccasins before pissing & moaning ya bored little bitches!_

Loved the Original watched it many times & hopes this will be the same but with new Cinemetography.
I will wait for Netflix - Not going to waste my money on a remake - Can't anyone come up with some thing original?
I'm with you Julie.  Tired of remakes and movies based on comic books.
This is one they should have left alone...
Looks like a rip off of all successful sci fi movies of the last 10 years.
wasnt Arnies performance classic enuf? seems to me they just wanna remake movies more violent and more transformer-like nowadays! dissapointing :(
hopefully it follows the Phillip K Dick story more faithfully than Ahrnohld's movie.
Actually, I saw a company that I was selling this kind of service. Implementing memories. Can anyone confirm that it was real and not someone trolling?
I think its just pretty damn awesome. Is it that something went wrong and he was implanted with the capabalities of a secret agent? Is it that he is still in recall? is it that something went wrong and rather than implant memories, they played the future? Is it that he was always part of something huge anyway and someone suprressed the memory using technology, and then it took recall to bring it back up?

too many damn possibilities
Looks awesome!!  And it makes me want to watch the original.
Come on Hollywood, stop doing remakes and start giving us original movies again.

Total Recall was already perfect, it didn't need to be redone, particularly with the new wave of pretty, talentless actors.
The original short story was written almost 60 years ago - that leaves so much room for an original screenplay and a generation of fans not familiar with the story...Hollywood motives aside, the film could open doors to some new P.K. Dick readers.
Good one can't wait to see it.
looking forward to this one just for the visuals.
T- ilex
Original was good, and this will make money too. Biel!!!!
Lame remake. Hope it gets destroyed by torrents.
looks like its gonna be a great film. the car scenes remind me of fifth element.
Tell them to chill on the lense flair, please! All the other stuff you have going on in the film will convince me it's a sci-fi movie.
I hope there is an updated three boob woman in this one
Looks like they did a good reboot of the movie.
I'll be back.  - sorry Arnold is still good.
Cant wait for the new release of Total Recall..............
aaaahhh, its basically a remake....No Thanks....maybe when it comes out on DVD or NetFlix or I can find it in the 4.99 bin at Best Buy
Awsome going to go see it opening night.
Really??? i seen the original
Should be a spoiler alert (unless you've seen the original). Think they even kept the dialogue. Looks good though.
I am glad they kept my favorite part of the original.
osecam da je film fantastican i rado bih ga odlgledala!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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