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Who doesn't want a $149 Macbook Air clone that runs Android?
It wouldn't be Computex without some KIRF Apple products. And what we have today isn't quite a MacBook Air. But it's amazingly close.
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You gotta buy 500 of these to get them at the $149 price? #fail
chinese knockoffs of Apple engineering = garbage
Apple patented the "thin wedge" shape (seriously) so you won't  have  to  worry about lower class  people with half the disposable income as you stealing your thunder.

// Sent from my $1200 Apple MacBook Air.
+Gary Calpo was that really needed? Seriously people act like APPLE is the only company that makes money!
Apple are innovators they have given us so many good value every day products and no one can argue that 
I would love to have one of those only to hurt Apple and to show the fanboys what monkeys they are.
comedy! wow didn't realize the Apple hate runs so deep.
It looks the same, but it probably is everything but the same. I won't waste my money on it.
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