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How's this for some big news on an otherwise slow Monday? Facebook CEO Mark Zuckberg has let slip that his company is buying
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Hmmm... can't see I didn't see this coming. Makes me wish I had enough money to invest that they'd allow me to be part of it.
if this happens there will be
R.I.P Instagram
John B
Google + users should uninstall instagram!
Google missed a chance here to beef up +
A lot people don't like the idea of Facebook buying Instagram. I use it periodically its nothing special more hype than anything Google should of been pushing Picasa way more its the same thing with more features! +Ben Stinson not really don't forget they can push Picasa more with G+ to be the same thing but better.
+Ben Stinson Google + already has picnik editing built in. Much better than lame premade filters from instagram. Instagram would have been a better fit with Twitter than Facebook.
i wish this story had a dislike button. It makes me so annoyed.
Instagram sucks... waste of money on Zuck's part.
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