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Looking to force your Galaxy Nexus HSPA+ to Jelly Bean? One of our commentors pointed out how!
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it works! been on jelly bean for a few days now :)
I did it on Friday and presto! If it does not work for you, have patience. It took me over a week using this method to get ICS.
Took me 3 tries, last try before I gave up. I'm happy now :D 
I don't know what version I have, bought it a month ago in the UK if that helps.
UK have yakju and I think the US have takju...only difference is the UK version doesn't have Google wallet
Did that yesterday morning, worked on first try. I noticed with manual updating my device to JB I couldn't find Sound Search and Play Magazine while my bro Gnex had both after OTA update.
The only thing I don't like is that the Google search bar at the top of my home screen is now coloured in grey. Not a problem but I wondered if you could change it back to see-through??
+Adnan Ashfaq I have both but Sound Search is only a widget, I don't see it in my app drawer.
+Michael Hill yeah it is widget indeed but none of the both showed up in my App lists in Settings. So I flash back to stock firmware and did this trick, updated to JB and found both then.
By manually updating meant using CWM recovery.
Finally, this trick did it. Had to try it twice though.
+Matthew Richards ClockworkMod, abbreviated as CWM, is a popular custom recovery for Android phones and tablets. But updating your Gnex to JB through any custome recovery won't let you update OTA. For OTA update everything has to be stock.
I live in Indonesia and this trick is not work for me, thanks.
+Darnell T muzicman you have to have Yakju or Takju ... other then those variants updates are pushed by Samsung not Google. So its upto Samsung when they push updates for those or even they might never. It is their decision.
Anyone noticing any performance issues? Especially with cellular signal strength?
For those who don't know their build info, download Android System Info from market and check BuildInfos under System tab.
+Adnan Ashfaq thanks hopefully Samsung doesn't takes too long because after all this is a Nexus device. I won''t be surprised if it takes long though because I just got update 4.0.4 2 weeks ago.
Whoo Hoo !!
Works perfectly the first time.
+Adnan Ashfaq I've tried many times and restart my device, but still not work for my gnex, I think I should wait for more couple days.
Worked on second attempt for me (UK bought handset).
Wow! This is boom!! Magic... I am actually in far away Asia (Taiwan).
It works. One time only. This technique is actually the answer.
+Ferdian Yustiawan You sure you are doing it right? Seems everyone doing this with their Yakju or Takju variants are getting updates. You sure you have Yakju or Takju and not any other variant I mentioned in second last comment?
Anyone know when it will be prudent to try to force the update with a Gnex with yakjuwx?
+Simon Aldra since on any variant other than Yakju and takju, updates are pushed by Samsung and not Google. So you might have to wait for longer. Or convert to Yakju if you want to have updates OTA by Google.
If you have a Nexus, why are you taking ota updates? Doesn't that take all the fun out of it?
+Cameren Settles it doesn't matter what color Gnex you have. Download Android System Info app from market and check in BuildInfo if it is Yakju, Takju or any other built like Yakjujp etc.
For some reason this worked for me only over WiFi, so if it didn't work for you with a mobile network connection try switching WiFi on.
+Adnan Ashfaq Thank you for the information. Just out of curiosity, what's the reason for making the system this complicated?
+Adnan Ashfaq ohh I'm sorry, my bad for too fast reading my build info and only read the first word :D . My Gnex is YAKJUXW, so what do you think? Prefer waiting for Google or I flash it to YAKJU?
+Simon Aldra I believe that is samsung decision. Yakju and Takju are Google's built .. other than those I believe are for different regions I believe. But you can convert your built to stock Yakju. Its very easy.
+Adnan Ashfaq I suppose so. I love Samsung for their hardware, but my God they're slow with firmware. I suppose I'll have to do the fix, I just don't think users should have to. sigh Thanks anyhow! :-)
Thanks so much.. I had to do it 4 times but now my sweet tooth is now satisfied
+Ferdian Yustiawan when I bought Gnex I had Yakjujp with 4.0.2 which was frustrating. So I convert to Stock Yakju 4.0.4 and yesterday morning got OTA update. It won't harm though. Atleast now I know that I'll get updates from Google as soon as those are pushed and I need not to wait for long.

Edit: and I bought my Gnex 2 days before and was still on 4.0.2.
Yikes, I guess I'm getting too old for some of this tech, turning my phone into a yakju phone seems a little complicated to my mind. And I'm just 24. Sad.
+Simon Aldra :D just advance step by step. Make sure you understand everything before going further.
This tips made my day!
Now i am an happy Jelly Bean user :)
I tried this so many times a couple days ago and was about to dismiss it. Then I tried three times and it worked today!! Huzzah. Thanks for reminding me to try again.
+Adnan Ashfaq yep, I checked in Android System Info, I have wifi connection also.
Yakjuxw . 
+Adnan Ashfaq Yes, well, that's the problem. That's what my lecturer told me to do when we were learning actionscript. Still crashed and burned. I didn't have the head for that, but set me to work with a camera, and you'll see.. Anyhow, I suppose I'll have to get a whisky and try to understand it. Meh.
+Luis Requejo Romero OTA updates are currently available on Yakju and Takju, not on your built. You have Yakjuxw for which updates are pushed by samsung not Google. You have to have Yakju or Takju.
Uhm, just wondering, how do I know if my Galaxy Nexus has an unlucked bootloader? I seem to remember from some Youtube-videos it would be indicated by a padlock icon during booting, I have no such icon, so I'm a little confused.
+Simon Aldra doesn't matter If it is unlocked already it will display on fastboot screen that the bootloader is unlocked upon entering unlocking bootloader command. If not then it will unlock it.
Can other android users get jellybean too?
Anybody know how to get this on a Dell streak tablet?
Worked on the first try! Thanks!
Doesn't work for me......I have a Canadian gnex so there's no hope in sight.
I have the Nexus S 4G - My entire system updated a month ago to a VERY different look.
Is Jelly Bean available for my phone?
I have ported the Jelly Bean version from XDA on Nexus S and added SP4 works great, few minor tweeks to settings for Language and now works great with Skype, Email and everything else.
Force close -> Clear data

Worked for me after trying the other way around at least 20 times
A guy at work and I flashed 4.0.4 on our Nexus devices. Both were running the infamous DoCoMo ROM. They were terribly outdated. The odd thing was that his updated to 4.1 on the air; I did as suggested on this thread and worked at once. Maybe it has to do more with bad data on cache than region. BTW, we both live in Costa Rica, in Central America.
Wow that actually worked, sounded a bit dubious but worked perfectly. Thanks!
I bought a galaxy nexus cost I wanted to get updates as soon as Google releases them. Turns out I have a yakjuxw nexus. What kind of shit is that?
Worked for me. Been on #Jellybean for a couple of days now. Worked after only the second time for me.
+Adnan Ashfaq Thank you. So far, I've gotten into the bootloader, however, the fastboot thingy seems not to work, I'm trying to update drivers again, but I don't know if that will work.
Thats why I am wait awhile and see how other developers and consumers are testing the device. I waited and did research before I rooted the CM7 on my first Nook Color years ago.
+Simon Aldra to check if drivers are installed. Put Gnex into fastboot mode and enter the first command fastboot devices and enter. This will show you some digits or serial type thing.
Ok add me to your circle and start a new post and tag me in. Let me guide you.
Jelly Bean simply the best!! Same hardware but 1000% software optimization. Feels like an 8-core smartphone
+Adnan Ashfaq - What's the best way to backup my text messages & game saves before I change my build? 
After killing the app, try dialling:


This forces a checkin with google's servers, not sure if this is the same as an About Phone-Check for Updates option, but it worked for me doing the dial thing rather than the check for updates!

Good luck!
+Curtis Cook I used MyBackUp Pro to keep my messages and contacts backup not sure about games.
+Paul Gallagher JB will be out on Nexus S later this month probably.
Has anybody who has actually converted their phone from another build to the yakju or takju build ACTUALLY received the update because for as much as ppl say to do that I have yet to see somebody actually say they've flashed that build and actually gotten the 4.1 update like that......anybody???
Doest work for the Nexus S though! Sad day!!
I can confirm it worked for me. I'm in the UK with the original Nexus (I've read there is a revised version?). After repeating these steps three times it worked. Many thanks 
Thank you for this information. Worked perfectly.
Thxs for posting this +Engadget! Looking forward to getting WiFi here... during my vacation... -_-
Worked on both my wife's phone and mine. Also worked on nexus s when ICS was released.
Tried a few times, no luck. After the update downloads I get a red triangle error. :( Any suggestions?
It work for me but while rebooting, it stops as I hv cwm installed.. so I flash stock recovery and do the whole cycle and it work.. twice in a row.. 
Took me 3 times to receive it, thanks so much for this... bought it with vodafone in Ireland and it was yakju
+Vanessa Cadamuro you might have custome recovery installed that is why you are not able to instal it but just download it.
+Adnan Ashfaq I have the regular version, no custom recovery. Should I just continue to try again and again?
You have Gnex? Download Android Software Info from market and let me know what built you have. 'Yakju' or anyother.
I have a galaxy nexus unlocked phone still no jelly bean for me
+Vanessa Cadamuro I just checked on your issue. You have one file which is not stock. So you have to flash that to get the updates installed.
Ok just checking because I was thinking about putting the takju 4.0.4 stock imagine on my yakjuzs nexus but wasn't sure if I would still have to wait for the update or would I be receiving it during this roll out that's happening now
Both Tajku and Yakju are getting updates. Because updates for both builds are pushed by Google directlt while for other builds samsung is responsible.
Worked on first try! New google voice research is awesome!
What is sound search? Assume it's something other than voice search/google now.
Nothing yet after 5 attempts. Apparently I have yakju
Gary Ng
It won't work for yakjuxw right? lol
It worked the second time, I was getting tired of waiting.
my GN build is yakjujp,and obviously I haven't received the update yet but what is intriguing is that I recently got the official 4.0.4 update WITHOUT rooting/flashing my phone.....fingers crossed for JB :D
Tried same process.. But no luck for me. Instead after clearing "Google Services Framework" my Google store has stopped working. Getting errors.Plzzz help... :(
There will be an official update for yakjuxw versions?
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