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Wondering how much upgrading to Windows 8 will cost? Wonder no longer -- all Windows XP, Vista and 7 users will be able to upgrade for just $40. If you want an offline copy -- the DVD upgrade is $70.
Microsoft has already detailed the Windows 8 upgrade route for those buying a new PC, and it's now finally confirmed what everyone else
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What about those of us that removed Windows 7 to install the Win8 beta? Do we have to roll back to Windows 7 first? Oh, and will we be able to buy at that price from the UK?
Sounds like MS wants people to upgrade. I don't remember the upgrade price ever being this low.
And, if you purchase a brand new computer from now until Jan 2013, you will get the upgrade for $14.99
I'm sold. vista to awesome? Yep.
For the first time I will not consider get a pirated version. Lol
This is the way to go if they want to end with piracy
Windows is showing they learned their lesson with that price.  Not sure Windows 8 will be immediate upgrade for me, but that makes it more tempting.
Erich W
yeah but how many versions are there gonna be for win8
Deal expires in January? That should be the year-round price.

If my Win7 lappy had a touch screen, I'd be stoked.
according to Tomshardware there will be 3 versions: Windows 8; Windows 8 Pro; Windows RT, except Windows Enterprise, which is the same Windows Pro, but don't need activation
sorry even for that price wont go to win8, will be waiting for Win9.  Cant stand the new UI on a desktop or laptop. 
+Rayyan Memon Because it's trendy to hate on MSFT and their products. The more you hate on them, the more geek cred you supposedly attain.
If they modify windows 8 to have an actual start bar, and have metro disable-able, I'll consider an upgrade to windows 8.
 I hate microsoft because of the dozens of times I've had to reformat my computer from unexpected bullshit like viruses and blue screens (includes windows 7). And because my xbox 360 broke right after the warranty expired. Microsoft is a waste of time and money
oh and thanks for letting pc gaming decine, while xbox 360 rose to the top microsoft
+Patrice Blanc, I haven't even encountered, let alone had to remove a virus on windows in 7 years. As to bluescreens, that sounds like you have hardware issues, since I don't have issues like that at all, on my 4 yearold desktop running windows 7, and that includes complex things like having VMware messing with my drivers, using multiple drives, with SSD, and about 200GB worth of games installed.

Is your hard drive failing? Do you even have a proper IO driver? That sounds like data corruption.
PC gaming declining isn't microsofts fault, thats caused by the cheap laptop! Gaming laptops are very expensive, but people can afford a cheap laptop and a console!
+Rayyan Memon My comment was not directed at you... I also have nothing personally against Windows 8 - or any other OS for that matter. I go with what satisfies my personal needs the best.
never had a virus in 7 years...i find that hard to believe, my quad-core windows 7 desktop will freeze for 3-4minutes while im watching a movie
+Patrice Blanc, I'm running on windows 7 right now, and I watched 46 episodes of avatar this weekend, without a single hick up.

I think you have either really shitty drivers, or a hardware problem.
Most people don't even install a proper AHCI driver, and then they wonder why their data gets corrupted :P
microsoft didn't do anything to avoid piracy of pc games when developers started switching to consoles to boost sales all of a sudden the xbox comes out.
+Scott Rosenberg I think the real problem here is that you watched more than 1 episode of Avatar ;-).

Just kidding with ya. 
Consoles have issues with places like gamestop. Piracy isn't the issue. Btw, you can pirate mac games too. 

You do realize for every sale of a 60$ game in a retail store, the game company only makes 10$, while microsoft makes 10$

Thats why steam games are so cheap! For a 60$ store-sold game to make the same amount of money for the developer, they only need to sell for 14$ on steam! That is one of the reasons why the PC game industry looks so small! When you look at $ statistics, remember the huge amount of steam or direct sales!!! That means that making PC gaming is super profitable, even at less total revenue!
That's a great price.  I expected Win8 to be a few hundred NZD
+Patrice Blanc Now you just sounding like someone who is throwing claims at the wall hoping something..anything..would stick. Anything that would bolster your anti Microsoft stance.
im talking about my bad experiences, im not just following some trend, your the one who is speculating. I just switched to my windows 7 desktop and I had to restart it 3 times before it would even start up properly. lol
this isn't a user issue, im a developer
+Patrice Blanc, if its not hardware, its badly written third party drivers, for your hardware, or you configure your system badly.
its a dell computer, I'm not some noob i know what im doing
Yofat J
Hmmm the way PC software support is generally handled still makes me envious when smart phones and ARM processors have so much frickin red tape
After having experimented around with the last couple of previews, its got a good Tablet oriented UI.  The only problem is we're trying to run it on PC's and Laptops and it falls apart  Win8 is the Steve Ballmer equivalent of Steve Job's "you're holding it wrong" statement.
so what would be a better alternative O-S, and why...
other than the obvious that it is not M-S product?
Bottom line, if it forces windows live integration into the GUI then I will stay at 7 or switch to ubuntu.
+Patrice Blanc Then stop sounding and acting like a rookie. Locate the cause of the issue - how many times is +Scott Rosenberg gonna have to tell you "hardware issues"?? - troubleshoot and solve. You can sit there whining and blaming the OS or you can actually do something about a very solvable problem.
Seriously... buying a dell tells me you don't know what you're doing. They're almost as bad as HP. +Patrice Blanc 

+Karel Jack, thanks for the backup.

Its quite simple, if most people aren't having an issue, and you are consistantly having an issue, regardless of how many times you reinstall it, there are only 2 possibilities. One is hardware/driver issues, and the other is you, personally doing something wrong to break it.
This is a great move forward for the big M!
+Bill Carroll  I've been on Ubuntu for a few years.  First with a toe in the water and experimented with it, and then full time as it stabilized, and now use it for all my bare metal hardware.  After a shaky start in the mid 2000's, it runs really well for most of the normal items nowadays, and I run Win7 in a VM for any things that still require it.  Thanks to the Android/iDevice boom, that list keeps shrinking as the era of MS slowly comes to a close.  Surprisingly, Win7 runs better and more stably in a VirtualBox VM than it does on bare metal hardware.  It also avoids the activation issues when I upgrade or replace underlying hardware.  Most of the Windows support tasks I do these days is from Ubuntu machines, or bootable USB keys.   Its an awesome OS helping to recover data from dead Windows boxes.

Less chance of infection and increased stability is the reason I moved over.
And what about the subsequent Windows 7 upgrade? How much more will that cost?
When you run windows in a VM, it runs better because it doesn't use drivers.
Gotta love Patrice Blanc. "It's well know windows 7 pc's don't even start up! I have had loads and I build them myself because I'm pro developer and they never start up or I get BSOD caused by viruses which is weird, because I never made it online because I can't even startup so it must of come with viruses!!" Sorry I can't resist some sarcastic hyperbole.
Will upgrade from pirated windows 7 and actually pay for this
+Faraday Defcon, yeah, dells are pretty bad :P They build all of their stuff to cost, as opposed to quality. Thats one reason I like asus. They understand users want quality and are willing to pay for it.
Like a drug dealer. Cheap upgrade and they screew people.over with their new spp store.

Metro UI sucks so bad it not worth $4 let alone $40

And with it bring Microsoft, expect there to be a catch under the headline news.
Patrice google windbg. analyze your bsod's like a big boy and go on your merry way.

To day you're a developer and use Dell doesn't tell us your tech level. I have friends that have computer science degrees and work for major gaming companies but couldn't tell me how to set up RAID or how to fix iastor.sys issues on advanced format drives.

Maybe instead of saying windows sucks and your pro you could say "I have windows 7 i'm not a tech noob but can anyone help me figure out why my computer is crap?" And the responses would be a lot more positive. Know when to throw in the towel and say that you need help.
Wow, surprisingly good price.  However I've been running the betas for a while and I can't see upgrading to 8 any time soon.
All im saying is i never had to reformate my ubuntu setup or my apple and my ps3 never crapped out on me
+Jeff Burns thanks for the heads up mate, will do my homework before I purchase a new machine, am suffering with damn Vista right now came preloaded.....
and im gonna keep spreading my hate for microsoft till the day i die
+Patrice Blanc, your arguement is falling apart. Honestly, it sounds like you have a bad windows sata controller driver which causes slow but gradual data corruption. This is specific to your hardware.

I dislike the xbox360 myself, but windows is not the 360. They are separate products. Don't compare the 2 like that.

 I HAVE had to reformat ubuntu before (quite a few times actually, tinkering gone wrong,) and my wifi driver broke repeatedly until I did a reinstall once,

I've also had to reformat windows 7, once, because VMware broke my driver architecture when I lost power during the middle of an uninstall.
will Win7 machines meet Win8 specs?
What a surprise considering they "own" the PC gamer market and can charge what they want for their monopoly.
I've Linux up-to-date all time, fir free. Why so do I need to pay for something and have my PC given to Microsoft control.
More, I don't need antivirus as well.
Be smart.
+Bobby Cruz, windows 8 has lower requirements than windows 7.

+Edwin Santiago, they have majority, however valve is porting steam to linux currently

+Patrice Blanc, hatred will only hurt yourself... I've gotten overly stressed out over my dislike of apple, way too many times, mainly because all of the legal crap they're throwing around. Its not healthy, nor is it good for you.
What are u talking about scott? I've owned over 6 windows pc's and i make computer programs, I think I know my shit
Owned over 6 windows PCs? Thats it? I do know 3 programming languages, and work as an IT admin, professionally.

Ok, you think you know your shit... fine, tell me the disadvantage of using a i7 2600k for vmware :P Be fast :P
there is nothing wrong with my hardware scott, the same desktop runs flawlessly on ubuntu and I havent downloaded any additional drivers for ubuntu
If it wasn't for the games and UDK not working "out of box" I could just say goodbye to windows for good :)
+Patrice Blanc, you're using a bad driver on windows, and a different driver on linux. They aren't comparable.
scott stfu, u've never even used my computer how would u know? you fanboy
ubuntu isnt as appealing as windows but at least it's stable
I'm running crunchbang openbox debian as the only OS on my laptop, and windows 7 on my desktop, and you call me a fanboy?

No, I haven't used your computer, but considering the issue you're having, it can't be anything but driver related. It coulld potentially be a different driver, but sata/AHCI driver package is the most logical. Linux uses entirely different drivers.
At home? maybe.  but I'm a pro that needs his PC to make money and Windows 8 will not even be considered.  

#1 reason?   The software I use that makes my money will NOT be windows 8 certified for at least a year or two.   In fact it took them 3 years to make it to windows 7 without problems that cost me time and money.

#2 reason,  I dont need FB and other useless cruft in boxes on my desktop.

here is hoping the release windows 8 professional that does not have any of the metro interface and is 100% compatible with all windows 7 and older legacy software that many of us use to make money.
+Tim Gray, I heard a lot of rumors that the developer preview went with metro only, just so they can get developer interest in metro, and they actually plan on having a proper start menu
Any idea on full disc pricing? I'm really not a fan of upgrading. I always prefer a clean slate.. You never know what's gone bad under the the foundations and would rather it be solid. I also don't see why an upgrade should be that much cheaper... Not like it costs any extra for ms to develop. If anything, upgrades probably cost more in r&d.

As for the Linux comments. I've tried numerous distros and whilst many are good, I really couldn't call Linux stable as it's far too easy to break. Plus, as a gamer, emulation is still not there... So I'm kinda tied to windows.
+Jamie Key, it'll do a full reinstall, and compact your old system into a windows.old, wiping everything else
I love how the Surface tablet crashed/froze on stage as microsoft was revealing it to the public. I know windows 8 is still in beta stage but it will be released in less than a month
Great price, if I decide I want Win7 ... Win7 still doing well. Convince me ;).

+Ariel Mon - Exactly, competition makes us the winners!
$40  what happend to the $149 upgrades from winxp-win7.. does microsoft know somethiing there not telling
70$ for 10gb of data?  i can do without this swimmingly
Is funny how it says Windows XP. Yeah right like if a Windows XP computer is able to even run Windows 7.
And Microsoft copied the idea of cheap upgrades from Apple ;)
Seriously though, what about users who have OEM installed? Will we be able to upgrade?
lets not forget, while microsoft was developing windows 7 to regain consumer confidence after the failure of vista (8 year span), Apple has brought many new innovations in the Os X line up. Btw fuck apple for trying to be a monopoly (what are they thinking!?!?!)
+Jose G. Minaya  - Win8 Consumer Preview runs flawlessly on my 1.6ghz single-core test machine with 1.5gb of RAM. Certainly, on most of the early lineup of winxp PCs (with >1ghz processors and >1gb of RAM), Win7 and Win8 would run like a dog. But most of THOSE computers have been replaced by now. Any old Pentium4 you might find these days should be able to run Windows 7 and 8 just fine :D
surface: only 599.00. happy birthday!!
Even they understand it's just a service pack for windows 7 with an alternative UI
Fascinating. We use Windows only for my wife's business - some software she must have (I mean that too, it's not just an industry standard, it's the ONLY software you can use) only runs on Windows.

We use a virtual machine within Linux to run it. So this is the only reason I'd be interested in a cheap Windows upgrade :)
+Rob Wood I have a 1gb of RAM, Pentium 4 desktop. And I install Vista and it runs slow sometimes. And Win7 needs 2GB to run just fine.
Agreed Filip, one that I actually haven't enjoyed thus far
Windows 7 runs on my netbook just fine. n280, 1.66ghz singlecore, 2gb of ram, 32gbSSD

I keep linux on it though
ok what do mean about 1gd and 2GB
Wow really surprising. That's great on Microsoft's part.
Its time for windows to fail against apple and google ,if windows done something about the viruses and other threats i would consider it again
+Scott Rosenberg  Yeah well, its a much more limited set of drivers.  Essentially turns it into essentially running as an appliance which increases the reliability by "accident" with limited virtual hardware to worry about.  For business use where running Windows reliability is critical, that's my absolute preferred setup for the last 3 years with Ubuntu on bare metal and Win7 in a VM.  Win7 rocks in a VM.  On my "old" Thinkpad W510, it booted in a VM in 20 seconds, and a year later still booted in 20 seconds which matched the bare metal boot speeds.  The folks booting it bare metal had boot speeds that had slowly gone up to like 40 seconds to a minute.  

Currently Win8 doesn't run well in a VM due mainly to the UI, but maybe they'll get that fixed before release.  Too much corporate IT using VMware View and other solutions (like VirtualBox) to not support it.

The reason I said the Win VM running well being suprising, is because NT4 through XP had issues due to a bad driver model that put too much into Ring0 (like video and printers in particular).  When you have a VM running in Ring3 and the Hypervisor having to thunk the instructions back and forth, it slows things down remarkably at least until Nested Paging support, but even then Win7 is still lighter than XP.  Now that MS reverted back starting with Vista to the NT3.51 driver model (more or less) with most drivers back in Ring3, the speed of it running in a VM is much improved over XP.  The less Ring0 drivers the better, not to mention the "perceived" multitasking performance is improved with multicore machines.  So put in that perspective, its not suprising at all that Win7 runs great in a VM.  Limited hardware combined with Ring3 drivers equals good virtual performance.
After I find out what drivers are and are. It supported ... Then I'll decide. Been burned too often by MS and the other companies to ever upgrade as an early adapter again. Yeah I know, I would hardly be an early upgraded at this point but I'll wait till all my peripheral user forums report in. 
Windows 8: 70 dollars, not counting rebuying everything else installed.
+Debian : Zero dollars.
Not having to complain about paying too much for crap: Priceless.
+Jose G. Minaya +Rob Wood  The first machine I ran XP on was PII-350 with 128MB of RAM.   Upgrading that to 256MB was a big day, and then to a gen 1 Athlon really pepped it up.  They're long gone now, but that original hardware wouldn't even run a modern full desktop Linux these days, much less Win8.  I think its safe to say a lot of XP hardware won't be able to upgrade.  At the same time, a lot of the newer or higher spec'd hardware (when it was new 10 years ago), will be able to though.
Well this sounds like a good thing. Over-priced software is so last year. Especially since most people already own an older version, upgrade should be cheap or free. 
+Paul Johnson, its 40$ if you download it and not have them mail you a disk
You don't have to rebuy everything installed previously, that'd be insane
Win8 is actually a lot more efficient than a full Linux desktop running gnome or kde. (I know there are more options but those are my examples). I was surprised how low the base specs for win8 were. 
+Kiefer Jackson actually Mac is the sheep.. windows is people who care about comparability or gamers..
Tim Ash
Patrice get a antivirus
How did do than ? Please show me ?
I will take the same line I have since I first started using Windows 3 (after I moved from CP/M on a microbee) I will wait for the first service pack at least, before I consider an upgrade and unless they do something with that horrible smart phone UI I will probably just jump it altogether unless someone comes up with a workable/elegant hack to remove it completely.
Now they need to offer visual studio for 99 or less to compete... Its too expensive right now. The express version doesn't cut it
Using the pre-release Windows 8 now in an Oracle VirtualBox machine on my Windows 7 host OS.  Most frustrating OS I have ever used.  It may be okay on phones and pads but for a PC I can almost guarantee that it will make everyone very, very frustrated.
Now if it would just run on an XP machine. Got a ton of machines around here that will just never run a new OS.
Well then at that price I have to look for a pretty good convertible laptop, otherwise metro will be a bit cumbersome to navigate.
+Derrick Alan I am a full time Ubuntu user LOL! 3 yrs now.

How do you see Fedora VS Ubuntu? (not happy unbuntu user)
I'm currently downloading fuduntu... curious how that is
Win 8 is probably alright with a start menu installed.
So if this can be used for clean installs, then how do you verify that it's an upgrade?
I wonder if they'll require the activation key for the old OS, like they've done with similar upgrade paths in the past. That's definately better than requiring the old OS to be installed first.
why is it any time someone puts information out about pricing of windows, it becomes a linux war?
Same for fandroids hating on Apple lol
That would be $40 spent on the ugliest thing possible, since the day I spent $40 on the first date with my ex-wife.
I wouldnt upgrade to vista 2.0 if windows paid me 40 bucks
sounds like another vista fiasco to me... hmm.
I'm still a Linux Man for sure. While Windows 7 is the main platform on my laptop, don't be surprised if I switch over to Linux as my base. For now I'm still running Linux through VirtualBox.
Why the hell would anyone want to upgrade to 8? It's got bad rep across the board.
It should come with a free downgrade to Win7
Really hasn't microsoft made enough money selling bad products.
too bad microsoft couldn't follow Google's example. There is a company that has done something for the people.
Or I can buy a pirated copy for 2 bucks.
Have a great hand built pc running win 7 ultimate have not seen anything on 8 worth changing for
Windows = free stuff
Mac = credit card for all stuff
Linux = i dont like it

Love it or hate it, more people will use pc because you can find it on piratebay for free. And people like free stuff, and the easy way to download inlegal suff is in a pc....
$40 is pretty reasonable, but I've already upgraded to Linux Mint.  It was free.  And doesn't look like AOL.
I'll stick with w7 and ubuntu for now.
It's an upgrade. Better make sure you have a copy of 7.
Did the upgrade thing with xp to 7 and it was horrible when I bought a new HDD. I even had the product key.
Don't upgrade. Buy the whole thing.
+marek wu. You can most certainly use a mouse and keyboard.
Finally a smart step from Microsoft. Will upgrade...
+Patrice Blanc , maybe if you would use common sense and were somewhat competent with your computer, you wouldn't have these issues. I haven't had to reformat to fix any specific issue since I had my first PC with Win7. Same with Vista, regardless of the disaster that was. If you've had to reformat "dozens of times" because of viruses, you might want to stop downloading "hot xxx milf moms .avimovmpeg.torrent".
I really don't trust MS not to screw up my windows 7 computer with windows 8.  Besides I don't have a touch screen so what is the point?
Yes, mouse and keyboard are compatible. So far I'm loving the new internet explorer. The only thing is that for most of the apps, you have to sign in or create an account with Microsoft to use. Basically a cloud, which I have no problem with.
still fucking expensive,will i get metro ui in my pc as well,when no---its a deal breaker,windows 7 is good enough 4 me
Well it's about time, or wait a minute... Is this one of those gimmicks that get mass amounts of purchasers to act as beta testers?
error message: "program is not responding"
then u click force quit 2 or 3 times, wait 2 minutes
then your computer freezes up, click force quit again, then the program finally shuts down
Patrice Blanc sounds like a noob. I've never had a problem with my pc. I have upgraded, tested, and ran server software for businesses all from one PC. The world runs on Microsoft. Virus free. Never reformatted. If you have to reformat, you don't know what you're doing.
My old job still uses XP and one laptop running Vista.  I'm gonna hold my breath and recommend updating until this pathetic excuse for an OS proves stability and usability in a work environment.
Hm... I have only 3 windows in my room, but if someone could upgrade to 8 for 40$ -- that would be great! And if you are talking about software -- I just do 'apt-get upgrade' for free.
Things you don't have to worry about on other operating systems:  unresponsive programs,malware and viruses, faulty drivers, force quitting usually doesn't work the first time, constant update messages, lack of innovation, losing all my programs when updating to the next version of windows,  uneven compatibility with Windows XP networking, inconsistent folder naming, unorganized file management in AppData folder, windows media player & IE blow, Messy control panel.
+Patrice Blanc, you're going on and on about problems that I don't experience. What am I doing wrong to not have this wonderful joy of troubleshooting that you are blessed with?
well all those problems are well documented, look them up
Linux rocks, Windows sucks. This is how it will ever be.
Why would I look up problems I don't have? If I'm not having the problems, then clearly, the OS isn't the source of the problems, since I am infact using windows 7, right now, completely stable, without issues. 

I'm no fanboy, linux has its advantages, and I like it on my netbook... Just windows 7 since servicepack 1 has been pretty rockhard stable.
What's so special about Windows 8? convince me and maybe i'll look into it, till then my Windows 98 works swimmingly #Satisfied  
Microsoft have to charge something, but I bet if they could, they'd give Windows 8 away. From now on, it's all about the Windows Store, and that walled garden is going to be their cash cow.
That's a pretty decent offering, is Microsoft turning over a new leaf or is the new os that bad?
+Scott Rosenberg that's part of my complaint. I don't want a windows . old folder. Sure I can delete it but if data etc had been transferred during the process its never as good as a clean build. It also presumes that if I want to install to a new hdd ill have to have a previous version of windows to hand. Perhaps it's just me being old fashioned but it's the way I've always built my systems and I've very rarely had problems
They might allow a isoimage download... I don't know
Quite the aggressive move. I'm still not sure if I should give credit to the increasing market of competing OS's, or give credit to the not so large interest in windows 7 that made MS decide this price point. Windows 7 did great in homes, but most companies I know have a death grip on their xp volume licenses. This seems like a large effort to propagate their new product in order to also garner more interest in their other devices. If I already know metro, then it would only be logical to buy a windows phone or tablet for the sake of familiarity. 
Windows 7 was a great upgrade I hope 8 is even better.
don't listen to Scott,  look at his profile he's such a Windows fanboy, i mean just look at him he looks like a Microsofty.
Cheap, because it's not very good. Simple as that. I'm sticking with windows 7
Windows 8 is Microsoft calling "W8" to mobile.
For whatever may dislike or like about whatever platform. you gotta give it windows and metro for originality. It's a very different take on interface and development. And honestly, how did it take this long to be able to run two side-by-side apps on a tablet...
Windows 7 took 2 weeks to go past Snow Leopard. I expect with this upgrade cost, Windows 8 will blast past Lion in less than 72 hours!
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