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Google keeps the acquisitions going -- it just picked up Sparrow!
Well, we can't exactly say we saw this one coming. Sparrow, maker of popular email apps for iOS and Mac OS X, has
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Joe S
and boom goes the dynamite...  
Maybe Google is getting warm to the idea of a merger with Apple where they can try to take over the world! muahahhaha
'we do not plan to release new features for the Sparrow apps.' from the email from the sparrow team.  Disappointing.
Apple buys Chomp, Google Buys Sparrow......Google is making better Chess moves
+Jon Petrovski besides push notifications, what new features would you like to have added to the existing app?
Well, I would have liked to have seen the iOS iPad app... but that's most likely dead now
I mean.... I used sparrow for Gmail & icloud.  Didn't really matter in sparrow...
I just liked that Sparrow was built primarily for iOS.  Now that Google owns it, I can see them swiftly pulling the app from the Apple App Store and telling these guys to port the app to Android- so that the Android Play Market can benefit from the sparrow purchase.  In fact, Google will probably offer it for free or even build sparrow directly into Android and make Sparrow it's new default Android mail app
+Michael Sharp lets not forget most ios users don't even know what icloud is....that should be a big dissapointment for Apple. They are to busy showing off SIRI in tv ads and the back of magazines (and lawsuits -_-) but they forget email clients are the backbone of the internet and mobile devices. They wasted there resources on a gimmick. 
agreed- but losing Sparrow as an iOS app in the App Store is going to suck for all us Sparrow users.  I just hope it's not pulled and still receives necessary updates.
The biggest +1 here is the fact that one of the most detrimental flows to ChromeOS is a lack of offline apps. Now I know that +Google Chrome , though really really cool already, is still a work in progress and that gmail does work offline on #chromebook  , I think Google has really done this right. They are one of the first companies ever to start out in the cloud and then migrate offline. This acquisition of +Sparrow Mail is just a first step towards a fully OFFLINE OS that was born in the cloud. I think it's genius. Great get +Google 

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Actually the iCloud never works for me either.  Sucks!  Its so difficult to use too.  Nothing makes sense.
+Mike Cosmi how is my comment ridculous? +The Verge reported about ios users not knowing or confused what icloud is Don't be shocked, this Purchase shows that Google is focus on doing what it does best at Email and other countless services. Apple bought chomp you don't see me getting shocked they have decent app store why not make it better with chomp. It was good app android and apple wanted it, can't knock them for that.
oh- and back to what else I would have wanted other than push?  how about landscape reading? 
Weird! I wonder what this'll mean for Gmail, as well as Sparrow's own app.
I LOVE SPARROW. Great pick up google.
+Adrian Ang . You don't know that for sure unless you are actually a very high ranking employee at Google. I am an apple user and I hate iCloud. Its slow and unreliable. Its still got bugs in it even though its been around for a couple of years. Apples biggest problem is that their goal is to make sure no ones apple experience is perfect unless everything they own is apple. Honestly I believe that apple is anti free market. Though the purchase of sparrow is great with regards to strategy I honestly believe they are trying to back work their cloud OS into desktop clients.
They're a great iOS team.  Why not renew G+ for iOS as well?
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