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LG just announced its 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro is the first out of the gate with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 CPU
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Sorry LG but Samsung has invented this Note party and guess what? YOU'RE LATE!
Yeah because Samsung never copied anything...
Wow it look alike SG3 III.
I guess now Samsung will know how Apple feels. Imitation is a mother&$&@$!
Or as some might say, the highest form of flattery.
Can't wait for this! From the specs this one looks like a must have
I think there will be a patent lawsuit in the future, because this phone is very similar to SG III. Just like Apple did with Samsung. 
Lg is the best in my opinion. Everybody is all over Samsung kissing their butt. In all actuality lg has been quietly putting out killer stuff, while apple n samsung play grab ass in court
Most of you who say f apple are using an apple wannabe product with samsung . lg has always done their own thing. Like it or not Lg is just better then SamPple
These phone sizes are becoming ridiculous!
I think it's great that poor ole Sammie is getting a taste of their own medicine.
People really need to start realizing the difference between a phone and tablet and have 2 devices... Can you imagine someday you dummies will be holding your 10in tablet to your ear because you love the large screen size. #justsayin
Considering how much I hate Samsung and love my neXus⁴...I would pick this...but now as I just got my neXus...
+Darren Hatcher I would rather think that someday a new iPad will come out that has the capability to interact with a bluetooth headset from a telephone app.

While everybody is wondering what the next big thing from Apple is, an stupid iWatch or a full size SmartiTV perhaps the next big thing from Apple is a phone network. Now that's thinking different...
People make the decision if they want a phone this big...why do so many have issues with the size? It's nice to have an option I personally have the Note 2 and it's amazing. LG is stepping up their game for sure and competition is better for consumers in the end.
Still waiting on the Motorola X phone... That's the only thing I see myself selling my nexus 4 for
I agree that options are great but it just seems everyone is focused on "bigger is better" like with quad core and 2gb ram on the nexus 4, yeah I bought one but it's so unnecessary I still don't know why lol. I can run anything in the market with a dual core and not have issues at all... And John, they have an app called grooveip that let's you talk through your tablet (idk about crapple but android has it) the only problem is that it encourages people to use their tablet like a phone... -entrant
The G Pro looks awesome even though it looks like a Note 2 copy. The specs would certainly blow the Note 2 away and the Note 2 isn't a slouch. This is a nice uppercut at Samsung because Samsung's Note 3 is still several months away and the G Pro can steal thunder away from the S4. Still, LG needs to equal the Note 2's built-in apps, which are fantastic.
+Tyler Bell coming from the RAZR (on to the neXus⁴) and believe wasn't easy..Motorola build quality is by far the best...Samsung is garbage...
The whole technology industry stems from something some one else did, and continues to expand based on what some one else did. People/companies need to deal with similar phone designs, hardware and Os's, because there's only so many that will make sense to the average user. 
I thought it was a galaxy s3 till I read it was lg
Why do you think just about every company has a product with "i" in front of the name. Everyone must copy everyone or the world would end. Stop the nonsense, grow a brain, and sprinkle it with comon sense before we all have to start a charity to get you some coloring pop up activity books to get you ready for kindergarten again. Peoples stupidity is so amazing at times it's unbelievable, and almost unimaginable
All that counts in the end result quality for the price, and with the looks so far if its DLNA compliant.. To hell with the note and its price! :)
In 2001 I used a Dell axiom with pocket Skype running windows CE embeded on WiFi at malls ,McDonald's, and I hop if not at home on my Attached 2wire net. I said it then (with the basically function wise first smart phone).. This is where it's at and how it will be... Big is better in the cell industry. That's why you let your peripherals take full advantage of Bluetooth and it modules
Samsung note 2 with an LCD screen. 
yawn smartphones are getting boring. 
Well it's no secret that LG is sort off sister Korean company. They have always been following Samsung designs for all there different electronics. But we forget that there are also other kind of markets who do not shy away from buying these products . Which translates into millions of dollars!!
I think I'm going to wait for snapdragon 800.
LG should sell this 50% cheaper than Note 2.
People bitching that it looks like a Samsung knockoff: Who cares? So long as the phone does what I want it to do, and does it extremely well, I couldn't care less if it looks like another existing product. Face it: w live in a world where original ideas are becoming more scarce!
That would hit Samsung dead in the sack , if they did that. Lol..:)
Bandwagon jumpers that's all! 
This phone will end up just like the rest of LG phones, with no updates at all. take key to the Optimus G and others like the Optimus 02x. Nice looking phone, but I will never buy another LG anything. Thank You LG for leaving that bad taste in my mouth. you'll die looking for customers to buy your crappy phones
They can't even stick to 1 theme with any of their phones. None of them are eye catching. Stand clear
Note 2 on the front (and that curved glass from the previous Nexus), One X + Nexus 4 on the back.

Bravo, LG!
I guess the people complaining about it looking a lot like the note 2 are probably Apple iphone users that finally moved to the Samsung camp. ;)


The only thing that makes it more similar to the note is because Apple was able to successfully convince some brain-dead jury that a simetrical curve on the edge is their idea! So lg has done what Samsung has done as well... enlarged the circumference of the turning circle of the edge of the phone.

There are not many ways to change the look of a 5.5 phone containing a screen almost edge to edge.
Wow S3/note 2 look alike, but nothing to worry LG cause Samsung is not a company to sue just for copying the form factor unlike a fruit company..
It looks a lot like Samsung Design, some what like Galaxy S4
Is anything original anymore; or just a remake of something already in existence? 
Count me out. Still can't trust them after the way they treated the "G2X" owners. 
sureeee!! Nyc me waitin...
+Ridho Hadi Satrio where does the ONE X have curved glass, and FYI the nexus4 is made by LG.

And how does it look like the note2?
Now we have 3 kinds of people here
1. Apple fans
2. Android fans
3. Samusung fans that just hate everything not Samsung, reminds you of someone?
You are very late to the game LG
Lg tryna keep up but this looks like note 2
Simultaneous front & back video = 360 degree capture. Could be interesting, plus a good idea for a security cam.
I like the hardware spec but hate the font used for its clock and date. 
No stylus.....and samsung does update there phones. Tell me when LG ever does....go check there facebook page and report back your findings....
+Michael Serra you hope the Nexus 5 is not an HTC? Yeah it would suck having a Nexus with the best build, hardware, and unique styling. Smh
My Galaxy Note II it's the best I have LG phone before never receive any updates. I love Samsung products
Andy L.
Interesting... let's wait and see til this thing comes out.
Fanboyism abounds on both sides of the fence…
LG needs to pull a Sony at becoming more xda dev friendly before they can even think about getting my money. Heck how about stepping up to Samsung's (and even they're not that fast enough) plate at timelier stock firmware upds for its user base?
The problem is LG never updates their software. We Optimus G owners are still waiting for jellybean. 
its nice but i want to buy apples i watch . so thanks
I have a Samsung TV that looks the same as a LG or a Panasonic. Does the same thing and nobody ask who copied who there. So why is it that you always say that it was copied when its clearly not. Hardware wise they are all similar, they all run any android OS.
Haven't seen a Samsung phone that uses both cameras at once.

Remember last year during the Samsung Apple trial, how apple fans said Samsung copied apple? Now you sound like them.

I say "you go" LG! I think it's great. More competition is always good. Of course I'm a Nexus 4 man! But the competition is good!!!
Looks like Samsung GS3 only with edge screen. 
Jeff W
GS3 with better build quality 
Oh God here come the lawsuits....
To all of you peeps,

I am not a Samsung fan or whatever BUT they (LG) ALMOST copied everything the note 2 have.

5.5 - check, home button - check, the way they put all the sensors & cameras - check, and a LOT more - check...

Samsung don't have THAT MUCH SIMILARITIES if you will compare iPhone to a galaxy phone.

LG didn't totally think out of the box, they JUST copied & enhance the hardware side (that is normal evolution BUT copy almost every features is NOT).

So, LG is a proud copier BUT I don't care - I'm just saying...
This phone looks nothing like the note 2!... said no one ever
Ya definitely a copy of Samsung. Embarrassing 
Id rather stick with the note ll but that is cool
Its running gingerbread out the box lmao we are about to see key lime pie drop soon. Major downgrade far as os
Looks more like an Iphone then a Note2. Posted from a Note2.
+Chachi Johnson The specs listed belong to the old Optimus One, not the G Pro.  It appears to be a big editorial mistake.
+Chris Robato We do not write the specs in the GDGT box. The specs are listed in the press release, and in the post. 
5.5? Really?? :( I liked the Note so much up in till I held it in my hands. Phone sizes are getting ridiculously big. Hope HTC comes out with something like a 5 inch, even tho that's still pretty large 
+Engadget Read your specs again. It says Announced: 2011-7-12.  It says Screen Size: 2.8"  It says Camera: 3.5mp.  Does that sound like the Optimus G Pro to you?  You are always ultimately responsible for what is printed.  If you suspected something is wrong, regardless of the source, you should not have printed it.
+Chris Robato It's simple: We didn't write it, we don't have direct access to it. If you'd like to edit it, you can sign up for a GDGT account and submit it for correction. If you'd like to read the official specs from LG, they're on that page in three different places.
lousy phone... It melts in your mouth not in your hand! Lol
Use your freaking common sense. If the specs are wrong its wrong. You say 5.5" screen size in your article then the specs say 2.8"? Even if you didnt write it it appears in your page.
+Chris Robato Sorry we let you down by writing all the correct information, we'll do better next time I promise.
So, people now consider brands to be more like teams. They root for their team and boo everyone else. People love Samsung, people live Apple, people love HTC, people love LG, people kinda like BlackBerry. But more than anything, people hate every other device and developer that wear a different badge than that of the device in their pocket. People...appreciate every step toward the future. Competition breeds advances in technology. Anything anyone does will influence your user experience for the better. Just be happy you can choose from this insanely rich field of amazing devices. You are winning. 
Companies really want us to have captives, and thus continue to ribs enriquisiéndose fools who follow the game, to be always changing models or brands
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