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Wacom Cintiq 22HD
Oh, to sit in a darkened room all day and get paid to do art. No phone calls, no stress, and no technology
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I wish this was on demo display at my regular computer store
It is really gonna suck when the power goes out because this is really cool.
Watch Samsung bring out a screen this size and call it Note 10,000
+Brad Thompson thanks for notifying me. I am beginning the long process of saving up for the bigger one. I don't use the rotation at all on my 21UX so it hink if I am going to be spending that much i might as well go for the 24HD. I kind of like the button arrangement better on that one. Though I haven't actually tested either. 

Hmm I wonder if I can use my circler count as leverage to get +Wacom Americas to sponsor my Speedpaint Hangouts.....
Nice! I would get it just for doing artwork, photo editing and music. 
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