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What does the US launch of the Galaxy S III really mean for Samsung, and the relationship between carriers and Android device manufacturers as a whole? +Jon Fingas dives in to find out.
Samsung caught more than a few off guard with its US launch plans for the Galaxy S III, but primarily for what it
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Android has exposed the weakness of the carriers....I see large majority of users switching to paying retail for unlocked phones once more become available. Being locked into Tmo and ATT kinda makes it hard to switch for Sprint and VZW users
I hope others follow the Samsung trend in their next rollout and break the strong arm carrier specific reshaping of the phones. now if Google would get a backbone and let all of us who have NFC capable phones get +Google Wallet to work on our phones regardless of the carrier's ISIS plans all would be right with the world.
Don't do contracts people just buy your phone outright or things will never change.
You only have to pay full retail for your phone one time. You can sell it in a year and put that profit toward your next device. Baaam you just subsidized your own ish!
I am with +Malik Griffin 600 is too much to shell out for a phone that has a lifespan of a year or two and depreciates faster than a car driven off a dealer lot. Amazon penny sale and xda forum work fine for me +Don russ consistency across carriers just means custom roms development can be streamlined.
A $400 Nexus is the best we'll get....Google will drive prices down if their nexus program catches on
+Malik Griffin the Galaxy SIII isn't just a phone. If you want a phone, get a Nokia 3310.
I spend about 600 euros each 1,5 years for a smartphone. It's my choice, I know I can just buy a dumbphone or just use one of my old dumbphones, but as long as you want new features, you have to pay for them.
The Nexus for $400 makes for the perfect phone. I am contract free, and I can go to any GSM carrier, and purchase service.
this may sound crazy but the only reason i would buy a Samsung phone is because the boot loader is always unlocked and they release the source code. xda! other than that fuck Samsung.
Fuck apple . Gnex is all I need right now
Apple has to be highly respected! If was not for Apple a smart phone would still be considered to be a Blackberry. Apple has done A LOT! for our industry! Because lets be frank Microsoft was not going to do it right!
Apple revolutionized the smart phone....but at the end of the day....that was 5 years ago.....these days Android packs in features iPhone users beg for....that last two updates to iOS were all Android features
I agree, and that's why I have an Android phone. However, Google needs to address one issue with Android, and that is UI responsiveness. Android is so buggy! Typical Java written Software though.
Android fluidity is kinda off...and its not something hardware acceleration seems to fix. But I know that Google is working on a new programming language of their own....I'm sure android will transition to it in the future +Anardo Cuello
+Bogdan Sladaru lol do u really think Android is original? lol what a joke. You really have not been praying attention. Why do you think Nokia, Apple, Microsoft have been suing those who use it? Its a direct copy of everything that was before it flavored with some Google Ice Cream whipping. I use a 1X and I use and iPhone 4s and an iPad 3. I see a little of all with the platforms.
+Arthur Davis I'm not sure if you're a programmer or not but none of this original....everything you see and use everyday originated in the open is taking it back to the and Microsoft just patented stuff they took from the community....Google brought it back to the people with Android and the major corps can't stand it....its a threat to their business model
+Arthur Davis Android was in development before iOS came on the scene. In addition, Android is actually Linux-based...Ubuntu Linux is probably the closest thing Android copies. Now, regarding the lawsuits, Samsung did decide to mod the Android icons and layout and made them look much like iPhone, that's their fault. Keep in mind that Samsung has manufactured parts for Apple products, apple does NOT manufacture hardware.
+Malik Griffin I'm an iOS user and I Desire Nothing regarding android features...
The only feature i like about android is that the apps can be ported to the Playbook
And can someone tell me why I need to grant android apps permission to Erase(potentially)my SD card in order for said app to be installed?

+Don Felipe - What apps are you referring to? The developer of the app is the one who requests access but ultimately you have the right to refuse and not use the app. In the 3.5years Ive used Android, this has never been an issue. 
+Miguel Chavez don't need a Lin education class on Droid and trust I know enough about Apple. and I guess those forget that Mr. Asshole was on Apple's Board the whole time when Android was being developed so it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out. I use the one x and have used iPhones since the first release, I know a clone when I see on. the biggest difference between them is that Android is open source personally I felt they did that because they knew they were stealing and once the dust settled they would bring it in house which is basically what Google has done.
+Miguel Chavez I don't remember now as its was last year however what I do remember was that it was pretty much all apps I tried to install fortunately I didn't install many if any
+Malik Griffin I am a programmer not for mobile software but on other stuff. Android is a clone all the way. now I will say that its pretty cool that the things u can do on an Android phone is unique however, the ideas were not original.
Anyone noticed the feature in ICS where pages can be swiped up to close?
Remember that from another innovative mobile OS? cough WebOS
I say this because the coding is is a clone itself, now what ppl do with that code is pretty cool. side note, if Google does not put a hold on ANDROID soon, ppl are gonna start thinking SamSample I mean Samsung is Android. I say this because when I use to think of Android i use to think Evo all the time, now its pretty much Galaxy S which is Samsung which can not be a good thing for Google nor for the Carriers especially if one like myself don't like Samsung's cheap way of hardware.
App permissions are on a developer to developer basis. And I'm not saying Android is 100% original but neither is iOS....for one to say the other is copying doesn't make sense. I find myself in these Android vs iOS debates all the time and mostly with people who know nothing of technology. For those of you who do argument is this.....iOS is a locked down vertically integrated system. It doesn't allow for any sort of community based work and therefore is slow to innovate. Apple makes fantastic hardware and I think that's where the issue comes in....people tend to associate the hardware to my argument and not just the OS....I prefer Android to iOS in absolutely every way you can imagine and that's a personal preference when thinking from the perspective of someone who gains the majority of my knowledge from open source
God another one rehashing that quote... Find a new quote, must be a few here on G+...
Thanks for answering my question. LOL.  ...I know its a tough one to answer bro, take it easy man. 
I'm easy on a Sunday morning(as the song goes) just lately that old and tired phrase is being banded about like some 2 bit whore in order to bash anything Apple/iOS
In fact didn't I read that a lot of the webos engineers have gone to google?
?? Im puzzled, that quote has nothing to do with iOS for me. I dont give a shit who's original or not BUT for some reason you do. Are you really offended by people who bash Apple? LOL. Its not that serious bro, Apple is a great company, even Android fans agree on this. 
Nope I ain't offended, I tune out of all the fanboy rubbish.
If you have any sort of facts its not really fanboyism.....fanboys have no clue why they buy their products so they defend it to the death because they are afraid they were wrong
+Arthur Davis pioneered what? The natural evolution of phones? Sorry to say but phones were headed in this direction regardless of what apple did. They just had the $$ to be first in line for the hardware tech.
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