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We thought the 8K 85-inch Super Hi-Vision LCD we saw during CES was impressive, but Japanese broadcaster NHK is already looking to surpass that by going even bigger. To that end it worked with Panasonic (above: that's Panasonic's Keishi Kubota on the left, Yoshio Ito of NHK on the right) to create this 145-inch prototype plasma, unveiled today as an example of the kind of displays we can expect to see once broadcasts jump to the higher resolution some day. The world's first self-illuminating Super Hi-Vision TV, it features every pixel of its expected 8K resolution -- 7,680 x 4,320. After working for months on smaller (only 85- or 103-inch) 4K plasmas, the two companies had to come up with an entirely new drive method for the display that works by scanning the pixels vertically to achieve a uniform picture quality. The NHK plans to show off the new display at its open house in May, although we're a bit more interested to see if we can watch the Olympics on it this summer. Check the gallery below for a few more pictures from DigInfo.TV's Ryo Osuga, or hit the more coverage link for a breakdown of the difficulties encountered in building a high resolution display that's this massive.
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Mother of god. Watching 1080p movies or videos in that tv must give you an eye-gasm!
+Rodolfo Cruz Joo I think they're going to look terribly pixelated instead :( Need to watch actual 8K films on this one!
Wow, gives a whole new meaning to "home theatre". I want one!
This TV is a must. Especially if your friends call you Barney.
Might as well get a projector instead of a screen this massive.
WOW, I feel lame.. I was enjoying my new 46"
If you feel lame then I feel prehistoric, because my TV is not even widescreen, or all of thee above. But I got three.
My perfectly functional (CRT) TV set will be landfill in Sept 2012 - thats the day analog TV is switched off in our area.
holly ca ca...145" Plasma...i just got myself a 80" Sharp plasma display....i should of waited....
bigger? better? nice- but here's a bigger and better idea: unplug your tv, go out side meet neighbors, plant a vegetable garden, get involved in a local cause for the good-of-the-planet, have a potluck BBQ with family and friends and suggest they will all have BIGGER & BETTER times with each other being fully engaged in community by unplugging their tvs... (btw: I DO have a flat screen, but it's rarely on) - I'm out there having too much FUN!
Pretty Awesome, an incredible display, one of those so incredible that is hard to believe their quality, if looked more as if you would be looking through a window instead of a plasma display.
Ryan K.
Bill gates would say: pffff, what is that? like 100,000 bucks? not expensive enough!
drop that in my living's Christmas in April
+Richard Howes There are no tv recyclers in my area. Although they are put in a special area at the waste station - so perhaps they are recycled in bulk from there and not used as landfill.
Getting back to the original post/massive screen. I doubt I would purchase one even if I could afford it..
TV programming is so lame there is nothing worth watching anyway.
Our existing TV gets used maybe once a week at the most.. :)
And Fahrenheit 451 gets closer to reality... ;)
Put one in a National Raffle! People will definitely spend a lot of money on tickets to get that!
It's funny they have a girl standing there the whole time.
I think I'll wait for the version with the giant sliding QWERTY keyboard to come out. Then I can text people by punching it with my fists!
+ Andrew Cortesi
She probably comes with the TV. xD
I guess if you have a separate room for your home theater that would be the one to get. I'll settle for the Vizio CinemaWide 55"
better off investing in 3d headsets imo.
I want it, when I buy a bigger house
That is SO Completely, and Completely Bloody Awesome! Wow.
that makes my 60" look like a 20" screen. i want inequality asap
That's how phones are going to look soon. The jump from 5.3 inches to 80. I give it 10 years.
Meh. It's plasma. It'll go bad in three years. Or less, maybe, considering it's size.
If I had this I'd never go to the movies ever again
Rather have 22:9 screen, the industry loves this tv because no way in hell are you going to download a movie at that dimension and blue ray most likely not going to do, which means a whole new storage/distribution methods!
Porn will never be the same :-D
kids will still be sitting close to the tv :p
i think thats one of the biggest tvs ive ever seen!!!!
do u really need a tv that big..... no... well i have it then just kidden that's cool were u get it at and how much was it or is it only fir business
who will broadcast or produce such resolution?
I say watch it from the neighbors lol
really big it'll make u go blind very fast if u were to play a scary cool game
How many satellite dishes will I have to mount to my house to power that kind of a resolution? 
going to need my own generator to power that thing! My electricity bill is going to sky rocket with that thing.... maybe i won't need to turn on the heat; i'll just turn on the TV.
And I thought my friends 92 inch samsung was a monster 
+Chris Morris Pardon my curiosity, but what are your thoughts on a DTV converter box to continue getting free over-the-air TV?
Wow! What if some one had a small house that wanted to buy one?
its big and just good graphics its right it is ultra
I was about to say how much waste of space this would be, then I saw the Pac Man comment and changed my mind. Hehe!
+ookami otaku Good luck with games. You sure would need an awesome gaming rig to play games on playable frame rates on 4K!
Gotta get dat bring it to America.
How beautiful this plasma is!
I expect North Korea to order 1 for their Dear Leader.
Now watch someone hook this up to their computer. (Though GPUs only support 4k as of today)
That wouldn't even fit in a doorway, u would have to take off ur roof to even fit it in ur house
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