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It's a pity iOS is getting things even before Android does. It happened to the G+ app, now to the search. I hope, there will be some..fairness, I guess.
The android g+ app update will be getting some extra bells and whistles, so everything will balance out. I just wish they'd hurry up with the iPad app!
And hey, iOS doesn't have the Google Drive app yet!
+Jamie Hunt could have been an update then, I don't mind waiting for additional features. And the Drive app doesn't differ that much from Docs, which it evolved from, and has a lot of drawbacks, like the inability to create folders or to simply download a .doc file - you've got the only option to be able to view it offline.
About the G+ app - wow, that was quick :) Quick, head to Google Play NOW!
Android gets Google apps before iOS. And they're usually better than what's on iOS. 
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