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We're just beginning our sojourn through this year's #blackberryworld , and we've already found a rare gem that may not get a lot of face time here in the States: the Curve 9220. This little 3G-less beaut takes advantage of BlackBerry OS 7.1, but it isn't going to attract the spec-hungry folk -- it packs a 2MP camera and features a 2.4-inch non-touch display with 320 x 240 resolution. It very well may, however, gain the favor of anyone looking for a budget-friendly BBM device. Seeing as this is the phone's major selling point, we made sure to take a few minutes to play with its keyboard. Compared to the QWERTY-laden legends that have graced BlackBerry devices for years (the Bold 9900 and Tour come to mind), the 9220's keyboard has some big shoes to fill, but unfortunately you won't be blessed with the same kind of experience that you'd have when using one of its elder brothers. Due to the phone's petite size, the individual keys -- arranged in standalone formation and without frets -- are a bit cramped and felt a little too slick for our taste. Of course, this isn't poised to be the latest and greatest that Waterloo has to offer, but for the low price of 10,990 rupees (about $210), it's still a pretty sweet deal for messaging lovers on a shoestring budget. Head below to view the phone from every angle.
We're just beginning our sojourn through this year's BlackBerry World, and we've already found a rare gem that may not get a lot
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That's the device that will save RIM indeed.
I do not see RIM being successful in the future. Samsung and Apple have most of the market right now and it would require a miracle for them to recover.
I work at a Vodafone nz and we are dropping the device instore because nobody wants it. RIM needs to hurry up with bbx
So, what is supposed to be the selling point of this thing? I bought as secondary phone a small Alcatel with full qwerty and an email client. Priced at 29€. This BB doesn't seem to offer much more than that.
Wow. The miracle of mobile telephony, circa 2004?
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